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Ilaahi tu to rab ul aalami hai

Posted on: December 10, 2016

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Prabhat Film Company’s ‘Padosi’ (1941) can be regarded as the first Hindi film based on the theme of Hindu-Muslim unity. This theme was considered as a courageous and risky proposition as sword pf Damocles was bound to hang over the head any producer dealing with such an explosive subject. The fanaticism prevalent in both these communities could wreck the box office prospects of the film. Defyung such dire predictions, ‘Padosi’ (1941) went on to became a box office hit.

The success of ‘Padosi’ (1941) in tealing with this sensitive theme of Hindi Muslim unity seems to have encouraged the producer of the film ‘Bhakt Kabir’ (1942) to try and utilise the same theme in a historical setting. It is said that when the film was announced, the film fraternity in Bombay (Mumbai) described it as a foolhardy endeavour on the part of this new productionto take up such an emotionally charged up subject of Hindu-Muslim unity in their very first offering. The producers of the film – Rameshwar Sharma and Lahori Ram Parashar from Punjab were new to the film industry. However, when the film was released in 1942, it received a very good response from the audience. The then Governments of Punjab, Sind and Bombay waived off the entertainment tax in their states for this film.

BHAKT KABIR (1942) was produced under the banner of Unity Productions, Calcutta and it was directed by Rameshwar Sharma. The star cast included Mazhar Khan, Mehtab, Bharat Bhushan, Padma Devi, Jyotsana Gupta, Gyani, Ramesh Sinha etc.

There were 16 songs in the film written by Sant Kabirdas and Pandit Shivkumar. However, distribution of songs between them is not known. On the SAREGAMA website, there are 9 songs available, all sung by Himangshu Dutta who also composed the music for the film. Surprisingly, I could not find any of these 9 songs on YT. I have mp3 audio clip of one more song which I had downloaded from Dr Surjit Singh’s website. This makes a total of 10 songs.

I heard the name of Himangshu Dutta (1908-1944) as singer and music director for the first time. Wikipedia describes him as a singer and composer of Bengali songs who was a contemporary of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam. I have condensed Himangshu Dutta’s profile based on Wikipedia as set out below:

Himangshu Dutta was born in Comilla (now in Bangladesh) in 1908, to Jogendrachandra Dutta and Nirada Devi. After receiving primary and secondary education at Comilla and passing the entrance examination from Comilla Zilla School in 1924, he came to Kolkata and joined Presidency College to get the ISC degree. He received his bachelor degree from Vidyasagar College under Calcutta University.

Jogendrachandra was very fond of music and many eminent musicians of Comilla used to visit his house in a regular manner. This not only helped child Himangshu to listen quality classical music at his very young age but also to get closer to various forms of music like Dhrupad, Khayal, Ghazal, folk songs, and other various local music forms of Comilla.

Himangshu Dutta’s mother was also a noted singer of that time and she used to sing Rabindra sangeet to her sons and daughters. Himangshu Dutta received the first lessons of music from his mother. He learnt Dhrupad from Acharya Shyamacharan Dutta and Bhajan from Ustad Khasru Miya, and Pandit Khitimohan Sen-Shashtri. He also received training on classical music from his elder brother Shachindra Dutta. Before reaching his teenage, Himangshu Dutta started singing Bramho sangeet and Bhajan in different local functions at Comilla.

In 1923, Rabindranath Tagore visited Comilla and the young Himangshu Dutta sang Rabindra sangeet in a public function in front of Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath appreciated it very much.

Besides having a deep interest in music composition, Himangshu Dutta was an avid notation writer from the very young age. He wrote notations for various musicians including Atul Prasad Sen and Rabindranath Tagore. Maestros like Pankaj Mullick also mentioned this in his writing.

In 1931, Gramophone Company of India released the first record based on the composition of Himangshu Dutta. The artist was Haripada Roy. In the same year, the company also published another record from its HMV division where Sati Devi was the singer, and Himangshu emerged as a star in the history of so-called modern Bengali songs.

Himangshu started using both Indian classical music and western harmony to bring a complete new type of music in the history of Bengali music composition. Beside composing music for basic Bengali songs, Ghazals, and Raga based songs, in 1934, he entered the world of film industry through the Bengali film ‘Taruni’ (1934). In the next ten years he worked as composers in about 20 Bengali films and 3 Hindi films – Bhakt Kabir (1942), ‘Pati Puja’ (1943) and ‘Bhai Chaara’ (1943).

Himangshu Dutta died in 1944 at the age of 36.

I am presenting a very rare song not from the 10 songs which I mentioned above but a different song. This song is ‘ilaahi tu to rabbul aalam hai’ which was uploaded on YT by Vidur Sury. This is a hamd ( a devotional song in praise of God). The singer has been identified as Ram Dulari by a learned commentator on the video clip and I tend to agree with him when I compared the voice in her songs from ‘Chitralekha’ (1941).

I guess the words ‘rabbul aalami’ in the first line are the same as ‘rabbul aalamee’ in which case it means ‘Lord of the Universe’.

What a beautiful hamd! I have listened to this devotional song many times and yet I feel like listening again and again.

With this song, ‘Bhakt Kabir’ (1942) makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Ilaahi tu to rabb ul aalami hai (Bhakt Kabir)(1942) Singer-Raamdulaari, Lyricist- Pt Shivkumar, MD-Himanshu Dutt


tu to rabb ul aalami hai
tu to rabb ul aalami hai
teri rahmat kaa kuchh kehna nahin hai
teri rahmat kaa kuchh kehna nahin hai

haan aan aan aan
aan aan aan aan
teri khairaat le le kar r
palen aen aen aen aen hain
teri khairaat le le kar r
pale….n aen aen aen aen hain
baz?? kuchh khairaat kuchh apna nahin hai

mujhe kehna aa aa aa aa hai
tujhse ae kuchh ilaaheda
haan aan aan aan aaan
mujhe kehna aa aa aa aa hai
tujhse kuchh ilaaheda aa
sunaa kar sabko wo kahna nahin hai
sunaa kar sabko wo kahna nahin hai

haan aan aan aan aan
main kya maangoon oon
tujhe ae ae sab kuchh khabar hai
haan aan aan aan aaan
main kya maangoon
tujhe ae ae sab kuchh khabar hai ae
hamaare ghar mein ek gehna nahin hai
hamaare ghar mein ek gehna nahin hai
ilaahi tu to rabb ul aalami hai


2 Responses to "Ilaahi tu to rab ul aalami hai"

Very tuneful Hamd and beautiful voice of RAMdularii praying RAHIM.

Khamoshi (1942)
Chitralekha (1941)
Parda Nasheen(1942)
Abla (1941)
Manchali (1943)

Pandit Shivkumar
Maharathi Karna (1944)
Any more?

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