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Mohe jiyaa nahin laage

Posted on: December 16, 2016

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I had carried an impression for a long time that the only film in which Raj Kapoor acted with Kamini Kaushal was ‘Aag’ (1948) which was his debut film as a producer and director. A couple of months back, I got one mp3 clip of a rare song from an obscure film JAIL YATRA (1947) in which Raj Kapoor was teamed up with Kamini Kaushal as a romantic pair though the lead actor was Gajanan Jagirdar who was also the producer and director of the film. Other actors in the film were Badri Prasad, Sunalini Devi, Bikram Kapoor, Dixit, Ramlal, Hemavati, Pratima Devi etc. Acting with Kamini Kaushal in ‘Jail Yatra’ (1947) perhaps gave confidence to Raj Kapoor to cast Kamini Kaushal opposite himself in ‘Aag’ (1948).

I have no idea about the story of the film ‘Jail Yatra’ (1947). It is said that the story was written by Syed Imtiaz Ali ‘Taj’, the Lahore based Urdu dramatist and playwright who became famous for his most popular drama ‘Anarkali’ (1922). A profile picture of bearded Gajanan Jagirdar with jail uniform from the film has led me to believe that he may have played the main role of some sort of a revolutionary who goes to jail quite often and hence the name of the film.

The film had 12 songs written by Sajjan (4), Pandit Narendra Sharma (2) and Pandit Rammurhty Chaturvedi (2). The songs were set to music by Ninu Mazumdar. Here is the first song – a rare one ‘ o mohe jiyaa naahi laage ’ from the film to appear in the Blog. The song is sung by Nalini Mulgaonkar on the lyrics written by Sajjan. The song appears to have some folk element in it if I go by the language as well as its composition, probably based on folk music of Uttar Pradesh. Ninu Mazumdar, the music director had spent a few years in the rural area of Uttar Pradesh as a farmer.

I have not heard of the name of Nalini Mulgaonkar as a playback singer earlier. I find that she sang seven songs in just three films during 1948-49. I could not get any background information about her on the internet. It appears that she later pursued a career as Hindustani classical vocalist if I go by the fact that her name appeared in the list of concert singers in the prestigious Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahaotsav in 1965. I also find a few videos of her on YT rendering Raag Multani, semi-classical songs and Marathi bhajans.

With this song, ‘Jail Yatra’ (1947) makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Mohe jiyaa nahin laage (Jail Yaatra)(1947) Singer-Nalini Mulgaokar, Lyrics-Sajjan, MD-Ninu Majumdar


o o
mohe jiyaa nahin laage
o o
mohe jiyaa nahin laage
sudh baar baar jaage
nis din main sajaaun mora angnaa
raah take din rain
nahin ik pal chain
raah take din rain
nahin ik pal chain
kaun ghadi ghar aaye mora sajnaa
o o
mohe jiyaa naahi laage

kare solaho singaar balamwaa
odhoon laal chunariyaa
o balmaa
odhoon laal chunariyaa
main to bhool gayi
main to bhool gayi
o mori sudh budh
haay ri bisar gayi
main to bhool gayi
o mori sudh budh
haay re bisar gayi ee ee
jab se ladi hai najariyaa
o balamaa
jab se ladi hai najariyaa
o re dil dhadakna aayenge wo
abhi to dheeraj dharnaa
raah take din rain
nahin ik pal chain
kaun ghadi ghr aaye morey sajnaa
o o
mohe jiyaa naahin laage

aaoji morey ghar
sainyyan ho tum par
jaaun main waari waari
ee ee ee ee
ee ee ee ee
reh na sakoon main
ik pal tum bin
haay main haari haari
haay main haari haari
ee ee ee ee
ee ee ee ee
mann mein aake samaayen
aen aen aen aen
mann mein aake samaayen
na aaye haaye
jab se tum mann bhaaye
ae ae ae ae
mann mein aake samaaye
na aaye haaye
jab se tum mann bhaaye
naina nihaaren
panth tihaara
naina nihaaren
panth tihaara
aake daras dikhaana
raah take din rain
nahin ik pal chain
kaun ghadi ghar aaye morey sajnaa
mohe jiyaa nahim laage


5 Responses to "Mohe jiyaa nahin laage"

When I came to Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1948 to study for my SSC, my Masa, Classical Music Lover and a good singer took me to a ‘Baithak’ of Nalini Mulgaonkar at his friends place. In those days, myself, not much in the classical music and coming from a small town went for that program more as a curiosity but was immensely pleased by her performance and command over her vocal range. Later on I did not hear much about her. Today you brought that vivid memory and hearty thanks for that. Sada aanand dete raho.

You may be the only one among Atulites who have seen Nalini Mulgaonkar in person.


Nalini Mulgaonkar sang some Marathi bhavgeet’s as we heard in our early childhood. ‘Raaghu bole mainechya’ ,’ Nasata mazya manat kahi’. MD was Vasant Prabhu. At ‘’ you can hear them now also. She was sister-in-law of artist Raghuveer Mulgaokar (renown calendar artist and artist of book wrappers).He published one Diwali number Ratnadeep which was edited by Nalini. A remark by Acharya Atre was ‘aadhi hoti gayika mag zali sampadika’ (First she was a singer,then she became editor)

D Samant

Samant ji,

Thanks for the additional information on Nalini Mulgaonkar.

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Teen Tasveereen(1954)


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