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Ham tujhe dhoondh lenge

Posted on: October 4, 2016

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A few days ago when it was Lata Mangeshkar’s birth anniversary on 28 september 2016, I posted a Lata writeup, where I mentioned that we have been discussing a Lata song almost on a daily basis right from the beginning of this blog 8 years ago. I knew that we had more than 3070 Lata songs in the blog. I became curious to find out the number of days for which this blog is active. At first I decided to do the calculation manually, but then decided that I should let technology do the hard work for me. So, after some trial and error, I got just the excel formula that I needed. It was then that I realised that the blog was 2994 days old at that time. I mentioned this fact in the blog. I also realised that we were very close to 3000 days mark. So I contacted a few regulars of the blog and requested them for their special writeups on the occasion.

While they have sent their writeups, I too need to have my own special writeup on this occasion.

It goes without saying that neither I nor any of our regulars noticed it when this blog touched 1000 days mark and 2000 days mark. I became curious to know what we did on these previous landmark occasion in the blog and so I looked back into the past of the blog.

Here is what I found:

Blog Landmark Date of landmark Number of posts on that day Songs Remarks
1000th day 14 april 2011 Six
(song nos 3783 to 3788)
Song No. 3783- Mere dil ki nagariya mein aanaa (Madhosh)(1951) ,
Song No. 3784-Ae chaand kal jo aanaa (Devta)(1956) ,
Song No. 3785-Tauba tauba tauba dar lage huzoor se (Inquilaab)(1956) ,
Song No. 3786-Nigaahon se dil mein chale aayiegaa (Hameer Hathh)(1964) ,
Song No. 3787-Mujhe ankhiyon pe apni yaqeen nahin (Do Dilon Ki Daastaan)(1964) ,
Song No. 3788-Aap yoon faaslon se guzarte rahe (Shankar Hussain)(1976)
Song no. 3786 by Sudhir Ji
2000th day 8 january 2014 Six
(Song nos 9262 to 9267)
Song No. 9262- Aapan jeewan darpan nyaara (Doctor)(1941),
Song No. 9263-Wo gaye nahin hamen mil ke (Nurse)(1943),
Song No. 9264-Achchi nahin ye chhed (Ghar)(1945),
Song No. 9265-Jalti hai duniya (Pyaar)(1950),
Song No. 9266-Parda zara hataao to koi baat ho (Murder in Circus)(1971),
Song No. 9267-Tip tip tip tip pade boondaniyaan (Praayaschit)(1977)
Song no. 9262 by Mr Sadanand Kamath,
Song no. 9265 by Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh
3000th day 4 october 2016 To be updated Song No. 12421 onwards- to be updated To be updated

One can notice that at the end of 1000 days, the blog had 3788 song posts, which works out to an average of 3.788 songs per day. I was based at Nagpur (maharashtra)at that time, remaining blissfully unaware of this fact.

By the end of 2000 days, the blog had 9267 songs, which works out to an average of 4.633 songs per day. Thus the strike rate improved from 3.778 per day to 4.633 per day, thanks to the fact that a whopping 5479 songs were added during the second 1000 days of the blog. I was based at Bilaspur (Chattisgarh) when the blog turned 2000 days old. I was blissfully unaware of this fact at that time. 😉

By the end of 3000th day, viz today (4 october 2016), we are likely to be at the mark of around 12426 or so. This would mean an overall strike rate of 4.142 throughout the existence of the blog. The last 1000 days have seen the blog adding 3159 songs, at a rather slow strike rate of 3.159 songs per day.

Seeing that the progress of the blog is quite slow for the last several months and even for the year, I am myself surprised at the fact that we are still averaging at a barely believable 4.142 songs per day for the last 3000 days !

The blog has evolved a lot with time. I as well as other regulars have discussed the things that we do these days in the blog that were not given much thought in the past.

Some of the things that we aim to do now a days which we did not do in the earlier days are:

1. Trying to cover as many movies as possible. The aim is to cover all movies whose songs are available. At present 3480 movies are covered. Total movies that we are looking at according to HFGK is around 6000 movies or so. So, we have another 2000 odd movies to go that are not yet represented in the blog.

