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Aao chalo mil ke gaayen ham zindagi ka taraana

Posted on: October 8, 2014

A group of regulars of this blog met at Bangalore on 5 october 2014. This article, describing the genesis of that meeting is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Genesis (a.k.a The Making of ASAD Gangout Bangalore 5 OCTOBER 14)

Looking back, I think we can trace the genesis of the Gangout to a recent spurt in Atulite enthusiasm, itself triggered by the 10,000th song on Atul’s blog.

In a sense, it was much like India’s World Cup cricket win in 1983. Just as that event was the trigger for a new wave of cricket enthusiasm in the country, the 10,000th song on the blog energized Atulites like none before it. In that sense, it was much more than just a milestone. The lead-up to the song (or rather, the countdown), was a series of personal posts by contributors – this served as an excellent KYC (Know Your Contributor) 🙂 for Atulites and got them closer to each other.

And, of course, that waitathon for the 10,000th song. Over a 100 e-mails were shared in the space of a few hours, reflecting the eagerness (and even impatience) of Atulites around the globe.

Soon there was talk of “meeting up”, when possible. Although a few Atulites had met each other before, these had been random occurrences, and often just one-on-one.

Now, post-10000, there was enthusiastic talk of Atulites meeting in a group.

When one thinks of Atulite enthusiasm, it is hard not to think of Pradeep. 🙂 With his “Yippee” comments (and subsequent project by this name), he’s easily not just one of the most enthusiastic Atulites around – his enthusiasm is also very infectious. 🙂

So it is hardly surprising that he took the lead to arrange a meet-up of Atulites.

In South India, Bangalore seemed a suitable option for a meet-up, considering Aparna, Peevesie’s mom, Vaidehi Peevesie and I are all Bangalore-based – even if Vaidehi and I are only partly so. Pradeep could come over from Chennai – so we would have at least 5 Atulites present.

Ideally we’d have liked an even bigger group – the more the merrier – but availability of other Atulites was an (understandable) problem. It isn’t easy to arrange a physical meet-up – everybody has his/her constraints. We even toyed with the idea of postponing it but then Vaidehi wouldn’t have been available.

So finally we settled for 5th October 2014 – with an assurance that we would have at least 5 Atulites on board. The way we saw it was – it’s a start, we get the ball rolling, this is the first of many to follow. I got a bit of a 15th March 1877 feel about the event. (For those who don’t know, this was the day the first-ever Test match was played).

We also decided that we’d try to get other Atulites to be part of the event via the net (skype/google hangout/others) if possible. (In hindsight, maybe this could have been communicated earlier / better but that’s a takeaway for future events).

… More (with specifics of the gangout) to follow. 🙂

Atul’s note- Raja’s description of this get together has been converted into a writeup. This occasion calls for a joyous get together song, so here is just that kind of a get together song cum birthday song. The song is sung by S P Balasubrahmaniam and Sadhana Sargam. The occasion is the birthday of a character called Raja with a banner reading “Happy Birthday Raja”. :). The song is lip synced by Anjana Mumtaz (in Sadhana Sargam’s voice) and Anand Balraj (in SPB’s voice).

Sameer is the lyricist. Music is composed by Anand Milind.

Audio – Happy version (duet)

Video – Happy version (duet)

Audio – Sad version (Male solo)

Video – Sad version (Male solo)

Song-Aao chalo milke gaayen ham zindagi ka taraana (Dancer)(1991) Singers-S P Balasubramanyam, Sadhana Sargam,Lyrics-Sameer, MD-Anand Milind


Happy version (S P Balasubramanyam- Sadhana Sargam duet)
Aao chalo mil ke gaayen
ham zindagi ka taraana
aao chalo mil ke gaayen
ham zindagi ka taraana
khushiyaan milen chaahe gham ho
har haal mein muskuraana
aao chalo mil ke gaayen
ham zindagi ka taraana
khushiyaan milen chaahe gham ho
har haal mein muskuraana

ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho

saanson ki beena bajti rahe
honthon pe sargam sajti rahe

saanson ki beena bajti rahe
honthon pe sargam sajti rahe
<font color=”0000FF”rishte kabhi toote nahin
bichhde na saathi puraana
aao chalo mil ke gaayen
ham zindagi ka taraana
khushiyaan milen chaahe gham ho
har haal mein muskuraana
aao chalo mil ke gaayen
ham zindagi ka taraana

khushiyaan milen chaahe gham ho
har haal mein muskuraana

Sad version (Male solo)
ab apne sapne ik rang hon
duniya bant jaaye
ham sang hon
ab na kabhi
honge judaa aa
waada hamen hai nibhaana
aao chalon mil ke gaayen
ham zindagi ka taraana
khushiyaan milen chaahe gham ho
har haal mein muskuraana
har haal mein muskuraana

19 Responses to "Aao chalo mil ke gaayen ham zindagi ka taraana"

The actor lip syncing for the song is Anady Balraj/Anand Balraj, who is there in Honemoon(Anil Dhawan,Leena Chandavarkar movie, he also features in the honeymoon song “Jeevan hai ek sapna”


Thanks for the identification.


