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Dharti ki goad mein aasmaan ke chhaaon mein

Posted on: July 19, 2016

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Today (19 july 2016) is the eighth anniversary of the blog. It was on this day in 2008 that the first post was published eight years ago.

I do not recall much of that day. On checking up, I find out that 19 july 2008 was a saturday which meant that it was holiday for me and that is why I may have decided on this date. I was in Jabalpur, MP at that time. I did not start this blog with any great plans. This blog was not even my first blog. I already had another blog under my belt and writing articles for that blog took a lot out of me. This song blog was a blog of secondary importance for me at that time and writing articles for it was more like a cakewalk compared to the articles in that other blog.

I found that my articles in song blog began to get more visitors whereas there were few takers for my articles in my main blog. So gradually I began to neglect that other blog and atulsongaday became my main blog. I wrote 56 articles in that blog in 2008 and one article in 2009. I have not posted any articles in that blog for nearly seven years now. That blogspot blog still exists here, all but abandoned.

Coming to this song blog, we have come a long way frm that humble beginning on 19 july 2008. Lots of water has flowed under the bridge in the last eight years. The blog has evolved and evolved with time. It is no longer a one man blog. Now it has become an online collaboration of likeminded music lovers. In fact, I would say that this collaboration has become an online project of discovering, collecting, collating and cataloguing HFM.

Instead of repeating what has been discussed on several occasions in the past, I would like to point out a few interesting developments that have taken place in the blog. In the beginning, we discussed a few songs daily and we had little idea of the future. I in fact thought that the blog would come to a halt after discussing around 2500 songs.

Now, having discussed over 12200 songs, one can say that I was “slightly” wrong in predicting the future of the blog. 🙂

A stage came in the life of the blog when we realised that we needed to maintain statistics related to the blog. That led to our “some statistics” page. This gave us the idea that we should look to score centuries of individual artists.

Several of these individual and blog centuries later, we realised that we were reaching a stage when we were in a position to discuss all songs of movies. This led to the concept of YIPPEED movies. When we cover all songs of a movie then we describe that movies as having been YIPPEED. We hit upon this concept in 2012. Now four years later, as many as 805 movies have been YIPPEED. These 805 movies contain 6055 songs, more than twice the number of songs that I once imagined would be the final output of the blog. 🙂

If 805 movies have been YIPPEED, then the next question that follows is- how many Hindi Film movies are there in all ? Well, this blog deals mainly in HFM starting from 1931 (when Talkies began) till about 1980s, though we discuss songs from later decades as well. There have been a total of around 6000 movies in all from 1931 till 1980s or so that are of interest to us. We are not much interested in movies beyond 1980s though we discuss a few movies of these recent vintage too, if they merit attention.

The blog has so far covered songs from over 3400 movies. Songs being represented from 3400 plus movies out of about 6000 movies is no mean achievement. This gap between 6000 and 3400 has led to another concept in the blog, viz posting songs from as yet unrepresented movies. So, the blog at present has two important projects going on- one is the project of YIPPYing movies and another is the project of discussing songs from as yet unrepresented movies. As can be seen, these are movies on opposite ends of the musical spectrum- namely movies with all songs covered and movies making their debut in the blog with their first songs. It is important that the number of YIPPEED movies keep adding up. It is equally important that more as yet unrepresented movies make their debuts in the blog.

Another interesting concept that we sometimes come up with in the blog are statistics that are rather farfetched. For instance- Shankar Jaikishan completing a century of YIPPEED movies while Rajesh Khanna- Kishore Kumar combination has completed a century of songs in the blog.

The song under discussion falls under one such far fetched category. 🙂 This song is sung by Hemant Kumar and it is the 100th Hemant Kumar solo song in the blog. 🙂

The song is from “Fashion”(1957). Bharat Vyas is the lyricist. Music is composed by Hemant Kumar.

Only the audio of this song is available. The singer is singing paens of Tajmahal, from what one can make out. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of the song.

