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Ham gwaal baal gopal hain

Posted on: February 17, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song can be termed as a lovely melodious song from an unknown film, composed by a lesser known Music Director. It is from a religious film “Sati Priksha-57”, a “C” grade film with less known actors in the cast. The song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and chorus and it is composed by Music Director Sanmukh Babu Upadhyaya.

I am sure that not too many people will be knowing about this composer. He was one of those artists in the film industry who had immense talent but Luck did not favour them.

Sanmukh Babu Upadhyaya was born on 13-9-1920 in Surat, Gujarat. His father Manibhai and brother Dinanath were Music experts. Thus Sanmukh had Music in his blood. Soon he acquired expertise in playing Jaltarang and Violin. Later in his life he became a well known Violin player of Gujarat. In 1940, he met Gujarat’s famous singer Master Vasant ( also from Surat) and he had a chance to play his instruments in the courts of Porbander, Jamnagar, Baroda, Udaipur, Bikaner, Bhopal etc.

In 1942 Sanmukh Babu came to Bombay. He happened to meet Dinkar Rao Amembal,an official in All India Radio,by chance. Sanmukh Babu was taken in A.I.R. services and he served for next 5 years. He also went to Africa for one year to do stage shows.

After coming back, he joined Avinash Vyas as an assistant in the work of a Gujarati film and later in the famous Hindi film, “Har Har Mahadev”-1950. He was an expert in Jaltarang and Violin. His service at A.I.R. had given him exposure to many famous musicians and this helped him a lot. He participated in many Ballets and Dance Dramas in Gujarati and Hindi, along with Avinash Vyas for the next few years.

He got his first break as an independent Music Director in the Hindi film “Lalkaar”-56, with the help of Kavi Pradeep. He gave music in 7 Hindi films- Lalkar-56, Amar Singh Rathod-57, Sati Pariksha-57, Naag Padmii-57, Raaj Pratidnya- 58, Amar prem-60 and Hamir Hath-64.

When it became clear that he was getting only C grade films-action or Historicals- and no big banner ever offered him a film, he left film industry. He devoted his time in Directing Ballets and Dance Dramas in Hindi and Gujarati for the next few years. He cut several private records of his music. He also gave solo performances of Violin all over the country.

It is unfortunate that his melodious music did not get enough opportunities or recognition in the changing environment of film music of the 60s and the 70s, but he had no regrets. Sanmukh Babu Upadhyaya died on 24-2-1984. ( Thanks to shri Harish Raghuvanshi ji for this information).

Talking of C grade Action, Historical,Fantasy and Costume films, in India ( and probably elsewhere in the world), there was a class of people, who not only liked these types of films but also were addicted to them. People went to theatre to temporarily forget the troubles of their day to day lives and to enjoy a few moments. For this purpose some peope liked music,some liked emotions,some tragedy and yet some comedy. Films were made to cater to the tastes of every type of audience. This gave rise to actors who became “specialists” in movies of some particular genres. Thus we had Comedians, Tragedy Kings and queens, Great actors, Great singers and also Great Fighters.

Normally the shift of any actor from one Genre to the other was not acceptable to the audience. That is why, when the Romantic Hero of the late 30s and the 40s-Ashok Kumar acted as King Humayun and ran ( in a feminine style) with a spear in hand, in film Humayun-1945, the audience ridiculed him and laughed at him in the Theatres ! Even when Master Bhagwan acted in a serious role, the public used to laugh treating it as a comedy. Trilok Kapoor never succeeded in a social film. There were of course some exceptional cases like actress Meena Kumari who successfully switched over from Mythological films to social films and became No 1 star ultimately. But this was a rare case.

Not only actors, even Directors and Producers were known for making only some particular genres of films. Those who excelled in C grade films rarely tried their hands at other Genres and when they did try, they failed miserably. Here again we find an exception in Master Bhagwan-who trasitioned from Action film to social films with his “Albela”-1951 and succeeded with this film but all his subsequent films flopped. “Albela” succeeded due to extraordinary music, and this feat could never be replicated in any of his subsequent films later.

There was, however one Director who was comfortable with several genres of C grade films, viz.Action, Costume, Fantasy etc. –

Nanubhai Vakil was born in Valsad in Gujarat in the year 1904. In his family there were many Advocates including his father,so their family name itself became Vakil. Nanubhai came to Bombay to study Law. He completed his B.A. LL.B from Wilson College, Bombay but he did not join his family profession. Instead he was attracted towards the film world.

He joined Sharada films as a screenplay writer and later joined Ranjit films as a Director. He directed 18 silent films for Ranjit studios. However, it was Sagar Movietone which gave him the first opportunity to direct his first Talkie film. It was the First Gujarati Talkie film, “Narsimh Mehto” in 1932. After this there was no looking back. He selected and became expert in directing only Fantasy,Stunt and Costume films.
In his career from 1929 to 1973 period,he directed 20 silent and 70 Talkie films -all stunt and fantasy films, except one social film Kya yeh Bambai hai in 1959.

