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Oonchi neechi hai sadak ghoda jaaye na bhadak

Posted on: July 29, 2016

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This is a lovely foot tapping song from the film Saanwaria-49. It is sung by Shamshad Begam and Chitalkar, with music composed by C.Ramchandra himself.

1949 was an exceptional year in which probably the maximum number of musical films were released. It was as if all the composers and singers were in their full bloom this year. Just read these names of films and you will realise what must be the condition of the music lovers with this kind of deluge of everlasting memorable songs.

Aiye, Andaz, Badi Bahen, Barsat, Baazaar, Chakori, Chandni Raat, Dillagi, Dulari, Ek thi ladki, Girls school, jeet, Ladli, Lahore, Mahal, Namoona, Parda, Patanga, Rimjhim, Sanwaria, Shabnam, Shair, Sunehre Din.

C.Ramchandra and Naushad were in fierce competition for the No. 1 position. At least in 1949, Naushad won hands down with 4 musical films ( 2 silver jubilee and 1 Golden Jubilee) like Andaz, Chandni Raat, Dulari and Dillagi. Composer Vinod made his presence felt with Lara Lappa song and other songs of Ek thi ladki. Anil Biswas, Khemchand Prakash, Husnlal Bhagatram, Hansraj Behl, Shyamsunder and others too chipped in with their everlasting Gems.

By 1949, C.Ramchandra had settled down well in Filmistan. Every film he made in Filmistan- Safar, Leela, Saajan, Shehnai, Nadiya ke paar, Sanwaria, Samadhi and Sargam was a musical hit. Financially he was well off. His family life had some ups and downs. His relationship with Lata was getting cemented.

His first film with Filmistan was Safar-46. The director of the film was Bibhuti Mitra. Mitra had a nasty habit of interfering in the Music Director’s work. C.Ramchaqndra did not like it. But because of Shashdhar Mukherjee, he kept quiet. Luckily, halfway through the film, Mitra left and went away to Calcutta.

In late 1950, when the work for the film Shabistan started, Bibhuti Mitra came back to Filmistan to direct this movie. The Music Director was C.Ramchandra. As expected, Mitra started interfering in film’s music. By now, C.Ramchandra was a well known and successful composer in great demand from producers. This time he did not tolerate Mitra’s interference. The matter went to S. Mukherjee. Mukherjee took Mitra’s side, as he had brought him back. C.Ramchandra decided to leave Filmistan. Mukherjee was shocked and tried to dissuade C Ramchandra from leaving, but C Ramchandra was firm. However he made a promise to Mukherjee that he would come back and work whenever Filmistan needed him. True to his word, C.Ramchandra did come back to do Anarkali-53 and Nastik-54 later on. The balance work of Shabistan was done by Madan Mohan.

There are occasions when Hindi film history students-like me- get frustrated. The frustration comes when certain matters do not seem to have a solution. For example, when you find that senior composers like Vithaldas Panchotiya and Master Fida Hussain make conflicting claims as to who gave music to film “Muflis Ashiq”-32. Was it Panchotia or Nagardas ? Frustration comes when you don’t get any information, from any sources, on Heroes like B. Nandrekar or Heroine like Veera. Frustration comes when you come across artistes with similar names without any means to differentiate between them, inspite of all efforts.

While doing this post I wanted to write about the actress Veera, but I did not have much information and Harish Raghuvanshi ji too drew a blank. A little information is available on Cineplot, but her Filmography is not complete there.

Veera was from a Parsi family. Her full name was Veera Ankaleshwaria. Obviously, her family came from Ankaleshwar,a small industrial town(now), in Gujarat. She started her career in films as a Heroine opposite nasir khan in film Mazdoor-1945. Then came Shikari-46 and later Eight days-46, both had Ashok kumar as the Hero. Both the films were from Filmistan. her last film as Heroine was Tohfa, opposite Rehman and Leela opposite Agha , both films from 1947. Then she stopped getting Heroine roles and shifted to side roles. In all she did 22 films.

Her other films were, Veena, Ziddi, Chanda ki Chandani- all 48, Sanwaria-49, Hamara Ghar and hamari beti- 1950, Hamari shaan, Ramjanma and Sagar-1951, Aasmaan, izzat, Moti mahal, Sanskar and Shin shinaki boobla boo-all1952, Dana Pani-53, Boot polish and Sheeshe ki deewar both 1954.

She married Mohsin Abdulla, who had worked in Bombay Talkies as a writer. He was the younger brother of actress Renuka ( Begum Mirza). After the marriage, both migrated to Pakistan in 1955. No news after that.

Film Sanwaria was directed by Nusrat A.Mansuri. I could not get any information about him except that he had directed 2 films earlier. Torpedo-41 and Soorat-47 in which he acted and also wrote 4 songs as a Lyricist.

The film had 10 songs. Today’s song will be the 5th song of the film to be covered here. This is a duet sung by Chitalkar and Shamshad begum. After this film, C.Ramchandra stopped using Shamshad as his lead singer as almost all songs in all his films went to Lata after 1949. However Shamshad sang one song in Samadhi and two songs in Niraala both in 1950. But after this there was no entry for Samshad. Similar actions were taken by Naushad and many other composers.

I am sure you will like today’s song. This is slightly different from the usual C Ramchandra style. Hoof-beat songs were made popular first by Naushad and then by O P Nayyar. Later on they became common.

Song-Oonchi neechi hai sadak ghoda jaaye na bhadak(Saanwariya)(1949) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-P L Santoshi, MD-C Ramchandra
Shamshad Begam + C Ramchandra


oonchi neechi hai sadak
ghoda jaaye na bhadak
dil jaaye na dhadak
ho tak tak tak tak tak tak tak
oonchi neechi hai sadak
ghoda jaaye na bhadak
dil jaaye na dhadak
ho tak tak tak tak tak tak tak

bachpan chhod aayi
aage jawaani re
bachpan chhod aayi
aage jawaani re
naye naye gaanvon ki nayi kahaani re
hoy nayi kahaani re
phoolon ki mahak
nayi chidiyon ki chahak
nayi chak chak chak chak chak chak chak
oonchi neechi hai sadak
ghoda jaaye na bhadak
dil jaaye na dhadak
ho tak tak tak tak tak tak tak

roop jawaani ki preet niraali re
roop jawaani ki preet niraali re
phaagun ke din boley koyaliya kaali re
hoy koyaliya kaali re
dekh jhalak piya jaaye ho lalak
jiya lak lak lak lak lak lak lak
oonchi neechi hai sadak
ghoda jaaye na bhadak
dil jaaye na dhadak
ho tak tak tak tak tak tak tak

naina khoye khoye
kaun samjhaayee re
naina khoye khoye
kaun samjhaayee re
man ki nagariya mein saanvariya naahin re
hoye saanvariya naahin re
ankhiyaan phadak rahin
chhatiyaa dhadak rahi
dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak
oonchi neechi hai sadak
ghoda jaye na bhadak
dil jaye na dhadak
ho tak tak tak tak tak tak tak
oonchi neechi hai sadak
ghoda jaaye na bhadak
dil jaaye na dhadak
ho tak tak tak tak tak tak tak

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