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Aapan jeewan darpan nyaara

Posted on: January 8, 2014

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

New Theatres Private Ltd founded by B N Sircar had been a pioneer in producing socially relevant films especially in the 30s and 40s. The storyline of their films with captivating music by R C Boral, Pankaj Mullick and Timit Baran mostly based on Rabindra Sangeet attracted audience to the cinema halls. DOCTOR (1941) was no exception. The film was directed by Phani Majumdar and Subodh Mitra. The star cast included Pankaj Mullick, Panna Rani, Ahindra Choudhury, Bharti Devi, Jyoti Prakash, Amar Mullick, Nemo, Indu Mukherjee etc. Songs were written by Arzoo Lucknowi and A H Shor which were set to music by Pankaj Mullick. So Pankaj Mullick was an actor-singer-music director.

The synopsis of the film has already been covered in mehak rahi phulwaari. The film plot is set against the background of an outbreak of cholera in a village in Bengal where the aristocratic ideology of the father (played by Ahindra Choudhury) does not match with his doctor son Amarnath (Pankaj Mullick) who wants to serve the poor. So he and his wife Maya (Panna Rani) establish a hospital to give free treatment to poor who are already in the grip of cholera epidemic. The conflict of ideology resurfaces again with his own son Somnath (Jyoti Prakash) who has returned from abroad after becoming a doctor. While Amarnath wants him to work for the poor patients by starting his own laboratory, Somnath wants to work in a private laboratory. He falls in love with a neighbour’s daughter Shibani (Bharti Devi). After overcoming the objection from his grandfather, they get married.

There are 11 songs in the film (including a version song). All these songs are fitted so well in the screen play that one could get a fairly good idea about the story of the film by just listening to them. The song “aapan jeewan darpan nyaaraa” which I am presenting here, is one such song which gives an impression that after Amarnath and his wife Maya establish a hospital, it is over to Somnath and Shibani to continue serving the poor villagers. The song invokes inspirations from shibani’s departed in-laws to continue the good work done by them. The song is written by A H Shor.

Ila Ghosh has been credited with the playback for Bharati Devi for this song. As per, Bharti has sung other three songs of the film on herself. On a voice scrutiny of all the three songs as well as piya milan ko jaana in the film “˜My Sister” (1944), I get an impression that voices in all the songs picturised on Bharati Devi in this film as well as of the female part of the song in “My Sister” (1944), more or less matches with the voice of Ila Ghosh. I know that gramophone records of at least two songs of the film has printed Bharati Devi’s name as playback singers. SAREGAMA website has also credited her for these two songs. With so many proofs, I would have ignored my doubt. But the near similarity of voices has created a doubt in me about the playback singer for Bharati Devi in this film whether it is Bharti or Ila Ghosh. I would request the knowledgeable readers of the blog to ponder on the issue.

By the way I had not heard about Bharati Devi as an actor-singer in Hindi films until I saw her name as a singer in this film.

In the video clip, there is some problem with synchronisation of audio with lip syncing of the actor and a couple of missing words. So I have given the link of audio clip as well.



Song-Aapan jeewan darpan nyaara (Doctor)(1941) Singer-Ila Ghosh, Lyrics-A H Shor, Md-Pankaj Mullick


aapan jeewan darpan nyaaraa aa
aapan jeewan darpan nyaaraa
iss mein samaayaa roop tihaaraa
aapan jeewan darpan nyaaraa
aapan jeewan

jag ki sewaa jeewan rakshaa
jag ki sewaa jeewan rakshaa
karm tumhaare dharm hamaaraa
jag ki sewaa jeewan rakshaa
karm tumhaare dharm hamaaraa
rogi man ko tumhri aashaa
jeewan jal kaa amrit dhaaraa
man mein samaayaa roop tihaaraa
aapan jeewan darpan nyaaraa aa

andhi aankh ko tumhraa darshan
dukh badri mein chamaktaa taaraa aa
aa aaa
mujhko ko bhi apnaa saa banaa do
mujhko ko bhi apnaa saa banaa do
haath ho mere kaam tumhaaraa
man mein samaayaa roop tihaaraa
aapan jeewan darpan nyaaraa aa
aapan jeewan
darpan nyaaraa

3 Responses to "Aapan jeewan darpan nyaara"

I think she has not sang in any other films except Doctor


kamath ji,

You are right. The songs were pictured on Bharati Devi ( who was quite a famous actress in those days.You can get full info on her at Cineplot,along with her Filmography too.), may be that is why her name is on the records,but the songs are sung by ILA GHOSH only.
2 songs- Ayee nit nayee rut ki bahar and Aapan jeewan were solos by Ila Ghosh and duet Badi suhani bhor saajan was sung by Ila Ghosh and her husband Sunil Ghosh ( and NOT by Pankaj Mullick and Bharati).


Thanks for the confirmation.
We need to correct the tags of playback singers in


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