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Mere Saamne Waali Khidki Mein Ik Chaand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai

Posted on: December 16, 2016

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

As I write out this post today, I have strong emotions attached to it.

It is a huge honour for me to write this post. I have to thank Atul for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Just a few days ago, Atul sent me an e-mail asking me if I could do a write-up for Kishore Kumar’s 1000th song on this blog. And of course, I immediately mailed back “Sure”. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity – it is indeed a very special occasion and a huge honour for me.

So far on this blog, we have Lataji at 3000+ songs and Asha Bhosle and Rafisaab at 2000+ each. Other than these three artistes, no composer, lyricist or singer has hit the 1000-mark (though there are a few in their 900s).

So, with this song, his 1000th on this blog, our beloved Kishore Kumar (Kishore da to his fans) joins this small group of legends.

And deservedly so.

I remember a few days ago, when Peevisie’s Mom and Avinashji were at my place, the topic of Kishore da’s 1000th song on the blog came up. Peevisie’s Mom mentioned that he was close to the landmark – I was actually surprised he hadn’t got to 1000 yet. After all, Rafisaab was on 2000+.

But then this blog is currently more skewed towards pre-1970 songs and of course, Rafisaab easily outdid Kishore da in number of songs for this period.

But it doesn’t matter. Like they say “der aaye, durust aaye”.

1000 songs for Kishore da here. Just the thought fills me with a lot of joy.

Kishore da is one of my favourite artistes – and I am sure I am in very good company on this. I have posted his songs here on many occasions, often associated with his birth or death anniversaries. Obviously I remember him more on those days – but there’s hardly a day when I don’t remember or sing a song of his.

Readers here who have read some of my posts on Rafisaab might wonder how I have so much love for Kishoreda when I am such a big fan of Rafisaab too. The simple answer is, nobody has a monopoly over anyone’s feelings. It is possible to love both Rafisaab and Kishoreda. And other artistes too. It is only the petty-minded who try to run down one artiste to make the other look better. The world of music is vast and generous – it has space for all. And we, lovers of music, also need to be big of heart to appreciate this. Otherwise, only we are the losers.

Coming back to Kishore da, what can I say about him that has not already been said so many times here on the blog? Not just by me, but by anyone who has written about him?

Yet, on this occasion, at the cost of repeating myself, I am going to revive some memories of Kishore da. I never tire of reminiscing. 🙂

My first memory of Kishore da is associated with Aradhana (1969). More specifically, the songs “mere sapnon ki rani”, “roop tera mastana” and “kora kaagaz tha”. When I was a kid, the songs of Aradhana were all superhits – and these songs would play every day (or so it seemed at that time).

And not just these Kishore songs. His songs of Kati Patang, Safar, Dushman, Amar Prem, Apna Desh, Mere Jeevan Saathi and so many more films would be playing everyday. Each of these songs a superhit.

So, like I always say, there was Kishore all around me when I was growing up. And not just Rajesh Khanna films. Clearly he was a HUGE factor in the success of Rajesh, but even his other songs like “musafir hoon yaaron” “pal pal dil ke paas” and “ye jeevan hai” were extremely popular. I remember “chalte chalte” was SO popular that guys in my class in school were singing it for months.

And if you wanted some masti , instead of soulful, songs, you could always depend on a whacky Kishore song like “dekha na haaye re” or “saamne ye kaun aaya” or “manchali kahaan chali”.

It is hard to pick my favourite song of that time – I lapped up each one of these songs and loved them all. I’d often sing them (ok, badly!) to myself – ye shaam mastaani (with that tilt of the head imagining myself to be Rajesh Khanna 🙂 ), o mere dil ke chain, sama hai suhaana suhaana, o hansini, o maajhi re….just too many to mention.

The 70s rolled by. I grew older, moved from primary to secondary to high school. A lot of things changed around me. Rajesh Khanna gave way to Amitabh Bachchan. The Emergency came and went. For the first time in my life, in 1977, I didn’t hear AIR news saying “Pradhan Mantri Indira Gandhi”. A crisis was forming in Punjab. And in Assam. Around the world, things were changing too. The Vietnam war was over, but the scars were still fresh in many minds. In neighbouring Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Khan Bhutto was hanged as Zia ul Haq took over power. India and Pakistan resumed cricketing ties in 1978, after 17 long years. Mujibur Rahman got assassinated in Bangladesh. The Palestine issue became more violent, as Yasser Arafat and his PLO became more vocal with their demands.

