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Aao Kanhaayi mere dhaam

Posted on: January 7, 2017

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“Mere Jeewan Saathi”(1972) was directed by Ravi Nagaich for Shilpkar, Bombay. The movie had Rajesh Khanna, Tanuja, Sujit Kumar, Helen, Bindu, Rajendranath, Utpal Dutt, Sulochana, Nazeer Hussain, K N Singh, Krishnkant, Brahmchaari, Renu, Sonu, V D Puranik, Gurnam, Sabeena, Vijay Dewan, Rrun Bose, Master Tito, Mohan, Fazlu, Kabir Kumar, Sapru, Mamaji etc in it.

The movie was no great shakes as far as its story was concerned, but then those were the days when Rajesh Khanna was at that phase of his career where anything that he figured in would turn into a sure shot hit.

Personally, I found the songs of this movie quite mediocre when I heard the songs. People these days talk of deterioration in quality of music vis a vis music of the past. People used to talk this was even in 1970s ! And I actually thought that the music of “Mere Jeewan Saathi” (1972) was an example of deterioration in quality of HFM.

I was not alone in such judgements. I read a review of “Sholay”(1975) in a Filmy magazine which opined that “Sholay” (1975) was a poor man’s “Mera Gaaon Mera Desh”(1971) and was no patch on the 1971 movie. And that the music of “Sholay” (1975) was its weak point.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, one will find such observations amusing, but these were real observations made by real people at that time who lived during that era. 🙂

With passage of time, I have learnt to tolerate songs of 1970s that I regarded as mediocre at taht time. what could I do if those songs have ended up becoming regarded as classics by others. 🙂

I was a fan of R D Burman like most people, and there were lots of movies with r d Burman music that I loved to listen to. But “Mere Jeewan Saathi”(1972) was not among my favourites. I did not like the music of “Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin”(1977) either when I firsdt began to listen to its sons that were blaring out from loudspeakers at full volume just as I was trying to study for my Board examinations. 🙂

Forget R D Burman’s music, I had low opinion about music of other music directors of that era as well. For instance, I regarded the music of “Laila Majnu”(1976) as sadak chhaap music, and I actually felt that songs like “Koi patthar se na maare mere deewaane ko” and “husn haazir hai” were created with front stall movie goers in mind. And now the music of this movie too is regarded as timeless classic !

“Laila Majnu”(1976) got YIPPEED yesterday. and it is an interesting observation that the writeups for all the nine songs of “Laila Majnu”(1976) were by guest writers- and that too not one or two but by four different guest writers. Left to my own, “Laila Majnu”(1976) would still have been left far behind in the race for YIPPYHOOD.

“Mere Jeewan Saathi”(1972) had as many as eight songs in it. Six of the more popular songs from the movie got discussed by 2012 itself. Those were the six songs of the movie that I was aware of.

This movie was nearly forgotten by end of 1970s when the title of this movie got an unepected new leash of life with a song of “Ek Dooje Ke Liye”(1981) where the song contained names of movies and the name “Mere Jeewan Saathi” figures repeatedly in that light hearted song.

The seventh and penultimate song of “Mere Jeewan Saathi”(1072) was discussed a few days ago on the occsaion of R D Burman’s death anniversary (on 4 january 2017).

This leaves us to cover the eighth and final song of the movie. Here is this song from “Mere Jeewan Saathi”(1972). This song is a Krishn bhajan. Now, Krishn bhajans in Hindi movies are typically picturised as sung by an elderly god fearing lady, but here the hero does the honours and sings this Krishn bhajan, with many other devotees also in attendance. Nazir Hussain and Tanuja arrive at the place and are suitably impressed looking at this god feating suitable “ladka” of marriageable age. 🙂

Lyrics of this song (including lyrics in Devnagri script)) were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.

This song is sung by Kishore Kumar. Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by R D Burman. This is the least popular song of the movie. In fact, I feel that I had not heard this song before !

With this song, “Mere Jeewan Saathi”(1972) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Audio – (Full)


Song-Aao Kanhaayi mere dhaam (Mere Jeewan Saathi)(1972) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Apnon ko o
Kab hey Shyaam

Apnon ko o
kab hey Shyaam
Mukh dikhlaaoge ae ae
Aise mein ae
aaye naa aa
Phir kab aaoge ae ae
ekal bekal panth nihaare
ekal bekal panth nihaare
Tumhre daras ke pyaase tamaam
Ke din se
ho gayee shaa aa aam
Aao Kanhaayee mere dhaam
Ke din se
Ho gayee shaam

Ban mein aur basti mein
Dekha hai chahun oar
Tab tumse ae ae baandhi hai ae
Aashaaon ki dor
Ab uljhaao
ya suljhaao
Ab uljhaao
ya suljhaao
Aan padaa hai tumse hi kaam
Ke din se ho gayee shaa aam
Aao Kanhaayee mere dhaam
Ke din se
Ho gayee shaam

Iss man mein ae
aa jaao o o
Nainon ke pat khol
Saanson mein ae
dhadkan mein aen
Mohan tumhre bol
Tumko nahin to kisko pukaaroon
Tumko nahin to kisko pukaaroon
Mujhko to aawe
ek hi naam
Ke din se
ho gayee shaa aa aam
Aao kanhaayee mere dhaam
Ke din se
ho gayee shaa aaa aam
Aao Kanhaayee mere dhaam
Ke din se ho gayee shaam

Devnagri script lyrics

अपनों को ओ
कब हे श्याम
अपनों को
कब हे श्याम
मुख दिखलाओगे ए ए
ऐसे में आये ना
फिर कब आओगे ए ए
बेकल बेकल पंथ निहारे
बेकल बेकल पंथ निहारे
तुम्हारे दरस के प्यासे तमाम
के दिन से हो गयी शाम
आओ कन्हाई मेरे धाम
के दिन से
हो गयी शाम

बन में और बस्ती में
देखा है चहुँ ओर
तब तुमसे ए ए बाँधी है
आशाओं की डोर
अब उलझाओ या सुलझाओ
अब उलझाओ या सुलझाओ
आन पडा है तुमसे ही काम
के दिन से हो गयी शाम
आओ कन्हाई मेरे धाम
के दिन से
हो गयी शाम

इस मन में आ जाओ ओ ओ
नैनों के पट खोल
साँसों में ए धड़कन में
मोहन तुम्हरे बोल
तुमको नहीं तो किसको पुकारूं
तुमको नहीं तो किसको पुकारूं
मुझको तो आवे एक ही नाम
के दिन से हो गयी शाम
आओ कन्हाई मेरे धाम
के दिन से हो गयी शाम

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thank you Atulji for coining one more NEW word today. ” YIPPYHOOD”.
Lets say “YIIPPEEEE!!!!” To “Mere Jeewan “Saathi”


working video link:




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