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Aata labon pe naam tera baar baar kyun

Posted on: January 19, 2017

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PRATIMA (1945) was produced under the banner of Bombay Talkies and it was directed by Jairaj. Dilip Kumar and Swarnlata were in the lead roles with Jyoti, Shah Nawaz, P F Peetahwala, Mumtaz Ali, Mukri etc in supporting roles. It was the second film for Dilip Kumar. Among the films in which Dilip Kumar acted in the 1940s, ‘Pratima’ (1945) may well be his least known film. I was surprised to note that not much information about the film was available on ‘Filmindia’ magzines of 1945 issues. The film had not fared well at the box office.

‘Pratima’ (1945) was produced in the midst of a turmoil in Bombay Talkies in the wake of the exodus of many of its stalwarts like Shashdhar Mukherjee, Ashok Kumar, Gyan Mukherjee, Savak Vacha etc in 1944 to form Filmistan. The films produced under the new management in Bombay Talkies – ‘Chaar Aankhen’ (1944) and ‘Jwaar Bhata’ (1944) had flopped. On top of it, Dilip Kumar did not make a good impression both on the audience as well as on the critics as an actor.

Both Dilip Kumar and Mridula made their debut in Bombay Talkies ‘Jwaar Bhata’ (1944). After the film’s release, most of the Bombay Talkies staff had more favourable impression about Mridula than Dilip Kumar as actors. They expected a brighter future for Mridula’s rather that for Dilip Kumar. However, Devika Rani decided to give another chance for Dilip Kumar in ‘Pratima’ (1945) which was incidentally the last film produced under her reign in Bombay Talkies. As things turned out later, Dilip Kumar has become one of the legendary actors of Hindi film industry while Mridula was relegated to doing subsidiary roles.

As I said earlier, ‘Pratima’ (1945) did not get much coverage in ‘Filmindia’ magazines of that period nor was the film reviewed. Luckily, I got a gist of the story line of the film in a book ‘Hero’ – Vol-1’ written by Ashok Raj on the internet.

Rajan (Dilip Kumar) is a persuasive lover entangled in a suspense plot. He is in love with a poor girl Pratima (Swarnlata) who has been brought up by Pravasi (Pithawala), a curio dealer. Pravasi was once a dread dacoit. However, Rajan’s family wishes him to marry the wealthy Lal Sahab’s spoilt daughter (probably, Jyoti).

In the backyard of Lal Sahab’s mansion, there is a female statue named as Pratima. The very mention of that statue makes Lal Sahab shiver and starts looking at a picture of his country house, hanging on the wall. In the meanwhile, Rajan has turned desperate for Pratima, the poor girl and starts worshiping Pratima, the statue. He does some restoration work of the statue and makes it as a shrine in the village. The shrine is guarded by a woman who is suffering from dementia.

At last, the mystery of the statue is solved. The demented woman is Pratima’s mother and the real owner of the estate which Lal Sahab has grabbed it by killing her husband in the country house. Pravasi had saved Pratima from the evil Lal Sahab. Her mother had installed the statue of her long lost daughter to remind the people about the misdeeds of Lal Sahab.

I can visualise a happy ending for the film. It is a win-win situation for both the hero and his parents. Hero gets the heroine. His parents should have no objection for the marriage as it turns out that the heroine is from a wealthy family.

The film had 7 songs written by Pandit Narendra Sharma which were set to music by Arun Kumar Mukherjee. Three songs from the film are available on YT. But I am presenting the rare song ‘aata labhon pe naam tera baar baar kyun’ which is the first one to appear on the Blog. I have uploaded the video of the song few hours back on YT.

Some internet sites credit the singer to be Parul Ghosh. However, I felt that the voice is not of Parul Ghosh. The voice was more like that of actor-singer Jyoti. I checked HFGK with Mr Bharat Upadhyay who confirmed that although the name against the song was printed as Parul Ghosh, in the correction list, the song has been accredited to Jyoti who acts in the film. So it turned out to be an actor-singer song.

With this song, ‘Pratima’ (1945) makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Aata labon pe naam tera baar baar kyun (Pratima)(1945) Singer-Jyoti, Lyrics-Narendra Sharma, MD-Arun Kumar Mukherji


aata labon pe naam tera
baar baar kyun
aata labon pe naam tera
baar baar kyun
hai roz subah shaam
tera intezaar kyun
hai roz subah shaam
tera intezaar kyun

naazuk teri nigaah
bade naajon ki pali ee ee
naazuk teri nigaah
bade naajon ki pali ee ee
aisi bhali nigaah teri
ka shikaar kyun(?)??
aisi bhali nigaah teri
ka shikaar kyun(??)
hai roz subah shaam
tera intezaar kyun

mere kareeb aa
aa aa aa
mere kareeb aa aa aa
tum mere
aur bhi kareeb
kuchh aur bhi kareeb
do dil na mil sakey
to huyi
aankhen chaar kyun
do dil na mil sakey
to huyi
aankhen chaar kyun
hai roz subah shaam
tera intezaar kyun
aata labon pe naam teraa
baar baar kyun


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Atul ji,

Please correct the last sentence of the first paragraph as under:

‘The film had NOT fared well ……….’
I inadvertently missed the word ‘not’ in the sentence.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Arun Kumar
Shamsher (1953)
Teen Bhai (1955)
As Arun Kumar Mukherjee
Parineeta (1953)
Samaj (1954)
Hope they are the same person

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