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Teri oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi hai dukaan

Posted on: July 11, 2016

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Today’s song is from the film Kismat-56. It is a duet sung by Shamshad Begum and Chitragupta.

The word Kismat is spelt variously as Kismat, Kismet and Qismat. This also seems to be a popular title for Hindi films. There were as many as 6 films with the title Kismat-in 1943, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1995 and 2004 so far. There were another 12 films having the word Kismat in their titles, like Kismat ka Dhani, Kismat ki kasauti etc. This is commensurate with Indian philosophy that every Human being is born with his Kismat already written by the Almighty. So, anything good or bad happens to you, you are free to say it was written in your Kismat that way !

In Hindi film history Kismat-1943 has a special significance. From this film onwards, the Hindi film Hero’s image changed. For the First time, a criminal person was a Hero of a film. To start with, he was shown only as a pickpocket ( a mild criminal). The principle of ” crime does not pay” also became a popular theme of films hereafter. For Ashok kumar, this makeover was a total turn around from his shy lover’s image. As time went by, films became bolder and the same Ashok kumar was shown a bigger criminal in film Sangram-50, wielding a Pistol- first time in a Hindi film. Actually this formula of ” crime does not pay” was tried earlier in film ‘ Geeta’-40, but it did not create any ripples since the film failed to get popular and therefore failed to get noticed.

We do not know what the story of this film Kismat-56 was. I have not seen this film. The cast of the film was Ranjan,Peace Kanwal, Tiwari, Gope, Nishi, Helen etc. From the poster of the film, it looked like a costume film. Ranjan was the Hero, so sword fighting, Horse riding,dances and songs must be all in plenty. For the Heroine Peace Kanwal, this was her third and last film as a Heroine. When the film was released, she was pregnant and delivered in 1957. Later she did only side or character roles in films. As such, her tenure in films was not very long. she just did 10 films in all.

She was born on 16th December ( she never revealed the year of her birth). Her father was a doctor in a Mission Hospital in Agra. He had his private Hospital in Amritsar also.He was related to the Royal families of Jaipur and Jodhpur. He converted to Christianity and changed his old name Indriyas to Andrew Kanwal.

Peace studied in Amritsar, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Delhi. She got admission in Ludhiyana Medical college.In the vacations after her first year MBBS, she visited Bombay. Due to the persuasion from a newly acquired friend Peace participated in the ” Kardar Kolynos Talent Contest”. She won the contest (Chand Usmani was second. Shubha khote and Anita Guha too competed in the contest).

A R Kardar signed a 2 year contract with Peace for Kardar Studios. Her debut film was ” Dil E Nadaan”-53 in which Talat Mehmood also made a Debut as a singer Hero, opposite her. The film was a musicl hit. her second film was ” Baraati”-54, opposite Agha. On the sets of this film, she got introduced to Susheel Ruia and they soon got married in 1955. Her name after marriage was Rajashri.

Her third film was Kismat-56, opposite Ranjan. In 1957, she gave birth to her first child and took a break from working. Later she started doing character roles. her husband was against her working in films. They divorced in 1968. She engaged herself in lot of social work and painting,her hobby. Her Paintings were in great demand and she held exhibitions of her paintings in India and USA as well as in Australia.

In 1976, she got introduced to Mr. V.Ramesh, grandson of ex-president V.V.Giri. She married him in 1977. Presently, she stays in Juhu, Mumbai and is into social work and paintings upto her neck. She worked in Dil e Nadaan-53, Baraati-54, Kismat-56, Nai maa-60,Maa Baap-60, Barsaat ki raat-60, Aarti-62, Chambal ki kasam-80, Aasmaan-84, and Voh subah kabhi to aayegi-91 ( adapted from interview on Beete hue, with thanks).

Composer of Kismat-56 was Chitragupt. Born on 16-11-1917 in Bihar, in a Kayasth ( Lala as they are called in Bihar) family,Chitragupta jamunaprasad Shrivastav did his MA with Economics from Patna University. He was fond of singing and came to Bombay to try his luck in film singing, in 1945.

That was the time when most composers went to Bombay, or Lahore or Calcutta to become singers and later became composers. Some examples are Anil Biswas, Hemant Kumar, Salil Chaudhari,S D Burman, Ravi, Chitragupta, S N Tripathi,S D Batish, G M Durani, Kishor kumar, C Ramchandra, Vasant Desai and many more. Very few composers like O P Nayyar or Naushad did not sing songs at all. Anyway, Chitragupta not only got singing assignments but also became a composer for a C grade film ‘ Lady Robinhood’-46.

