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Do bol tere meethhe meethhe

Posted on: August 8, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is a melodious duet of Lata Mangeshkar and Hemant Kumar from a less heard film Daaraa-53. The Music Director is Mohd. Shafi and the film is directed by Harish. It was produced by Shaikh Mukhtar, under the banner of Omar Khayyam films, a company belonging to Harish. The cast of the film was Shaikh Mukhtar, Begum Para, Nigar Sultana, N A Ansari, Mukri,Tun Tun,Sankata Prasad etc. There were just 7 songs in the film but 7 Lyricists wrote one song each, Today’s song is written by Madhup Sharma.

This Madhup Sharma was the elder brother of Mahesh Sharma, the famous Audio Visual expert and a film maker and Pratap Sharma- the equally famous compere and commentator of many Documentaries. During my service with Glaxo Laboratories, we were making an Audio-Visual presentation for our principals in U.K.. This task was entrusted to Mahesh Sharma. For the purpose of A.V. Presentation, we needed an interview of actor Ashok Kumar. In those days, Ashok Kumar was owning a very big Poultry Farm in Lonavla and he was a big customer of our Veterinary Products for poultry. I was in charge of this project as a Zonal Sales manager. That time Madhup Sharma helped us to get Ashok Kumar’s interview in his Chembur Bungalow. I interviewed him and also plenty of photographs were taken at that time. This is an incident of 1981 or so.

Hemant Kumar and Lata combination duets are my favourites. Together they have given us excellent songs, which we can never forget. Look at some of their famous duets- Anarkali…Jaag dard e Ishq jaag, Patita…Yaad kiya dil ne kahaan ho tum , Shabab… Chandan ka Palna, Jhanak jhanak Payal Baje… Nain se nain naahi milao, Tangawali…Halke halke chalo sanwre, Ek hi Rasta…Sanwle salone aaye din baharke, Naya Aadmi…Laut gaya ghum ka zaman, Pariwar…Zir zir zir Badrawa barse, Post Box No 999…Neend na mujhko aaye, Satta Bazar…Tumhe yaad hoga and many many more.

Film Daaraa-53 was directed by Harish, also known as Tara Harish. Born on 23-10-1916 at Delhi, his real name was Tarachand Mathur. He was distantly related to Motilal and Mukesh. His father died when he was just 3 years old. He was brought up by his brothers and uncle. He graduated in 1937. After trying and failing in a second hand car business, he decided to enter film world and joined Sagar Movietone, where Motilal was getting established. His first foray into films was in the film “300 days and after”. In this film however he was uncredited. However he got roles in other films like Postman, Ladies only, Service ltd, Hum,Tum aur Voh, Ek hi Rasta, Civil marriage, Aurat, Nai Roshni, Vijay, Haqdar etc etc. He used to sing also in the films. As a Hero his last film was Amanat-43.

Harish took up Direction with the film Beda Paar-44, a stunt C grade film, but soon he directed many social films also. In his career he directed 21 films. Some of his films are Toote Tare-48, Ustad Pedro-51, Malhar-51 ( originally Harish was to be the hero, but he gave chance to Arjun), Daku ki ladki-54, Lalten-56, kali Topi laal rumaal-59, Do Ustad-59, Burmah Road-62, his last film was Awara Abdulla-63. Harish acted in 21 films. He sang 39 songs in 16 films ( stats by MuVyz). He estalished his own production company- Omar Khayyam Films. When he was directing the film Ustad Pedro-51, he changed the name of actress Nargis Rabadi to Shammi, since another more famous actress of same name was existing already in films.

Tara Harish died sometime in 1970.

The Music Director of film Daara was Mohd. Shafi. Composer Mohd. Shafi ( 25-12-1925 to 30-4-1980 ) was one of those talented artistes of Hindi Film Music who was only used by others and never got enough credit for his work. He is honoured as “The original Arranger” in the industry. He was an excellent Sitar player. He started with Imperial Film company-where he played Bulbul Tarang. In 1937 he went to Calcutta, joined New Thaeatres and played Sitar in films Kapal Kundala-39 and Aandhi-40, as an assistant to Pankaj Mullick and K.C.Dey. He played sitar in film “Ujala”-42. In this film, the Hero-Prithviraj kapoor was shown as a Sitar player,hence the expertise of Shafi was fully utilised in this film.

Starting with film ‘Haqdaar’-46, he gave music in 19 Hindi films and 2 Marathi films. He worked with Naushad as his assistant and Arranger, for 14 years. He was considered a ‘Dada’ in Background music. He gave Background music in about 70 films( for Naushad and others). For Mughal E Azam, K.Asif used to send his personal car to fetch him to studio. It was Shafi who gave the first break to Suman Hemmadi(Kalyanpur) in Mangu-54 and Hemlata in an unreleased film Iraada.

