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Arree koi jaao ree piya ko bulaao ree

Posted on: November 27, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

We are starting a New Series from today- “Shankar-Jaikishen in the 50s”.

There was a Shankar-Jaikishan mania in the 50s and the 60s. They not only had popularity,versatility and flexibility but also unparallelled success. After Husnlal-Bhagatram, it was Shankar-Jaikishan pair who actually set the trend of composer duos in Hindi films. After Shankar-Jaikishan, no new solo composer, barring perhaps R D Burman,tasted such consistent success. Even R D Burman confessed that in the 1980s, he lost out to competition from duos everywhere.

It was Raj Kapoor who gave them their first break. He had seen the pair’s work as assistants with Ram Ganguly in film Aag-4. Raj Kapoor understood music very well but lacked the creativity to compose songs himself. Keen to equal the impact of Naushad in Andaz-49, he knew that this duo would be pliable to his own ideas about tunes. Shankar Jaikishan proved in Barsaat-49 that they could create great music even in a movie not featuring Raj Kapoor. They composed all songs of Barsaat in Raag Bhairavi.

When Shankar Jaikishan repeated their magic in the film Awaara-51, a new group was formed. Raj Kapoor, Shankar Jaikishan, Lata, Mukesh, Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri defined popular film music in the early 50s. Shankar Jaikishan was an answer to Naushad’s classicism. They made tunes which a common man could hum. Lata was established in Raj Kapoor camp after “Barsaat” and Mukesh after Awaara.Shankar Jaikishan’s next film for Raj Kapoor, Aah-53 had better music by all standards, but the film flopped.

It was a known fact that Raj Kapoor was imposing his ideas on the music directors and Shankar Jaikishan went with his wishes out of necessity, but by Shri 420 in 1955, they were tired of Raj Kapoor’s control over their work. Meanwhile, they had worked for Dilip kumar in Daag-52 and Dev Anand in Patita-53, where they used Talat effectively. Raj was first reluctant to get Manna Dey for him in Shri 420, as he had a fixation for Mukesh when he sang “Mera joota hai Japani “. Shankar Jaikishan were keen to bring in new ideas and different raagas but Raj Kapoor was not prepared to come out of his old thinking. Shankar Jaikishan somehow managed a Raag yaman song, ‘O jaanewale zara mudke to dekh” by Lata to include in Shri 420-55. However, Shri 420 was the end of Raj Kapoor’s domination ( or Shankar Jaikishan’s submission to him) on Shankar Jaikishan in composing music. Shankar Jaikishan entered a New phase in their after this film.

Looking at the statistics of Shankar Jaikishan is difficult from the statistics of any other Music Directors, because no correct or common figures are available amongst several statisticians. This is actually our tragedy and a great hindrance to recording performance history of any artiste in Hindi films. Anyway, going by one source, they composed 1188 Hindi film songs from 179 films. Just to stress the different statistics, Dr. Ashok Ranade, in his book, “Music beyod Boundaries” puts the number of films for Shankar Jaikishan at only 122 films ! The site states the number as 171. etc etc. Their first film was Barsaat-49 and Last was Gori-1991. Lata sang for them in 124 films, singing a total of 469 songs having 313 solos.

In the initial stage of their career especially, they were totally influenced by Lata Mangeshkar. Thus she was not only their Lead female singer, but in a few films ALL the songs were sung by her. In today’s film, Patrani-56, all the 10 songs are sung by Lata- solo or duets with females. There is not a single Male song in the film. Similarly all 6 songs in film Kali Ghataa-51, all 9 songs in film Poonam-52 and all 9 songs in film Aurat-53 were sung by Lata only. ( I rememeber here about a query raised by Ms. nahm whether there were any films where all songs were sung by one singer- some time back ). This remained the case till the late 60s when there team of Shankar Jaikishan started cracking and Lata slowly reduced her contribution to them. More about it when we discuss in future epsodes of this series.

Today’s song is from film Patrani-56, made by Prakash pictures. Producer was the elder brother Shankarbhai Bhatt and it was directed by the younger brother Vijay Bhatt.Shankar Jaikishan were the Music Directors and yesteryear composer Lallubhai Nayak was their assistant in this film. Lallubhai was the First music Director of Prakash pictures since 1934. He gave a break to Rajkumari in 1934. He was a paid composer with Prakash in the 30s. Later he was first replaced by Shankar Rao Vyas and then by Naushad. After 1948, Lallubhai was living an anonymous life. Shankar Jaikishan brought him again in the industry with Patrani-56, to help him financially.

The cast of the film was Vyjayantimala, Pradeep Kumar, Omprakash, Shashikala, Durga Khote, David, Jeevan etc. The film is set in Gujarat in the 11th century. it was based on a novel by Kanhailal Munshi. The producers took plenty of cinematic liberties with the novel. The story of Patrani -56 was-

PATRANI-1956 was supposed to be a Historical film,but there is no base for its story in real History.As I said once,Historical movies in India are most of the times ’Distortical’ movies,either being imaginary or bent for cinematic liberty.

