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Aaj main jogan ban ke

Posted on: July 26, 2016

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“Neelam Pari”(1952) was directed by Dhirubhai Desai for Chandrakala Film company. The movie had Sajjan, Geeta Bali, Sajjan, Sapru, Gope, Kuldip Kaur, Kamal, Samson, Niranjan Sharma etc in it.

The story of this obscure movie was provided by Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, our beloved inhouse encyclopaedia while discussing an earlier song of this movie. Here is what he has to say about the story of this movie:

Neelampari, a tale of fairies or gins? A story of kings or beggars? A filmfare of mirth and miracles!

One morning when the world opened its eyes there were lightening, earth-tremor, eruption of volcanoes, shrieks and what not? Out of this fury came out a “ball of light” dazzling the eyes of the world. It was Neelam, a diamond which fulfills every desire.

Now there ensued a race of kings, queens, heroes, saints, magicians to get this Godsent gift. Challenging the might of mighty Toofan, the owner of Kal Qila, the Neelam came into the possession of Neelampari, a valiant amazon. But the villainous tricks of Toofan were enough to usurp the wanted diamond from the daredevil beauty.

Now Neelampari and her husband Parbat were in the custody of Toofan. Toofan’s vampire sister Bijli once loved this gentle soul Parbat. Bijli again wanted to victimize Parbat by the sexy snares of her charms, but got a blunt rufusal from him. It enraged Bijli and Toofan both. The sorcery of these wicked souls transformed Parbat into a wriggling dragon and and Neelampari into a `Maina. Now Bijli wore the lifeless physical mantle of charming Neelampari and kept playing with the lives of numerous youths to satisfy her lust.

Raja, a Robinhood of Shahbad won Seema, the princess in the match of archery. But due to his poverty his victory was refuted. Seema challenged the refutal.

Now Shamsher, the prime minister played another trick by asking Raja to bring Neelam, the diamond, as he wanted the throne of Shahbad for himself by getting Seema, (the only occupant of the throne) married to one of his useless sons Chunnoo and Munnoo.

Accidentally Chunnoo and Munnoo got the company of Raja who was leaving Shahbad in the pursuit of Neelam. “Neelam, Neelam” was the cry of a wayward prince and it gave Raja a clue of his wanted diamond. He followed the lovelorn prince Silvan to the bedroom of fake Neelampari (Bijli) flew with the cot of Prince Silvan.
Raja followed, but was dropped into the deep waters full of deadly sea-monsters. Chunnoo Munnoo too were left in the lonely woods by a magic cock. Toofan’s brother Badal stole the precious Neelam from Kal Qila but the stone was swallowed by a seadragon and Badal lost his life in the melee with Toofan. This loss maddenned Toofan.

Bijli managed to bring Seema near her maddened brother Toofan. But Seema was for Raja and Raja was for Seema. Raja with the help of Chunnoo and munnoo rescues Neelampari and her husband Parbat. With her magic,she regains the Neelam and also imprisons Bijli and Toofan. Thus finally Raja and Seema unite and Neelampari is thanked by all.

The movie had nine songs in it. Eight of the songs have been discussed in the past.

Here is the ninth and final song from “Neelam Pari”(1952) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Lyrics are by Chandrakant, who makes his debut in the blog with this song. Music is composed by Khursheed Anwar.

I am unable to identify the lady lip syncing the song. She is not Geeta Bali. She could be Kuldeep Kaur who is the only other female figuring in the cast of the movie. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify her.

With this song, “Neelam Pari”(1952) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.



Song-Aaj main jogan ban ke (Neelam Pari)(1952) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Chandarkant, MD-Khursheed Anwar


pyaar ke toote taaron par main
geet judaayi ke gaaun
aashaaon ke deep jalaa ke ae
piya milan ko jaaun

aaj main jogan ban ke
virogan ban ke
wahin chali re ae
jahaan gaya preetam pyaara
ab koi raah bataa de
mujhe samjhaa de
wo kaun gali re ae
jahaan base meet hamaara

aaj naseebon maari ki ee hansti kismat so gayi
so gayi
bichhad gaya hai man ka saathi
bhare(?) jagat mein kho gayi
kho sayi
ab mere pyaar ki duniya
singaar ki duniya
ujad gayi re
mera ab kaun sahaara
aaj main jogan ban ke
virogan ban ke
wahin chali re
jahaan gaya preetam pyaara

ghor ghataayen chhaayi hain
jhoom ke baadal aaye ae
baadal aaye
jalte dil ki pyaasi dhadkan
pal pal usey bulaaye ae
usey bulaaye
bhor papiha gaaye
koyaliya gaaye
main ro padi re ae
mujhe mere pi ne pukaara
aaj main jogan ban ke
virogan ban ke
wahin chali re
jahaan gaya preetam pyaara

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