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Chhoti si gilasiya mein bhang hamen dai de

Posted on: November 19, 2016

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Hullo atulites

As I said once before, November is the month of birthdays of some Miss Indias who went on to be actors in the Hindi film industry. We have had Juhi Chawla’s & Meenakshi Sheshadri’s birthdays already. The next to grow a year older is Zeenie baby as she used to be fondly addressed as for a short period of time.

Zeenat Aman is the daughter of script writer Amanullah Khan who was credited with writing for movies like Mughal-e-Azam and Pakeezah. She is a niece of yesteryear character actor Murad and cousin of Raza Murad. Upon her father’s death when she was only 13 her mother remarried and took her to Germany but she returned to India when she turned 18. She initially took up a job as journalist with Femina-the woman’s magazine from the Times of India stable. She moved on to modeling and also contested in the Femina Miss India of 1970. She was second runner up here and went on to participate in the Miss Asia Pacific of that year. She won the Miss Photogenic award so it is a small wonder that she has been the darling of the camera from the time O.P.Ralhan offered her a small role in the 1971 movie – “Hulchul” and a second role in “Hungama”.

Zaheeda (the second lead of Prem Pujari) declining the sister’s role in “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” seems to have been god-send for Zeenat as she was ready to pack her bags and leave Bollywood following the not-so-successful start to her career. But the character of Janice got Zeenat her Best Supporting Actress award and a spate of movies with Dev Anand in the 70s; “Warrant” being the most successful of them. Her ‘guitar-strumming’ “chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko” won her more fans and popularity.

There was a discussion in one of the posts of the movie “Sargam” about how a 16 or 17 year old Jaya Prada looked older than her age. And I had said that it was the costumes; that these heroines of the past; wore that was responsible for this. A case in point is how Rakhee looked in her two avatars in “Sharmilee”; mind it she seemed comfortable wearing the so-called western outfits of swimsuit or trousers as also the saree once she got married (in the movie).

It seemed a norm back then that to have a very Indian or domesticated look one had to wear a saree with loads of kaajal in the eyes and flowers in the hair. Zeenat Aman was the first to break this unwritten rule. She showed that an Indian girl need not be always saree-clad or a girl in western clothes was not necessarily bad of character. She didn’t make flaunting herself look ugly or gross. Though we did see her occasionally in a saree as in “Ajnabi” or “Aashiq Hoon Bahaaron Ka” or “Dostana”. But she had a persona of her own. I won’t say she was one of the kind as Parveen Babi was nearly the same as far as carrying any kind of costumes were concerned.

She was unconventional not only in her style statement but also choice of roles. At a time when heroines were obedient wives and lovers on the screens of Hindi Cinema, Zeenat was drawn to more unconventional roles—she was cast as the opportunist who deserts her jobless lover for a millionaire (Roti Kapda aur Makaan), the ambitious girl who considers having an abortion in order to pursue a career (Ajnabee), the happy hooker (Manoranjan), the disenchanted hippie (Hare Rama Hare Krishna), the girl who falls in love with her mother’s one-time lover (Prem Shastra) and a woman married to a cripple but involved in an extramarital relationship (Dhund). Of course she balanced these with the role of a typical heroine in films like Lawaaris, Chori Mera Kaam, Humse Hain Zamaana, Qurbaani, Alibaba aur Chaalis Chor etc.

Since I spoke of Zeenat looking great in anything she wore I chose a song where she is (completely covered) in a Ghaghara choli. Here she is in the company of a very agile aged Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor plays an over weight and out-of-work private detective who has Zeenat (Bela) as his neighbour. The 1982 movie- Gopichand Jasoos- had a lot of comedy in it. It showed the travails of the detective in trying to locate some stolen diamonds and how Bela as Laccho and Shanno helps him in hoodwinking Prem Chopra, Pinchoo Kapoor, Gurbachan, Rajan Haksar and Sujit Kumar. She is seen at times in a bath robe, a Ghaghara choli, a saree an even in a white ghostly-robe {how very originally Bollywood!!! ;-)}

The purpose of the song is to get Prem Chopra intoxicated with Jamaal-gota (purgative for the uninitiated) laden bhang. So that they can take a print of the key, that he has, on a slab of soap. The song is so enjoyable that even Zeenat Aman and Raj Kapoor are enjoying themselves.
The songs of the movie were penned by Santosh Anand and Usha Khanna was the music director. Kamlesh Awasthi gives playback for Raj Kapoor and I felt his voice was Nitin Mukesh-like. Asha Bhonsle was the voice for Zeenat Aman in this song.

I happened to see this movie again on TV yesterday- for the umpteenth time and fell in love with it all over again. (I must confess I have always seen it on TV and in parts at that). I have no idea how it had fared at the box office back then.

Wishing Zeenat Aman a very Happy Birthday.



