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Jaage mera dil soye zamaana

Posted on: November 22, 2015

This article is written by K Satish Shenoy, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

There are some songs you have heard, and there are some songs whose tune and credits you can also recall. You take note of songs (& hence remember or recall them) for various reasons. It could be because it touched or exhilarated you a lot, or it is by your favourite singer/MD/Lyricist or because of an occasion in your life you associate the song with. But today’s song is remembered by me for a separate reason!

Once while listening to the program ‘Ek hi film ke geet’ way back, on Radio Ceylon (the staple source of HFM in my younger days), I heard a pleasing song from ‘Badshah’(1954). At the end of the song the announcer mentioned the name of the singer as Aparesh Lahiri. Never before had I heard any other song from this singer. Hence curiosity made me remember this name. However I did not hear another one from him later. Many years later when Bappi Lahiri came on the scene, the name Aparesh Lahiri came back to my mind. And, Lo, Bappi was Aparesh Lahiri’s son. (or shall I say Aparesh turned out to be more famous Bappi Lahiri’s father?)

Aparesh Lahiri and wife Bansiri Lahiri were from Jalpaiguri in West Bengal and were famous Bengali singers and musicians in classical music. Bappi is their only child.

On going through previous posts on Movie ‘Badshah’, I found that the synopsis of the movie has not been covered. The previous posts mentioned that this is an obscure movie. I saw this movie at my school going age and I found it a very nice movie even at that age. It was based on French Author Victor Hugo’s fiction ‘Hunch Back of Notre- Dame’ (there is a Hollywood movie of same title as the book)

Briefly,( as I remember) it is about an ugly hunchback who develops a crush on a young lady. Knowing his poor prospects in winning the affection of the lady, he satisfies himself in secretly watching her in admiration. He slowly assumes the role of her protector (unlike Sharukh’s harmful obsession with kkkk Kiran in ‘Darr’),. All this, while the lady is unaware of anything. The lady finds a lover. But she is separately lusted by a villain who happens to be the master (feudal employer) of Hunchback. Hunchback helps, by staying in the background to unite the lovers, and in the bargain takes on his master and kills him. Ulhas played the hunchback, named Badshah, and K N Singh played the villain( both,very effectively), ably supported by Usha Kiran as the tormented belle.

This soulful song Is in the mould of K L Saigal, Pankaj Mullick. Hence when I hear this song, I get nostalgic remembering my father & uncles who were fans of both and used to sing their songs. Soft and soothing voice of Aparesh Lahir expresses melancholic love.Aparesh’s voice is in good old style with rich low pitched rendering.

Lyrics are by Hasrat and music is composed by the magical duo Shankar Jaikishan.


Song-Jaage mera dil soye zamaana (Baadshah)(1954) Singer-Aparesh Lahiri, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


Jaage mera dil soye zamaana
Jaage mera dil soye zamaana
Mehfil door nahin kisi kee
Mehfil door nahin
Ae armaanon dum to zara lo
Mehmil door nahin kisi ki
Mehfil door nahin

Main matwaala raat ka raahi
Dhun par chalta jaaoon oon oon
Dhun par chalta jaaoon
Main matwaala raat ka raahi
Dhun par chalta jaaoon oon
Dhun par chalta jaoon
Geet Milan ka yaad ki lay per
Jhoom jhoom kar gaaoon
Jhoom jhoom kar gaaoon
Do hi kadam hai pyaar ka gulshan
manzil door nahin kisi ki
Mehfil door nahin

Pyaar ka rasta hardam chamke
Jaise maang dulhan ki ee ee
Jaise maang dulhan ki
Pyaar ka rasta hardam chamke
Jaise maang dulhan ki ee ee
Jaise maang dulhan ki ee
Kisi aanchal ke saath bandhi hai
dor mere jeevan ki ee
dor mere jeevan ki ee
Hosh mein aa dil
paas hai koyee
gaafil door nahin kisi ki
Mehfil door nahin
Jaage mera dil soye zamaana
Mehfil door nahin kisi ki
Mehfil door nahin

2 Responses to "Jaage mera dil soye zamaana"

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Taro Ki Roshni Me Duniya Nayi Basaaye
Apresh Lahiri, Sandhya Mukherjee R C Boral Prakash Pehla Aadmi (1950)
Any more??


Interesting to read this post as I first heard this song in the Ek Hi Film Se Programme of Radio Ceylon too. I still love listening to this programme on Radio Ceylon every Wednesday Morning.
In fact, they had covered this movie last year again. Here is the link for those interested:-


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