He further got some more stunt and Mythological films. Initially he had worked as an assistant to S N Tripathi. He was fed up of giving music to stunt films. One day the AVM chief offered him a social film-Bhabhi. This changed Chitragupt’s luck.

Their next film Barkha also came to him.

Dilip Dholakia was his assistant from the beginning and Datta Davjekar looked after Background music.

Chitragupt’s specialties were two. One his song interludes were exclusive and put life into songs and secondly, most of his songs were composed in Kehrava Taal ( also called Two-Four ) . Chitragupta gave music in 149 films composing about 1057 songs. He sang 28 songs in 15 films also. He gave music to India’s First Bhojpuri film-” Ganga maiya tori piyari chadhaibo”-62.

In 1968 he suffered from a heart attack and was away from Music for quite some time. When he came back, everything had changed and he found difficulty in getting films. He shifted to Bhojpuri films. He took his sons Anand-Milind as his assistants, whenever they got Hindi films. When he retired in 1985, he was happy to see his sons succeed as composers with a musical hit film ‘Qayamat se qayamat tak’-88.

Chitragupta was very close to Lata Mangeshkar. Here is what lata said about him in one of her interviews:

“Chitragupt was a well educated and a well cultured person. After our recording in Mehboob studio, we used to go to his house in Khar. We then used to eat delicious food cooked by his wife, which was accompanied by humour and lots of fun.

In Madras, after the work, we used to go along with Prem Dhawan, Dilip Dholakia, Chitragupt and their families. It used to be a nice picnic for us.

Once I saw Chitrgupta limping during a recording session. I saw that his chappal was not in a good shape. I asked him to get it fixed or get a new one. He said, “If I wear this chappal, the recording goes on smoothly. This has been my experience so far.”

Then I replied, “Chitraguptji, you trust this chappal more than my voice!”

Then he said, “No Didi, that is not the case.”

Usha and I have sung Bhojpuri songs for Chitragupt as well.

Dil Ka Diya Jalate Gaya is a beautiful song from the film Akashdeep. “

Chitragupta was one of my favourites, because 99% of his songs had melody in them. His Luck had no Melody in it, though.

I was fortunate to know him personally and I have visited his house several times in late 1980s.

Here is a sweet duet from film Kismat-56 in the voice of Shamshad begum and Chitragupta himself. Indeewar is the lyricist of this fun song.

Song-Teri oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi hai dukaan (Kismat)(1956) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Chitragupta, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Chitragupta


teri oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi hai dukaan
tera pheeka pheeka pheeka pheeka pheeka pakwaan
hat ja re beimaan
meri neechi neechi neechi neechi neechi hai dukaan
mera meetha meetha meetha meetha meetha pakwaan
zara sun ja meri jaan

teri tedhi tedhi tedhi
tedhi hai har baat
teri tedhi tedhi tedhi
tedhi hai har baat
kahde tu dil par rakh ke ye haath
kya tera mera saath
tu din aur main raat
tu hai poora poora poora poora shaitaan
tera pheeka pheeka pheeka pheeka pheeka pakwaan
hat ja re beimaan
meri neechi neechi neechi neechi neechi hai dukaan
mera meetha meetha meetha meetha meetha pakwaan
zara sun ja meri jaan

tera mera mera tera hai poora poora mel
tera mera mera tera hai poora poora mel
aao ji khelen ulfat ke khel
tu phool hai main bel,
tu aag hai main tel
tum pe mera mera mera mera dil qurbaan
mera meetha meetha meetha meetha meetha pakwaan
zara sun ja meri jaan

teri oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi hai dukaan
tera pheeka pheeka pheeka pheeka pheeka pakwaan
hat ja re beimaan

arre ja ja yahaan teri galegi nahin daal
arre ja ja yahaan teri galegi nahin daal
mujh ko to dekh mera bura hua haal
mai jaanu teri chaal
arri baaton mein nahin taal
main to ro ro ke ro ke de doonga jaan
mera meetha meetha meetha meetha meetha pakwaan
zara sun ja meri jaan

teri oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi hai dukaan
tera pheeka pheeka pheeka pheeka pheeka pakwaan
hat ja re beimaan

2 Responses to "Teri oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi oonchi hai dukaan"

First I thought the song is from Pehli Jhalak (1954) Oonchi Oonchi Dukaan Phika Phika Pakwaan


Or may be niche phool ki dukan upar gori ka makan… but Shashi/Amitabh/Jaya singing… Niche paan ki dukan…


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