We discussed the concepts of YIPPEED movies and Debutant movies in this writeup. I will discuss some more HFM related concepts in the writeups that follow this one. For the time being, here is this rare song from “Fashion” (1957) which is the 100th Hemant Kumar solo song in the blog.


Song-Dharti ki god mein aasmaan ke chhaaon mein (Fashion)(1957) Singer-Hemant Kumar, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Hemant Kumar


dharti ki god mein
aasmaan ke chhaanv mein
kab se khadaa hai yah taaj
dharti ki god mein
aasmaan ke chhaanv mein
kab se khadaa hai yah taaj
chhupaaye man mein muhabbat kaa raaz
ke sun lo iske dil ki aawaaz

duniyaa ke aashiqon on on
duniyaa ke premiyon
duniyaa ke aashiqon
duniyaa ke premiyon
sun lo muhabbat kaa raaz
patni ke vaaste
beevi ke vaaste
bantaa yahaan aisaa taaj
bantaa yahaan aisaa taaj
beevi ko chhod ke
gairon se jod ke
tode jo apnon se preet
tode jo apnon se preet
aison ke vaaste
aise mahal mein
gaayaa nahin jaaye geet
kabhi gaayaa nahin jaaye geet

begam ke roop mein
soyaa hai pyaar yahaan
begam ke roop mein
soyaa hai pyaar yahaan
aahistaa aahistaa bol
aahistaa aahistaa bol
apne jigar ko shahenashaah ke
is premi kaleje se tol
is premi kaleje se tol
mandir ye pyaar kaa
teerath sansaar kaa
ulfat kaa hai ye mazaar
ulfat kaa hai ye mazaar
bhatke huon ko kehtaa hai baar baar
sun lo re is ki pukaar
sun lo re is ki pukaar
sun lo re is ki pukaar
sun lo re is ki pukaar

7 Responses to "Dharti ki goad mein aasmaan ke chhaaon mein"

Congratulations Atulji on the eighth anniversary of this blog. It is no small achievement considering that the initial goal was to cover only about 2500 songs. What a galaxy of contributors you have been able to bring into the fold!! I am glad that I am a part of this group.


Atul ji,

I have uploaded on YT songs from some films which are yet to be represented in the Blog. Most of these films had not been represented even in YT. Some of the films’ songs I have uploaded during the last one month or so are as under:

1. Birhan (1948)
2. Draupadi (1944)
3. Dulha (1946)
4, Duniyadaari (1948)
5. Laaj (1946)
6. Khanzarwaali (1943)
7. Pyaar Ki Raat (1949)
8. Raaj Ratan (1953)
9. Saheli (1942)

I have been scouting for songs from unrepresented films in the Blog for sometime and there are some more in the pipeline for which I need to make the videos.

I have also made video clips of some rare songs which are not available on YT and uploaded the same on YT.

Needless to say that these video clips can be used by any one from Atul Bandwagon if they fit in their write-ups.


Thanks a lot. You are a major member in our project YIPPEE as well as project of Debutant movies.


Congratulations on your 8th Birthday ASAD. It is really remarkable how this project (it cannot be called a blog anymore – it is a project) has caught the imagination of music lovers.

Credit goes to you, Atul, for so generously sharing this space with all those who love it. It can be offered up as a case study that if the CEO has no ego and is willing to share the labours and fruits of his venture, it will grow in leaps and bounds.

Now we have members who worry about the blog, fertilise it regularly, water it and even sing to it to make it grow.

May Project ASAD live long and prosper and grow to unimaginable heights.


Thanks a lot ! Indeed one can achieve a lot if people come together for a cause and work without ego.

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Congrats, Atul, on this 8th birthday. Looking forward to many more. I was just thinking…if you expected 2500 and we have 12200, you’re still better than some of these psephologists / poll pundits, who come up with election forecasts. 🙂

These “offshoot” projects like YIPPEE and debutant films are fun because they give us a goal to work towards, while being perfectly in line with the overall goals of the blog (to cover as many songs of as many films as possible).

I come across a lot of “debutant films” actually when I randomly search for songs. I think I might start contributing to that project too. 🙂


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