Song-Chhoti si gilasiya mein bhang hamen dai de (Gopichand Jaasoos)(1982) Singers-Kamlesh Awasthi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Santosh Anand, MD-Usha Khanna
Male Chorus
Female chorus


hey hey
ho ho ho
hey hey
ho ho ho
hey hey
ho ho ho
hey hey
ho ho ho

chhoti si gilasiya mein bhang hamen dai de
tarang hamen dai de
umang hamen dai de re
chhoti si gilasiya mein bhang hamen dai de
tarang hamen dai de
umang hamen dai de re

na na na
na na na
na na na na na na na
chhoti si umariya mein pyaar hamra lai le
dulaar hamra lai le
sansaar hamra lai le re
choti si umariya me pyar hamrna laile
dular hamra laile sansar hamra laile
phir dekh tu hamra thumka
arey thumka lagega to jhumka girega
jhumka gira to ye aasik marega
marte huye ko tu jaan jara dei de

daan jara dei de
armaan jara dei de re
ha ha ha
chhoti si gilasiya mein bhang hamen dai de
tarang hamen dai de
umang hamen dai de re

teen lok se nyaare
hamre shankar baaba bhole
ek divas oo bhaang chhadai ke paarvati se bole
hamne duniya mein bheja ek apna hi hamsaaya
sabse pyaar karega
jiska naam hai raamlubhaaya
arrey naam hai raamlubhaaya

pyaar ki muraliya ka raag hamen dai de
saaj hamen dai de
aawaaz hamen dai de re ae
chhoti si umariya mein pyaar hamra laile
dulaar hamra lai le
sansaar hamra lai le re

aa aa aa aa aa

main Patne ki naar naveli
nikli hoon ban thhan ke
in naino ki teer sabhi pe maaroongi tan tan ke
dekh teeron se jakhmi hai bade bade dil waale
hamri bhi ab khair nahin hai
bhagwan hamen bachaa le
haay bhagwan hamen bachaa le
chhote se jeewan mein saath hamen dai de

haath hamen daide
raat hamen daide
ha ha ha
chhoti si gilasiya mein bhang hame dai de
tarang hamen dai de
umang hamen dai de re

ik din mele ja pahunchi main do choti latkai ke
aankh mein surma gaal pe laali
tan pe atar lagaike
surma laali aur atar ne khoob kayaamat dhhai
bhagdad mach gayi shor mach gaya
lachcho raani aayi

haan haan lachcho raani aayi
waah waah lacho rani aayi

galti maaf karo ji
ab mele na jaaun
kaahe ko sharminda karti
aaja gale lagaaun
main dil mein tujhe bithaaun
pyaari si gujariya tu preet hamen dai de

geet hamen dai de
sangeet hamen dai de re
chhoti si umariya mein pyaar hamra lai le
dulaar hamra laile
sansaar hamra laile re e e
chhoti si umariya mein pyaar hamra lai le
dulaar hamra lai le
sansaar hamra lai le
chhoti si gilasiya mein bhang hamen dai de
tarang hamen dai de
umang hamen dai de re

chhoti si umariya mein pyaar hamra lai le
dulaar hamra lai le
sansaar hamra ali le re

6 Responses to "Chhoti si gilasiya mein bhang hamen dai de"

Madam ji
I enjoyed very much your post on my favourite Zeenat Aman, thanks for that ,
One small correction
all the songs except for the 2 songs were written by Santhosh Anand
2 songs written by lyricist named MUNSIF:
Details of songs as per vinyl records of the movie:
1)Cheen nahin Japaan nahin:Kamlesh Avasthi & Chorus(Lyricist:Santosh Anand)
2)Janam janam ke saathi re:Lata Mangeshkar(Lyricist:Santosh Anand)
3)mera naam hai shanno raani:Asha Bhosle(Lyricist:Santosh Anand)
4)Choti si gilasia mein:Asha Bhosle, Kamlesh Avasthi & Chorus (Lyricist:Santosh Anand)
5)Main hoon Sher Punjab ka:Lata mangeshkar, Kamlesh Avasthi & Chorus(Lyricist:Munsif)
6)Dil Diwana Tera:Usha Khanna, Kamlesh Avasthi:(Lyricist:Munsif)


thank you prakashchandraji for the corrections. i didn’t know u liked Zeenat Aman too, i know u r a fan of Parveen Babi and Reena Roy.


Me too,watched the movie gopichand jasoos,Yesterday, till the end of this song, and slept forcefully so that I wake up morning early …… complete my daily routine,
I like watching any (call it “any crap”)movies of that era only to catch a glimpse of all of those actors including character actors and small time actors of that era………bachpan ke yaad dilaathe hain woh log…..


chhoti si gilasiya mein bhang hamka bhi dai diyo
tarang rang sang aur umang hamka bhi dai diyo

Kamlesh Avasthi
Zindagi Imtihan Leti Hai
with Suman Kalyanpur, Anwar Naseeb (1981)
Tera Sath Hai To (Male) Pyaasa Sawan (1981)

Gopichand Jasoos (1982)
Mai Hu Sher Punjab Ka with Lata Mangeshkar
Chhoti Si Gilasiya Me Bhang Hume Deiyde wih Asha Bhosle
Cheen Nahi Japan Nahi
Dil Diwana Tera with Usha Khanna

Gaadi Aati Hai with Suresh Wadkar Oonch Neech Beech (1989)


All southie heroines were voluptuous before they entered in Bollywood. Bollywood accept only shapely and petite heroines. All of them had to fall in line.


you have “”Bhaang”/intoxication song (2)”” Category , this song could be added there


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