2. Trying to see that important HFM artists reach their landmarks, mainly centuries, in the blog.

3. Trying to cover all songs of a movie, in case all songs are available. We describe movies with all songs covered as YIPPEEED movies. We had as many as 816 movies YIPPEED in the blog before this writeup.

While doing the above things, we sometimes have to search for songs that are obscure, so much so that they are not even available online. We in the blog are not fazed by the unavailability of such songs. We search for them and more often than not, we manage to locate them.

I said “we”, but the real pro in the blog for searching out rare songs is the one and only Sudhir Ji. He has been finding our rare songs on a regular basis. Some of his finds have in fact helped rewrite the history of HFM. For instance, locating the oldest HFM recording and posting it as the 10000th song in the blog was a momentous occasion for HFM lovers. It was believed till then.that the oldest HFM recording was from 1932, whereas the 10000th song in the blog was a song from 1931 !

Sudhir Ji has also located many songs that were considered extinct (viz several Sajjad Hussain compositions) as well as songs whose existence was not noticed till then (viz discovering some “new” Mukesh songs).

These days our regulars often meet in get togethers that we call gangouts. 🙂 The last such gangout took place in Bangalore just three days ago, viz on 2 october 2016. It was attended by Regulars like K Satish Shenoy (with his wife), Raja, Peevesie’s mom, Gajendra Khanna, Srinivas Ganti (with his wife) and Avinash Scrapwala (with his wife). They had some interesting musical discussions that lasted several hours. Interested persons can watch the procceedings of the meet on YT in a series of videos that have been uploaded by Gajendra Khanna on his YT channel.

Suppose we have a future gangout where we decide to chose a group anthem. Then what song would be the appropriate song ? There are many such songs that would cover various characteristics of the regulars of this blog.

If we have to stress the togetherness of the group members, then we have several appropriate songs. Some of them have already been discussed by regulars like Raja, Peevesie’s mom etc, while discussing one previous Bangalore Gangout. Some such songs are :

Rang jamaa ke jaayenge (Naseeb)(1981), Hey zindagi milke bitaayenge (Satte Pe Satta)(1982), Aao chalo mil ke gaayen ham zindagi ka taraana (Dancer)(1991) etc.

If we have to highlight the fact that we in this blog can locate any songs, no matter how obscure that song may be, then what is the song that would express our feelings the best ? I think that this song from “Mahal”(1969) would express the searching ability of the group in general and that of Sudhir Ji in particular quite appropriately. This song is sung by Rafi and chorus. The song is picturised on Dev Anand (in disguise) singing this qawwaali in the villain’s den (of sorts).

Whenever I listen to this song, I visualise Sudhir Ji (replacing Dev saab) lip syncing this song, while other regulars , (equally disguised, but easily recognisable by wise audience 🙂 )join him in chorus. 🙂

This song is penned by Anand Bakshi. Kalyanji Anandji composed the music.

This song itself is not a rare song of course. This song is the sixth and final song from the movie to appear in the blog. So with this song, “Mahal”(1969) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Audio (Full)


Song-Ham tujhe dhoondh lenge (Mahal)(1969) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
faisla ho jaayega
bas aaj
ae parda nasheen een een een
aaj ya to hum nahin
ya aaj ye parda aa nahin
aa aa aa aa aa
toone soorat chupaai
toone chilman giraai
jab kiran muskuraayi
chaandni raat aayi
chaand se ae tere ghar ka hum pata poochh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge

hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
hum zameen par hain
sitaaron ki khabar rakhte hain
hum bade wo hain
badi tez nazar ar ar rakhte hain
ye ishq husn ki mehfil ko dhoondh leta hai
ho dhoondh leta hai
haan dhoondh leta hai

ye qatl hoke bhi ee ee ee
ye qatl hoke bhi
qaatil ko dhoondh leta hai
ho dhoondh leta hai
haan dhoondh leta hai