He was associated with Mohan pictures for a long time and directed 18 films for this company. During this period he also married his Heroine Sarojini ( real name Roshan Jehan alias Ranee). They had one daughter-AZRA, who too became an actress.

Unlike most of his colleagues ,who had no formal school education ,Mr Vakil was highly educated ,being B.A.L.L.B. in those days. Since beginning,he was attracted to Fantasy & Arabian Night movies.He believed that,the audience visits the cinema hall,to experience some thing,which he has not seen in his real life.He wants to be entertained & to forget the harsh realities of the outer world.Fantasy/ Costume movies transports him to an imaginary world of King & Queens,where beside the crafty Vazir,he finds gorgeous girls dancing,the handsome,manly & brave hero,rescues the pretty damsel from the clutches of evil magician.The movie come to an end and the viewers come out from the theater,happy & satisfied,since evil doers have been eliminated & brave man living happily with the petite gal,in their fairy land.Bulbul E Bagh,Rashk E Laila,Fakhr E Islam,Gulshan E Alam,Kumud Kumari were his earlier movies.In 50s & 60s,few of his movies were,Shan E Hatim,Khul Ja Sim Sim,Shan E Khuda,Idd Ka Chand,Noor Mahal,Flying Rani,Alam Ara Ki Beti,Bansri Bala, Hatim Tai Ka Beta etc..He made remakes of many movie like Lal E Yaman, Alam Ara (Twice in 1956 & !973) & Hatim Tai Ki Beti in 1940 & 1955.During his five decades long career,he made movies with in a small budget ,with less paid actors.Nanu Bhai Vakil had two productions Companies viz Desai Films & Vakil Production. All his movies had no connect with the present.Elite & pseudo intellectuals avoided to even discuss his movies,but Vakil Sahab had a dedicated audience consisting of common public,less privileged & so called front benchers,who enjoyed his brand of cinema.

His films included less known stars like Sarojini, Navin chandra, Rafiq, Prakash,Gulnar,Daljit, Chitra etc. He also worked with Zubeida, Yakub, Jal Merchant, Jaddanbai,Shanta Hublikar, Nimmi, Veena, Jairaj, Shakila,Nirupa Roy, Nadira,Mehmood,Shobhana Samarth, Nirmala,her husband Arun Ahuja etc His MDs were also little known. However,Music Director A.R.Qureshi ( the famous Tabla Nawaz Alla Rakha-father of Zakir Hussain) gave music to his 18 films.

He never mixed with film folks and spent his life aloof. He quietly died on 29-12-1980 at Bombay.

Film “Sati Pareeksha’-1957 was made by Desai films and produced by Moghabhai Desai. It was directed by Nanubhai Vakil. The cast of the film was Chitra, Daljit, Krishnakumari, Minu Mumtaz, Niranjan Sharma,W M Khan etc. There were 10 songs in it. Nine songs were written by Saraswati kumar Deepak and one song was written by Najmi. 8 songs out of the 10 were sung by Asha Bhosle. The film is making its debut on the Blog with this song.


Song-Ham gwaal baal Gopal hain(Sati Pareeksha)(1957) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Saraswati Kumar Deepak, MD-Sanmukh Babu Upadhyay


ho o o
ho o
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
ham bharat maan ke laal hain

bansi bajaiyya
dhenu charaiyya
krish kanhaiyya laal hain
ho o o o o o
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
ham bharat maan ke laal hain

murli ki meethhi dhun sun
chalte mastaani chaal hain
murli ki meethhi dhun sun
chalte mastaani chaal hain
ho o o o o o
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
ham bharat maan ke laal hain

bansi bajaiyya
dhenu charaiyya
krish kanhaiyya laal hain
ho o o o o o
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
ham bharat maan ke laal hain

le ke bansuriya
le ke baansuriya
baanke sanwariya
sundar raas rachaate ae ae
sundar raas rachaate
roke dagariya
chheen gagaariya
maakhan misri khaate ae ae
maakhan misri khaate
jhoom jhoom kar ham matwaale
mohan ke gun gaate
ho o o o o
bansi bajaiyya
dhenu charaiyya
krish kanhaiyya laal hain
ho o o o o o
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
ham bharat maa ke laal hain

naagnaath ?? krishn ?? saare
braj ka bhaar mitaaya thha
goverdhan ko chhatr bana kar
gokul gaaon bachaaya thha
bhai gokul gaaon bachaaya thha
apne maama kans ko jisne
pal mein maar giraaya thha
maat pita ke kaat ke bandhan
apna dharm nibhaaya thha
bhai apna dharm nibhaaya thha
?? krishn kanhaiyya ke ham
baar baar gun gaate
unke janam janm ke naate
ham baal veer kehlaate
ho o o o o o
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
ham bharat maa ke laal hain

bansi bajaiyya
dhenu charaiyya
krish kanhaiyya laal hain
ho o o o o o o
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
ham bharat maa ke laal hain
ham gwaal baal gopal hain
(aa aa aa aa)

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