Shafi had bought his first car when he was just 15 year old. He had a posh flat in Shivaji Park area of Dadar in Bombay. In the end , everything was gone. He had helped the families of Shakeel Badayuni and Ghulam Mohammed after their deaths. However in his last difficult days, except Rafi, no one came for his help. In the final few months, his memory had gone. His Begum ruefully said,” Good that he does not remember anything. All took advantage of him and gave him nothing. There were more things to forget than to remember ! ”

It is said that the entire music of Sohni Mahiwal-58 was done by him. Naushad was sick during this period and did not attend even one recording. “Do hunson ka joda” and “Dhoondho dhoondho re saajna” Gunga Jamuna-61 were his creations. He used to give tunes to many composers too-whoever asked for help.

I have not seen this film Daara-53. In this song Shafi has made use of Chorus very cleverly. The chorus gives a sort of lift to the song. As such being a Hemant-Lata Duet it is good enough. I am sure you too will like it.

Song-Do bol tere meethe meethe(Daara)(1953) Singers- Hemant Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Lyricist- Madhup Sharma, MD- Mohd. Shafi


aa aa aaa
aa aa aa

o ho ho
o o ho ho
ho ho ho
kuchh nazar hati
kuchh nazar jhuki
takraake labon ki baat ruki
ye baat chhupaaye ae
chhup naa saki
ham tum se muhabbat kar baithe

do bol tere meethe meethe
do bol tere meethe meethe
dil jaan ke maalik ban baithe
dil jaan ke maalik ban baithe
do bol tere meethe meethe
do bol tere meethe meethe
dil jaan ke maalik ban baithe
do bol tere meethe meethe
o ho ho

tu palkon ki parchhayi mein aen aen
aa aa aa aa aa
tu hi dil ki gaharayi mein ae ae
hum ek ishaare par apni ee ee
duniya ko tumhaara kar baithe

do bol tere meethe meethe
do bol tere meethe meethe
dil jaan ke maalik ban baithe
do bol tere meethe meethe
o ho ho

o o o
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

o ho ho
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

khushiyon kaa jo aaya ye mela aa aa
aa aa aa aa
dil se na akele jab sambhla
aakaash ki sooni jholi mein aen aen
hum chaand sitaare bhar baithe

do bol tere meethe meethe
do bol tere meethe meethe
dil jaan ke malik ban baithe
do bol tere meethe meethe

6 Responses to "Do bol tere meethhe meethhe"

Madhup Sharma also wrote for
Ye Munh Masoor Ki Daal
Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi Vinod Shri Nagad Narayan (1955)
Jamna Ke Teere Ho Raja
Hamida Banu Aziz Hindi Shohrat (1949)


It is surprising that this, one of my favorite songs, was not yet covered in our musical Blog. This and the other song from the same film ‘Aa naino mein zoom ke … sapano mein baaje shehnayi’ has mesmerizing effect and the tunes haunt you for days. Shafi had special skill to use human voices as part of orchestra, much similar to western symphonies. Thanks Arunbhai, now for so many coming days, I will be humming this song.


Could someone clear my confusion? All songs listed under Daara (1953) are listed on other sites under a different film – Do Mastane (1958).

MySwar shows 10 songs under Do Mastane and 7 under Daar with an overlap of 5 songs between them.

Per CITWF (, Do Mastane was also produced by Omar Khayyam Films and MD was Mohd. Shafi.


spandyax ji,
According to the authoritative Hindi Film Geet Kosh ( we follow only this), film Do Mastane-1958, was a Tejuja productions film and the MD was Hemant Kumar.
As per a footnote in HFGK, song numbers 1,9, and 10 were from film Dara-53 and songs from no. 4 to 8 were from film Daku ki Ladki-1954.
Information on myswar and citwf, obviously, is misleading and wrong.
The starcast of film Daara and Do Mastane was totally different.


Thanks Arunji for your quick and thoughtful response.

It makes me wonder how a producer can just lift songs from some other movie. Maybe the copyright laws back then very lax or maybe they got permission from the producers of the other movies. One also wonders what motivated them to include those specific obscure songs in their movie.
– Sameer


spandyax ji,
Back then, the use of songs from other films was seen often. In the early 30’s films, one finds a song used in 3 or 4 films also. Many such cases existed till the early 60s. Then we dont find such cases, except sporadic specific case with reasons.
The songs may look or sound obscure today, but in their times they may be popular, who knows ?


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