Yes, things were a-changing.

Through all this, the one constant was Kishore da.

He started the decade as India’s no.1 male singer. He ended the decade as India’s no.1 male singer. And through the decade, every single year, he was India’s no.1 male singer. Others, including Rafisaab, had their share of successes. But purely in weight of dominance, Kishore da was unmatched right through the 70s.

This success carried through to the 80s too. Although the type of songs changed, reflecting the change in cinema itself in that period, Kishore da was still at the top of his game and the undisputed no.1 male singer. No one else came close. And this, all the way till his death in 1987.

Speaking for myself, although I was introduced to Kishore da through Aradhana and later songs, I found myself liking his earlier songs a lot whenever I heard them. His voice always carried you with it – whether it was a happy song or a sad song. So one minute you could be singing along with “nakhrewaali aa”, the next minute you could be lost in “koi hamdam na raha” or “mere mehboob qayamat hogi”.

I remember having a Kishore cassette with duet songs only – the speciality being each duet was with a different female singer. It was a treasure to listen to “piya piya piya” (with Asha Bhosle), “meri neendon mein tum” (with Shamshad), “beqaraar dil” (with Sulakshana), “do panchhi do tinke” (with Aarti Mukherjee) and many more.

Kishoreda as a singing colossus alone would have walked into any hall of fame of Hindi cinema. But it is a tribute to his unputdownable nature and incredible talent that singing was just ONE facet of his contribution to the industry, though easily his biggest.

Kishoreda was also an actor, director, producer, writer, composer – he seemed to dabble in everything and come out with credit so effortlessly, he made it look far easier than it must have been. But that is the mark of a genius – and in the Hindi film industry, Kishore da definitely counts as one.

I’d heard of films produced and directed by him early on in my life but got to see them only later. And what films! Both Door Ka Raahi and Door Gagan Ki Chhaon Mein made an impact on me.

Kishore da is known for his frolicking, his practical jokes, his comedy roles. And yet, in these two films, acted, written, composed, produced and directed by him, he shows immense depth while discussing the philosophy of life and relationships. Both these films deserve to be better-known and watched and I would recommend them to anybody who hasn’t seen them yet. The songs of these films are top-class too.

So this was our Kishore da. A reluctant actor to start with but who entertained us with rollicking comedy. A singer who started by singing KL Saigal songs but developed a magical voice of his own. A man who tried his hand at different things and made a mark in them all.

Today, as we post his 1000th song on this blog, we cannot but admire him – and be in absolute awe of him – for what he has contributed to the industry. Thank you, Kishore da – your contribution cannot be put in words.

Now, moving on to the song for today.

It is one of Kishoreda’s most popular songs – I am sure many will be very surprised to see it being posted now, when we are into the ninth year of the blog! They will be saying “arrey, ye abhi aa raha hai blog pe”?

But that’s one of the things with Atul – he always has something up his sleeve to surprise us. 🙂 I’m pretty sure he was saving up this song for just this occasion, all these years.

After all, when you’re posting a 1000th song for an artiste, it has to be a special song.

The song is “mere saamne waali khidki” from Padosan (1968).

It is one of the very early songs I remember from my childhood. I think it must be one of the best-known songs of Hindi cinema, certainly one of Kishoreda’s best-known songs.

It is a fun song from one of Hindi cinema’s most popular comedy films. A film that you, whatever your age group, can see any number of times. The travails of Bhola, the simpleton, trying to impress and woo Bindu are a timeless watch.

Bindu (Saira Banu) is interested in music and learning it from a Masterji (played by Mehmood). Bhola (Sunil Dutt), although he belongs to a music group and fancies himself as a singer, is actually hopeless. He wants to impress Bindu but doesn’t stand a chance on his own. His music group friends, led by his guru, Vidyapati (Kishore Kumar) come to his rescue.

Vidyapati is an accomplished singer. Seeing as the only way Bhola can make it to Bindu’s heart is through his voice, he must be seen as being a good singer. Which he most certainly is not. So Vidyapati does the singing behind the scenes, while pushing Bhola to the front, as the face for Bindu. All Bhola has to do is lip-synching. What can go wrong?