This Anand Balraj Vij is brother of producer/Director Deepak Balraj Vij,
Anand Balraj acted in a significant role in Subhash Ghai`s Ram Lakhan(1989)
Dalip Tahil also features in the above song.


Sorry his nick name is Andy Balraj, above I mentioned wrongly as Anady Balraj


Anand vij is a son of Balraj Vij, who was a hero of several Hindi films including ‘Vachan’ opposite Geetabali!


Never knew this. Thanks for this info. Do u recall any other of his work?


Missing 1st & 3rd stanza lyrics
rangeen mehfil chalti rahe
chaahat ki shamma jalti rahe
rangeen mehfil chalti rahe
chaahat ki shamma jalti rahe
dil se yehi
nikley duaa
aansoon pade na bahaanaa
aao chalo milke gaayein
hum zindagi ka taraanaa

ab apne sapney ek rang hon
duniya bhant/bhatt jaaye
hum sang hon
ab apne sapney ek rang hon
duniya bhatt/bhant jaaye
hum sang hon
ab naa kabhi hongey judaa
waadaa hamein hai nibhaanaa
aao chalo milke gaayein
hum zindagi ka taraanaa

Audio link containing 1st,2nd & 3rd stanza


music:Anand Milind Lyricist:Sameer
producer:Rajkumar Ludhani
director:Kishore Vyas
Production house:Ram Lakhan proudctions
records on TIPS
starcast:Akshay Kumar,Kirti Singh,Anjana Mumtaz,
Dalip Tahil,Mohini(south),Mahesh Anand,Laxmikant Berde,
Sudhir Dalvi,Anand balraj,Gajendra Chauhan,Viju Khote,
Gurbachan Singh,Dev Sharma,Ram Mohan,Dinesh Hingoo,
Master Abhishek Chitlangia,Mohanish Behl


Hello…..knock knock knock…. Are Bangalore gangout waalon…. kahaan ho sab? 😦 I thought I will be the last one out of seven of us (excluding Rajaji and including Arunji) to write the comment. I am surprised ke yahaan to ulta hai. I am the first one 😯 to appreciate the first ever post of this kind which is by none other than our Raja ji. Hope you all are having the telepathy now and will be sharing your experiences & joy with all other Atulites.
Anyway Rajaji, ON BEHALF OF ALL SEVEN PARTICIPANTS, I SAY THANK YOU FOR STARTING THE NEW SERIES “ASAD GANGOUT AT BANGALORE”. Part one is a good introduction. Will wait for part two, “The Fun Begins” 🙂


Khyati ji, we are here and listening to you. Since we enjoyed meeting each other, we are just letting the other unfortunate fellows have some space now 😀

The post is very apt for the occasion and converting Raja ji’s mail into a post is a brilliant idea. Atul ji, thanks a ton!

Through this we are all wishing Raja ji, our very gracious host, a little in advance 🙂 If I remember correctly, his birthday falls at the end of this month, Oct 26th?

Pradeep, Nalini and myself have already written mails about our experiences. May be they can also posted, it is just an idea. But our mails are not as descriptive as Raja ji’s, that might turn to be a drawback.


Aparna ji,

I too have written about my experiences of that meet. I think, one post can be made combining our experiences together,as they are shorter ones.

Khyati ji,

Thanks for reminding. I feel like Trishanku. I was not fully present and yet I was also present few times. A very unique position indeed !

Atul ji,

A fantastic idea to convert Raja ji’s comments as posts on the Blog,for the benefit of others.

Raja ji,

A happy memory of the meet ( for me it was more of an In-Out/In-Out venture). Awaiting a longer and more juicy post…




I am sure Sudhir ji must be quietly planning his post,which is anyway due now.


While we all were “hanging out”, I was not totally happy as you could not stay with us for a longer time due to the net problem. Few times when you did make the connections, we could not hear you or vice versa. Next time when we plan the gangout, or tech Gurus will make sure the entire GANG is IN and not OUT 🙂


Khyati ji, kal raat ko maine comment kiya, phir pata chala ki woh post nahi hua tha :).


Aa aa aa aa aaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmm
Lo Maine sur milaayaa
Saathi taal milaana
Aao mil me gaayen zindagi ka taraana
Saath na chhute
Taal na tute
Aisa sur milaana
Saathi mil me gaayen
Aao zindagi ka taraana ….


Mil ke .. ( please read ‘mil me’ as ‘mil ke ‘ . sorry for the typo)


Nice post Atul ji. Good idea of posting Raja ji’s mail as a post, and adding a Get Together Song to it :).


Arun ji, sorry to ave missed your mail. Now that I checked it, I see that you and Khyati ji have mailed your respective experiences. Your suggestion about combining all our mails into 1 post is a good idea.

Hope Sudhir ji is planning a post too as you said.

Feeling good to have met so many of us 🙂


hullo to all the Gangoutwaales
this mail transformed into a post is a gr8 idea. unfortunately what i have written in my mail hardly qualifies for a transformation. 😉
but the experience was defintiely different from any get togethers i have been a part of. and i loved the antakashari part. how i wish my voice had not ditched me on that day.
waiting for Raja’s Part 2


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