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Wo din ab na rahe

Posted on: January 10, 2017

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“Banwaasi”(1948) was produced by V Shantaram and directed by Chandrashekhar for Rajkamal, Bombay. The movie had Shobha Rani, Sushant, Gulab, Mahipal, Gyani, Madgulkar, Vishwas, Uma Banerji, Amar Sharma, Abhyankar, Maruti etc in it.

HFGK lists four songs from this movie without providing details of singers.

Here is the first song from “Banwaasi” (1948) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by an unknown female voice. Narendra Sharma is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ram Ganguly.

Uploader of the song guesses the singer to be Khursheed Bano, but that cannot be the case because Khursheed Bano was an actor-singer who sang for herself and her name does not figure in the cast of this movie. I request our knowledgeable readrs to help identify the singer.

Pt Narendra Sharma is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ram Ganguly.

With this song, “Banwaasi”(1948) makes its debut in the blog.

Song-Wo din ab na rahe (Banwaasi)(1948) Singer-Unknown female voice, Lyrics-Narendra Sharma, MD-Ram Ganguly


aa aa aa aa
wo din
wo din ab na rahe ae ae
wo din ab na rahe ae
wo din ab na rahe ae ae
wo din ab na rahe
wo madhuban
wo sheetal chhainyaa
sheetal chhaiyaa
wo vanshi dhun
vanshi dhun
wo gal bainyaa, wo gal bainyaa
gal bainyaa
mere rahe na mere sainyaa
mere rahe na mere sainyaa
man haara
tan bhaar ban gaya
gaiyaa kaun dahe
wo din ab na rahe
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aankho mein jal, man mein angaare
man me angaare
yaaden meethi aansoo khaare
aansoo khaare
lab chup hain par jiyaa pukaare
jiyaa pukaare ae
ulti hui preet jeevan ki ee
kaaran kaun kahe
wo din ab na rahe

ban ka patta patta gaata
aa aa aa aa aa
beete dil ka jhootha naata
jhootha naata
jo jaata phir kabhi na aata
jo jaata phir kabhi na aata
lauta kabhi na dhaara ka jal
din bichhde man he
wo din ab na rahe
wo din


7 Responses to "Wo din ab na rahe"

Definitely NOT Khursheed Banu’s voice but the singer has sweet and trained voice.
Assignment for researchers:
Find out who sang this melodious song.

Atul ji,

This film is Chandrashekhar’s maiden directorial assignment. He was the first Assistant to V Shantaram for six years.

A review of the film is available in September 1948 issue of ‘Filmindia’. The reviewer has highly praised the director for handling the sensitive subject of social and economic exploitation of banwasi (jungle dweller). At the same time, he predicted that the film would be a box office failure due to the lack of star value as well the ingredients required for the box office success.

I will not be surprised if the film had only 4 songs as per HFGK as this film was more like a documentary than the feature film as it tackled the problems and exploitation faced by the Warli tribes who dwell in the present day Maharashtra-Guajrat border region. Most of the film’s shooting was done in the tribal location. It appears that to create some interest in the film for the audience, some romantic angle was introduced to look like a feature film. The gist of the story of the film is as under:

A landlord’s son (Mahipal) becomes sympathetic to the problems faced by the adivasis who are exploited by the landlords and the rich. He decides to work for their betterment. Landlord’s son falls in love with a tribal girl (Shobha Rani). The adivasis become suspicious of his intention as they feel that his motive was romantic rather than humanitarian work for the upliftment of adivasis.

In the meanwhile, the son (Vishwas) of the tribal chief takes lead and set up an armed group of rebellions to punish those who are exploiting the adivasis. After some incidence of violence, Zamindar’s son is successful in persuading the son of the tribal chief to give up arms and join his non-violent movement against the oppressors.

Atul ji and Sadanand ji,

The director of this film was KUMAR CHANDRASHEKHAR.
Nothing to do with actor Chandrashekhar Gourishankar ( famous as
only Chandrashekhar), I suppose. Kumar Chandrashekhar was a different person from Rajkamal family, possibly.
Actor Chandrashekhar ( of Kali Topi Lal Rumal fame) came to Mumbai from Hyderabad in 1941. After working as an extra, he went to Lucknow and from 1941 to 1950 he worked in Studio Idea Film Company. During this period, he worked with Bharat Bhushan in film Bebus and in film Chore ( credited only as Shekhar).
Obviously, he can not be the same person.

Arun ji,
I never said that Chandrashekhar, the actor, was the director of this film.

Sadanand ji,

Yes,you never said it.
My comment is for those who might be thinking that actor Chandrashekher did it, as there was no specific mention about this person being a different one.


The Singer is MOHANTARA AJINKYA TALPADE , who is credited with over 100 songs from more than 50 films , including a few Marathi Films.

This is what she looked like :

And here she is in a duet with Rafi in the 1948 Film “Veer Ghatotkach” filmed on Shahu Modak and Meena Kumari ( Khurshid’s younger sister )

And she is also in this hilarious number from the popular “PATANGA” (1949) – Shamshad sings for Nigar Sultana and Mohantara for the other actress .

Eventually , Mohantara was overshadowed by the likes of Shamshad and Lata and faded away .

Warm regards


Atul ji,

Singer identification not completed here please.

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