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Naiyya doob rahi aaye bachaao Kanhaiyya

Posted on: March 11, 2016

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“Sangam”(1941) was directed by Junnarkar for Navyug Chitrapat Limited, Poona. The movie had Meenakshi, Vatsala Kumthekar, Sundarabai, Malti gupte, Baby Devi, Salvi, Damuanna Malwankar, Jog, Nandu khote, Vinayak etc in it.

This forgotten movie had 14 songs in it and these songs are just as obscure as the movie itself.

Apparently only one song from this movie is available. Here is this rare song from “Sangam”(1941). The song is sung by Sundarabai and chorus. Amritlal Nagar, a famous and prominent Hindi writer is the lyricist of this song. Music is composed by Dada Chandekar.

Seeing that Sundarabai acted in the movie as well, one can guess that this song was picturised on herself alongwith others.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the details of this rare movie.

I have not been able to get a few words right in the lyrics of the song. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections wherever applicable.

With this song, the singer, the lyricist as well as the movie make their débuts in this blog.

Song-Naiyya doob rahi aaye bachaao Kanhaiyya (Sangam)(1941) Singer-Sundarabai, Lyrics-Amritlal Nagar, MD-Dada Chandekar
Sundarbai + Chorus


naiya aa aa doob rahi ee
aaye bachaao kanhaiya
aaye bachaao kanhaiya
naiya aa doob rahi ee
aaye bachaao kanhaiya
aaye bachaao kanhaiya

bhanwar pade majhdhaar ade
thhaki haar gayo hai khiwaiya
thhaki haar gayo hai khewaiya
naiya aa doob rahi
aaye bachaao kanhaiya
aaye bachaao kanhaiya

bijli kadke baadal garje ae
bijli kadke baadal garje
andhkaar sir par thha bhaari
naaraayan hari vaig padhaaro
naarayan hari vaig padhaaro
sharan tihaari ee
deen bandhu hari aas tihaari kanhaiya
naiya doob rahi
naiya doob rahi
aaye bachaao kanhaiya
aaye bachaao kanhaiya

naiya aa doob rahi ee
aaye bachaao kanhaiya
aaye bachaao kanhaiya



5 Responses to "Naiyya doob rahi aaye bachaao Kanhaiyya"

?- I hear ” Narayan hari veg padhaaro”, “ नारायन हरि वेग पधारो ” .

Atul ji,

All songs of this film are available. 🙂


Its really great if all songs of this film are available. Because I was also aware of the availability of this one song only. 🙂 I came across this while searching for songs from films ‘same titles’.
I think Atul ji have now taken up such films one by one, e.g. ‘Mehndi-1947’, ‘Kaadambari-1944’, and ‘Hatimtai-1947’ was introduced by Kamath Sir, ‘Pyaar Ki Jeet-1962 by Sudhir ji , so one by one we are getting them all on the blog. Thanks !!

Amritlal Nagar
Kisi Se Na Kehna (1942)
Kunwara Baap (1942)
Raja (1943)

Dada Chandekar
Brandi Ki Botal (1939)
Amrit (1941)
Din Raat (1945)
Dharma (1945)
Moti (1947)
Phool Aur Kante (1948)

Lovely clear voice.

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