A Prakash picture’s film (actually they were known for Mythological films),it was directed by Vijay Bhatt,its owner himself. The story,Dialogues and Screenplay was by R.S.Chaudhary. The music was by Shankar-Jaikishen and their assistant in this film was Lallubhai Naik, who played Sarod in this film music.

King Karnadev Solanki,king of Gujrat(Pradeep Kumar) had many queens but no issues. The Rajmata(Durga Khote) insisted that he marry another girl after ascertaining astrologically her capability to give children.

The king had seen one princess in Somanath temple once and wants to marry only her.But he does not know who she is. Actually she is princess Mrinal(Vyjayanti Mala) daughter of King Jai keshi(Ramesh Sinha) ofKarnatak.She was on a Teerth yatra when she saw Karnadev. She also wanted to only marry him,but did not know who he was.

Munjal Mehta (David),Mahamantri of Karndev goes on a mission and soon finds out Mrinal.She is beautiful,but her skin becomes black in the sunlight.Munjal knows Karndev’s dislike of black.mrinal is astrologically alsofit.He tells her and shows the sketch of Karndev,after which she is happily ready to marry him.

They all travel to Gujarat,but during travel Mrinal’s skin becomes black.During marriage,there is a veil,but after marriage Karndev sees that she is black and rejects her.

She is good natured and becomes Raj mata’s pet. When the King falls sick, Mrinal serves him very well and slowly the King realises that outer skin colour does not make a person good or bad. He accepts her as she is and all is well that ends well.

When you hear the song, it will teleport you to the Golden Era instantly with its typical musical pattern. Patrani-56 was probably the First film of Shankar Jaikishan after they discarded Raj Kapoor’s control over their compositions. This lilting song is sung melodiously by Mangeshkar sisters-Lata, Usha and Meena Mangeshkar, along with chorus. Enjoy the video song.



Song-Arre koi jaao ree piya ko bulaao ree (Patraani)(1956) Singers-Lata, Usha Mangeshkar, Meena Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


arre koi jaao ree
piya ko bulaao ree
gori ki paayal baaje chhum chananachhum
are koi jaao ree
piya ko bulaao ree
gori ki paayal baaje chhum chananachhum

jaise jaise raat chadhe ankhiyon ki pyaas badhe
gori ki paayal kare chhum chananachhum
jaise jaise raat chadhe
ankhiyon ki pyaas badhe
gori ki paayal kare chhum chananachhum

aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

aaj ki raat
saajan ke saath
aaj ki raat
saajan ke saath
gupchup hongi
bhed ki batiyaan
nainon mein naina
haathon mein haath
nainon mein naina
hathon mein haath

rup dharengi mere man ki muratiya
roop dharengi mere man ki muratiya
are koi jaao ree piya ko bulao ree
gori ki paayal baaje chum chhanananchhum

arre koi jaao re
piya ko bulaao re
gori ki payal baje chuum chhanananchhum
a aaa aa aa aa aa

pahnega pyaar
baahon ka haar
pahnega pyaar
baahon ka haar
kal ki kali ek phool banegi
kal ki kali ek phool banegi

chhedenge jab wo man ka sitaar
chhedenge jab wo man ka sitaar
dil ki ye duniya jhoom uthhegi
dil ki ye duniya jhoom uthhegi
arre koi jaao
arre koi jaao ree
piya ko bulao ree
gori ki paayal baje chuum chhanananchhum
arre koi jaao ree piya ko bulaao re
gori ki paayal baaje chhum chhanananchhum

8 Responses to "Arree koi jaao ree piya ko bulaao ree"

Arun ji, You have started a good series, on Shankar Jaikishan. I wished ASAD to start this sooner than later, and here you are .Thanks. Patrani is a super album


All songs are beautiful and hummable.


Do any of us remember 2 duets of Meena with Rafi where she sounds very much like Lata. Sad that she hardly could sing ten songs. More sadly she has only one solo to her credit. Rest she has sung with her 1/2 sisters


Both of these duets are from film Farmaaish-53, MD Husn-Bhag, and they are on this blog. To one of them YOU have posted a comment also.
They are Aap ne chhin liya and Khushiyon ke zamaane. In the intro. of one of them Atulji mentioned Meena’s surname as Khadilkar but really it is Khadikar.
I know one Marathi movie ( Manasaala Pankh Astaat ) to which she has composed music. In one interview Lataji has mentioned that she (Meena) is the youngest female MD.

D Samant


Yes Samantji. You are right. But sad that Lata did not help her pursue her career. She was versatile as you mention her to be MD also.


D Samant ji,

Meena ji gave music to 3 Marathi films.

1. Mansala Pankh astaat-61

2. Jagannathacha Rath84 and

3. Shabas Soonbai-87.




One of the main actresses alongwith Vyjayanthimala is Indira Billi and who is the other 2 ladies
RANJANA & Shalini(of Rajashree productions Taqdeer fame) ??


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