aa aa aa aaa
aa aa aa
chaman ke phool
chaman ke phool bahaaron ko dhoondh lete hain aen aen
aa aa aa
chaman ke phool bahaaron ko dhoondh lete hain
ke yaar yaaron ko dhoondh lete hain
ho dhoondh lete hain
haan dhoondh lete hain

saath baade saba ke
mast kaali ghata ke
jaayenge hum chaman mein
husn ki anjuman mein
apna dil bulbulon sa
tera chehra gulon sa
gul se teri gali ka
hum pata poochh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
Zamaana aaj dekhega
tamaasha ik yahaan hoga
hamaare ik ishaare pe
zameen pe aasmaan hoga

nazar ka teer nishaane ko dhoondh leta hai
ho dhoondh leta hai
haan dhoondh leta hai

ye dil ka saa aa aaj
ye dil ka saaj taraane ko dhoondh leta hai
ho dhoondh leta hai
haan dhoondh leta hai

aa aa aa aa aa
nazar uthhe to
nazar uthhe to nazaaron ko dhoondh leti hai ae ae ae
aa aa aa
nazar uthhe to nazaaron ko dhoondh leti hai
lahar uthhe to kinaaron ko dhoondh leti hai
ho dhoondh leti hai
haan dhoondh leti hai

saaj hum tu taraana
teer hum tu nishaana
kya hai matlab hamaara
tu samajh le ishaara
bhesh apna badal ke
hum koi chaal chal ke
tujhse hi tere ghar ka
raasta poochh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge

aa aa aa aa aa aa
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge

aa aa a aa aa aa aa aa aa
hum tujhe dhoond lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge
hum tujhe dhoondh lenge

13 Responses to "Ham tujhe dhoondh lenge"

Atul Ji We really appreciate your services. I am enjoying each song. Some of the songs were composed before my birth. So good to listen the authentic music.

Pradip Kumar Pandya 0413 049 989 Sent from my iPad



Song-Ham tujhe dhoondh lenge kahin na kahin (Mahal)(1949)

Please make the necessary corrections : Remove kahin na kahin & make it 1969.


Thanks for pointing out the errors.


Congratulations on the 3000th day of this blog. What a wonderful journey it has been! So many new friends now, from all over the world, thanks only to this blog. Avinashji and I were discussing about this only yesterday.

I couldn’t help smiling looking at Dev Anand in this song. In real life, if a criminal disguises the way actors do in Hindi movies (and every hero is a culprit in this regard), catching criminals would be very easy. 🙂

So Mahal (1969) too is ready for the YIPPEEE team to take over. I won’t be surprised if someone is already working on it. 🙂


what a coincidence! we discussed this song on saturday 1st october when i barged into Rajaji’s residence to have a pre-gangout rendezvous with Raja and Avinashji. we were looking for a song to send to Atulji to be posted on the ocassion of Asha Parekh’s birthday. here Atulji has searched out the very same song for day number 3000.
congratulations Atulji for having the enthusiasm that has seen the blog complete 3000 days. hope this blog goes on and on and on and on,,,,,,,,,,,,
and by the way Avinashji is this the song which u said u had hinted to Atulji!


no that is other song, and I have disclosed the same on the gang-out day and even the post is there now 🙂
And thanks for ‘barging’ 🙂 and giving us the pleasant surprise that day 🙂


Trust you, Atul, to choose a Qawwali. 🙂 And such a good one.

Such lovely stats in this post, I am amazed.


Congratulations Atulj for this great land mark and best wishes for another 3650   record day

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


Congratulations are in order to our great leader Atul ji and also to all Atulites.
Avadh Lal


Atul ji, Congratulations again for the 3000th day of the blog on 4th Oct’2016. Nice Post !!
Congratulations to all associated with this blog !!!
Congratulations Atul ji on covering all songs of ‘Mahal-1969’ and its joining to the “list of movies-all songs covered” 🙂
One thing I would like to mention here that while you visualize Sudhir ji (naturally, going by the words of the song – ham tujhe dhoondh lenge …), after Banglore visit now, whenever I happen to watch a Dev Anand song I could see our beloved Raja ji there 🙂 (secret 🙂 )



audio 1st


audio 2


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