Well, in this song, nothing does. Bindu is highly impressed. But sooner or later, his luck had to run out. And it does, with “kehna hai”.

I’ve listened to “mere saamne waali” many times – and it’s still one of those songs that I can listen to anytime. At the very beginning of this song, we get to see Rajkishore, Mukri, Keshto Mukherjee and Kishore himself, improvising with the “musical instruments” at their disposal to create a musical sound effect. This adds to the magic of the song.

Credit for this song has to go not just to Kishoreda but also to RD Burman. Not just this song, but every song of this film is wonderful to listen to. It was still early in RD’s career, but, following on Teesri Manzil, he showed that he was a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Before I end this post, one more thing. There is another milestone linked to this post. This song also happens to be the 12700th post on this blog. That means we’ve hit 127 centuries so far. Yes, as has been said before, these blog centuries seem to be becoming routine now, as we’ve got to 127. But we need to remind ourselves that each century is a compilation of 100 separately prepared songs, with no short cuts whatsoever. So though we’ve hit 127 and this might seem like a mini-milestone now, it is cause for celebration nevertheless.

And now, let us all congratulate Kishoreda on getting to 1000 songs on this blog while listening to this lovely song.

Atul’s remarks-
(1) This song contribution was sent sometime back by Peevesie’s mom with lyrics. Sudhir Ji added Devnagri script to it and saved it in the drafts of the blog. Then it was decided that this song, that transformed Kishore Kumar from version 1.0 into version 2.0 almost overnight deserved to be held back and posted as the 1000th song of Kishore Kumar. So here it is. The writer of the article, Roman script lyrics noter, Devnagri script lyrics noter and the person pressing the “publish” button are all different. A real team effort indeed 🙂

(2) With this song, “Padosan”(1968) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.



Song – Mere Saamne Waali Khidki Mein Ik Chaand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai (Padosan) (1968) Singer – Kishore Kumar, Lyrics – Rajinder Krishan, MD – RD Burman

Lyrics (Provided by Peevesie’s mom)

arey hey… ey… ey… eh
la la la la la la la la la la la la la laaah

hmmm mmmm mmmm
he he

mere saamne waali khidki mein
ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai
mere saamne waali khidki mein
ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai
afsos yeh hai ke wo hum se
kuchh ukhda ukhda rehta hai
mere saamne waali khidki mein
ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai

jis roz se dekha hai usko
hum shamaa jalaana bhool gaye
jis roz se dekha hai usko
hum shamaa jalaana bhool gaye
dil thaam ke aise baithe hain
kahin aana jaana bhool gaye
ab aath pahar in aankhon mein
wo chanchal mukhda rehta hai
mere saamne waali khidki mein
ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai

barsaat bhi aa kar chali gayi
baadal bhi garaj kar baras gaye
barsaat bhi aa kar chali gayi
baadal bhi garaj kar baras gaye
par uski ek jhalak ko hum
ae husn ke maalik taras gaye
kab pyaas bujhegi aankhon ki
din raat ye dukhda rehta hai
mere saamne waali khidki mein
ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai
afsos ye hai ke wo hamse
kuchh ukhda ukhda rehta hai
mere saamne waali khidki mein
ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

अरे हे॰॰ ए॰॰ ए॰॰ एह
ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ला॰॰ आह

हम्ममम म्ममम म्ममम
हे हे

मेरे सामने वाली खिड़की में
एक चाँद का टुकड़ा रहता है
मेरे सामने वाली खिड़की में
एक चाँद का टुकड़ा रहता है
अफसोस ये है के वो हमसे
कुछ उखड़ा उखड़ा रहता है
मेरे सामने वाली खिड़की में
एक चाँद का टुकड़ा रहता है

जिस रोज़ से देखा है उसको
हम शमा जलाना भूल गए
जिस रोज़ से देखा है उसको
हम शमा जलाना भूल गए
दिल थाम के ऐसे बैठे हैं
कहीं आना जाना भूल गए
अब आठ पहर इन आँखों में
वो चंचल मुखड़ा रहता है
मेरे सामने वाली खिड़की में
एक चाँद का टुकड़ा रहता है

