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Bana ke aashiyaan tujh par nisaar kar baithhe

Posted on: January 22, 2017

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“Street Singer”(1966) was directed by Chandrashekhar for Bhavdeep Films, Bombay. The movie had Chandrashekhar, Sarita, K N Singh, Manmohan Krishna, madan Puri, David, Sundar, ratna, Jeewan Kala, Keshav Rana, Agha, Tuntun, Polson, Bimal Chadha, Brijmohan, Ridku, Kundan, Sheikh, Amrit Patel etc in it.

This movie had seven songs in it. Here is the first song from “Street Singer”(1966). This song is sung by Sharda. Hasrat Jaipuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Suraj.

Before one thinks that Suraj is some less known music director, it must be clarified that Suraj was none other than Shankar (of Shankar Jaikishan fame) who had gone solo as a music director for this movie and had used the pseudonym of Suraj.

Shankar continued to use the brand name of Shankar jaikishan even after Jaikishan passed away. This movie, which was released when Jaikishan was still around is the first (and perhaps only) occasion when he decided to compose music with a name other than Shankar Jaikishan.

Only the audio of this song is available. Sarita was the leading lady in this movie so it can be guessed that the song was picturuised on Sarita.

With this song, “Street Singer”(1966) makes its debut in the blog.


Song-Bana ke aashiyaan tujh par nisaar kar baithhe(Street Singer)(1966) Singer-Sharda, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Suraj


bana ke aashiyaan tujh par nisaar kar baithhe
bana ke aashiyaan tujh par nisar kar baithhe
ye kya kiya ke sitamgar ko pyaar kar baithhe
ye kya kiya ke sitamgar ko pyaar kar baithhe

khabar kise thhi ke tu itna sangdil bhi hai
khabar kise thhi ke tu itna sangdil bhi hai
ke saadgi pe tera aiybaar kar baithe
ke saadgi pe tera aiybaar kar baithe
bana ke aashiyaan tujh par nisaar kar baithhe

hazaaron zulm karo phir bhi hum tumhaare hain
hazaaron zulm karo phir bhi hum tumhaare hain
ke zindagi ko sanam bekaraar kar baithhe
ke zindagi ko sanam bekaraar kar baithhe
bana ke aashiyaan tujh par nisaar kar baithhe

4 Responses to "Bana ke aashiyaan tujh par nisaar kar baithhe"

Atul ji,

It is known popularly that SOORAJ is Shanker of S-J team.
It is NOT so.
SOORAJ was the name taken by a team of 3 composers,Dattaram,Sebastian D’souza and Enoch Daniels. These all people were S-J’s assistants. They gave music to only one film-Street Singer-66.
Here is an excerpt from an article y Vish Krishnan, senior RMIM member

Song: Binaa Tumhaare Mazaa Kyaa Hai Aise Jeene Mein
Movie: Street Singer (not to be confused with a Saigal classic)
Composer: Dattaram, Enoch Daniels, Sebastian D’Souza

I have heard this from the mouth of Mr. D.O. Bhansali, a name that we see
and ignore, possibly in every Hindi movie from the ’60s and early ’70s.
DOB, along with Mangesh Desai and Kaushik Baawra (?) is a hall-of-fame sound
recordist. For quite a few years now, people like that have commanded
relentless respect behind the scenes.

Don’t know how the discussion came up, but he volunteered to tell the people
present that these 3 SJ assistants decided to do a movie under the able
guidance of Dattaram (Wadkar or Gadekar?), a percussion wizard from Sawantwadi
(Goa) who, according to a know-it-all movie freak, was discovered by Vasant
Shantaram Desai on one of his Alex Haley style trips to that part of Western

The three stalwarts adopted the pseudonym SOORAJ, and did STREET SINGER, their
only movie thus credited. The musical highlights of the movie are provided
by Rafi. He has 2 good songs in it (“Bambai Hamaari Bambai” and “Ghar Ki
Murghi Daal Baraabar”). The movement is extremely S-Jish. Leaves the listener
in no doubt as to the composers’ legacy! ”

As to why Sooraj got attached to Shanker is , Shanker had given music to a Marathi film, ‘Tee mee navhech’-1970, in the name of Sooraj. That is why it was believed that even for Street singer he gave music.



This is an absolutely baseless story. Shankar’s friendship with actor/producer Chandrashekhar goes back to their days in Hyderabad. When the actor planned to make Street Singer, his friend Shankar offered to compose the music for the movie free of charge as a complimentary gesture towards his friend. Therefore, he used the pseudonym Suraj. This was disclosed to me by Chandrashekhar himself when I met him at his home in 2014.


There was an elderly R Kaushik(could be a Parsi) who was omnipresent at most of the recordings I attended. He was very fair, balding with gold-rimmed glasses. Never heard of Kaushik Bawra.
Bharatbhai please confirm the above as you must have surely met Mr Kaushik in Famous Cine Studio and Film Centre both near Bombay Central.


I am no Sharda fan but I must confess that I couldn’t but like and admire her sweet rendering of this number.


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