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Kyaa kyaa kahoon re Kaanhaa

Posted on: February 3, 2016

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

I am presenting a dance song ‘ kya kya kahoon re Kanha’ from PIYA MILAN (1958). I came across this song just a couple of days ago while searching for rare songs of the 40s on Dr. Surjit Singh’s website. Listening to this song was like ‘Song to Tickle your Memory’ as Sudhir ji has called it in one of the series for his articles. I had heard this song on Vividh Bharti in my younger days but had completely forgotten about the existence of this song. Fortunately, the video clip of this song is available which revealed that this was a classical dance song.

I have watched this song umpteen times during the last two days not only for the mesmerising voice of P Susheela, the lyrics written by Harsh and the music composition by Ramesh Naidu but also for the way Vyjayantimala had performed the dance in a traditional Bharatanatyam style. Generally, when I like a rarely heard song, the queries in my mind would be as to who had sung it, who had written the lyrics and who had composed the music of the song. But for the song under reference, after watching the video clip, I wanted to know additionally as to who had choreographed the song. I could not locate the VCD/DVD of the film PIYA MILAN (1958) on the website. So I had no access to the credit title of the film in which the name/s of the choreographer/s is generally mentioned. IMDb has also not indicated the name/s of the choreographer/s.

At last, I could get the name of the choreographer in a blog The name of the choreographer for the dance song under reference was V. S. Muthuswami Pillai, a name I heard for the first time. Luckily, I got from the same source some information on him which I have summarised below:

Vaitheeswaran Koil Sethuraman Muthuswami Pillai (1921-1992) was born in the village Vaitheeswaran Koil (in present day Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu) to a traditional family of dancers, nattuvanars (an expert musician who sings and plays the cymbals and conducts the whole dance recital) and musicians. He grew to love dances but got disillusioned because they were then looked down upon in society, as they were mostly being performed by devdasis those days. At the age of 15, the family shifted to Madras (now Chennai) and soon he got attracted to films. He got his Bharatanatyam upgraded by undergoing training under the eminent dance teacher Muthukumar Pillai. Thereafter, he joined a dance academy run by K Subrahmanyam, the father of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, an eminent Bharatanatyam dancer.

Since K Subrahmanyam was connected with Madras film industry, that is probably how Muthuswami gotthe opportunity to enter the film industry as a choreographer. His active years in the film industry were during 1938-1964 when he was associated with the choreography of around 30 films. He also choreographed an authentic Bharatanataym dance performed by Vyjayantimala in the Hindi films viz. ‘New Delhi’ (1956) and ‘Patrani’ (1956). However, from mid-60s, the audience’s’ tastes about dances in the films had changed from the classical to oriental and western dances and his genre of dances were not in demand. In the second phase of his career which started in 1970, he got an opportunity to teach Bharatanatyam dance to a group of French students. At the fag end of his career, his contributions to the Bharatanatyam dance was recognised by authorities and he was honoured with the Sangeet Natak Akademy Award. He also got ‘Chevalier des Arts et des Letters’ award from France.

One of Muthuswami’s best contributions to Hindi and Southern film industries was his star students – Sayee and Subbulakshmi duos. He trained them in Bharatanatyam from 1946 to 1953. In so far as Hindi films are concerned, Sayee and Subbulakshmi duos can be seen in aplam chaplam chaplaayi re in ‘Azaad’ (1955), man bhaawan ke ghar jaaye gori
from ‘Chori Chori’ (1956), ‘aaju re dil mein lagi hai meri’ from ‘Shaarda’ (1957), ‘dhadaka o dil dhadaka’ from ‘Bharosa (1963) etc.

The synopsis of the film together with profile of its music director Ramesh Naidu was given by Shri Arunkumar Deshmukh in his article on o saathi re tu aa bhi jaa. The film is stated to be a dubbed version of Tamil film ‘Marma Veeran’ (1956). However, songs for the Hindi version appears to have been composed separately by Ramesh Naidu with different tunes. Unfortunately, the VCD/DVD of Tamil version of the film is also not available on the websites.

The volume in the video clip of the song is somewhat low. Hence, I have made a video from the MP3 clip downloaded from Dr Surjit Singh’s website in which the audio quality is better. It is from the audio clip I can really enjoy the mesmerising voice of P Susheela while simultaneously admiring the dance performance of Vyjayantimala in the video clip.



Song-Kyaa kyaa kahoon re Kaanhaa (Piya Milan)(1958) Singer-P Susheela, Lyrics-Harsh, MD-Ramesh Naidu


kya kya kahoon re Kaanha aa aa
kya kya kahoon re Kaanha aa
toone churaaya dil ko
tu mera kya re
kya kya kahoon re Kaanha aa
toone churaaya dil ko
tu mera kya re
kya kya kahoon re Kaanha aa

tujse to hasti ka naam ye baansuri..eee
aa aa aa aa aa aaa
tujse to hasti ka naam ye baansuri
ye jo gungunaake tera gham bisraa de ae
tujse to hasti ka naam ye baansuri
ye jo gungunaake tera gham bisraa de ae
kya kya kahoon re Kaanha aa

mil jul khelen hum din bar hans ke
bagiya ke phoolon se ye baal sajaaye
mil jul khelen hum din bar hans ke
bagiya ke phoolon se ye baal sajaaye
nainon se hans hans teer chalaaye
tu mere baal suljhaaye ae ae
nainon ke hans hans teer chalaaye
tu mere baal suljhaaye
(??) ka dil hai kahin bhanwra tu
dil hai kahin bhanwra tu
Ghanshyam teri yaad mein
Ghanshyam teri yaad mein
sada ye phool sapna yehi ??
kya kya kahoon re Kaanha
toone churaaya dil ko
tu mera kya re
kya kya kahoon re Kaanha

3 Responses to "Kyaa kyaa kahoon re Kaanhaa"

Wah Sadanandbhai,
I envy your skill of Internet research, though I (not you) worked in a Research Institute (TIFR) for forty years,
I had this song in my khajana for more than half a century and often listen to the superb voice of Shrimati S Janaki.
In fact when she visited Anjali Center in Houston, Rathnaji, Director of the Center introduced me to her. I was quick to search this song and played it then and there to her surprise and joy


PLEASE read P SUSHEELA, instead of S Janki, typed minutes ago in my above comments . I am going to fire my typist one of these days.


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