बरसात भी आ कर चली गई
बादल भी गरज कर बरस गए
बरसात भी आ कर चली गई
बादल भी गरज कर बरस गए
पर उसकी एक झलक को हम
ए हुस्न के मालिक तरस गए
कब प्यास बुझेगी आँखों की
दिन रात ये दुखड़ा रहता है
मेरे सामने वाली खिड़की में
एक चाँद का टुकड़ा रहता है
अफसोस ये है के वो हमसे
कुछ उखड़ा उखड़ा रहता है
मेरे सामने वाली खिड़की में
एक चाँद का टुकड़ा रहता है

13 Responses to "Mere Saamne Waali Khidki Mein Ik Chaand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai"

Thanks for this lovely post Rajaji, thanks Peevesie’s Mom ji for the song, thanks Sudhir ji for the lyrics in Devnagri script , and thanks to Atul ji for this special moment and Congratulations to all on Kishore Kumar’s 1000 !!! 🙂


Yes! Yes! Yes! With thumping in the air! For the 1000 of Kishore Kumar. For the 12700 of the blog. And a big YYIIPPEEEE!!! finally the PADOSAN is all songs complete! Thank u Rajaji for a wonderful write up. and yes I read it start to finish at one go. That is the power of Kishore Kumar.
And it was worth the wait


A superlative post befitting the special occasion.
Raja ji, you have executed it most skillfully as always. Thanks a million for describing the emotions of the countless fans of the maverick genius that was Kishore da.
How come this song wasn’t covered on the blog till now?
Anyway, better late than never.
Thanks and regards to all – Peevesie’s Mom ji, Sudhir ji and Atul ji.
Avadh Lal


One important trivia has been forgotten…This song was 1st recorded in slow version without any music beats but later on changed to fast tempo with beats…here is the link of slow version…


absolutely lovely. and an extra never-heard-before stanza as a bonus. couldn’t ask for a better way to bring up to 1000 or 12700 or YYIIPPEEEE! of a movie.
Thank you so much Rakesh Modiji


1000 songs of great Kishore-da, is definitely something to celebrate. You are abso-bloody-lutely right that it was a shocking surprise that this much-chewed song (NOT in negative sense) was absent in our 12700 reach library up till now.!!! Congrats.


Raja ji,

Your article is dripping with emotions and made a very good read.
I like and agree with you that one can surely love two people at the same time. Rafi and Kishore neither were twins nor had the same qualities, so what stops one from liking both for their respective
strengths ?
Their comfort zones were different, styles were different. People should not forget that comparisons are only possible between the likes with likes. These two Giants were different in every aspect. There were only two things common between them. One, both were Humans and two both were singers. I am also a human and I am also a (bathroom) singer. Would anyone dare to compare me with Rafi or kishore ? ( I think I stretched it too far ! )
Thanks again for a very enchanting article and ofcourse the popular song.


Accolades all around. As always Rajaji comes top in posting post. Thanks for Rakeshji for slo-mo of the song


Thanks, everyone, for appreciating the post. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. Always a pleasure and honour to write here, especially when it’s a momentous occasion as this.

The biggest achievement of this 2000+-word post is that even Peevisie’s Mom has managed to read it in one shot. 🙂

Arunji, we will not know if you are stretching our imagination while comparing with Rafisaab or Kishoreda till we hear you sing. 🙂 So we need a sample from you. 🙂

Rakeshji, thank you very much for the slow motion version of this song.

Lastly, like Atul has said, this is a full team effort. Post by A, lyrics-in-English by B, lyrics-in-Devanagari by C, and button-pushed-to-publish by Atul. 🙂 This is truly in the spirit of this blog. It’s like Rajkishore, Keshto, Mukri and Kishoreda helping Sunil Dutt. 🙂




Congratulations Atul ji – Peevesie’s Mom ji, Raja ji, Sudhir ji and Pamir Harvey ji, Khyatiben on covering all songs of “Padosan-1968” and its joining to the “list of movies – all songs covered” 🙂


Wow! What a classic song! And kudos to an equally well written write up about it Raja ji. And what a team effort Sudhir ji, Atul ji, Pamir ji and Khyati Ben.. YIPPEEEE!! (I am reading it so many years after it was posted, and is so good to read. Thank you :).


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