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Tasweer teri dil mera…maike se aa jaa bibi ree

Posted on: March 10, 2017

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is a parody song from Devar Bhabhi-58. It is sung by Mohd.Rafi,under the baton of Music Director Ravi. The song is written by Raja Mehandi Ali Khan. The film is making a debut on the Blog with this song.

Talat Mehmood was a non film singer before he joined films in Calcutta ( first film Rajlaxmi-45). One of his Non film songs became very very popular all over India. After 70 years, it is popular even now. The song is “Tasveer teri dil mera behla na sakegi”. It was written by Fayyaz Hashmi and recorded in 1944 by its composer Kamal Dasgupta.

When Talat came to Bombay, acted and sang in films, people remembered his popular NFS ‘Tasveer teri dil mera”. There was a flood of songs starting with or having the word “Tasveer” in the films of the 50s decade, written by various Lyricists and composed by many Music Directors.

Infact, in 1944 itself, C.Ramchandra had composed a song “Tasveer apni mujhko de do” for the film Bahadur followed by “Tasveer-yaar dil se” in Sargam-50. some other ‘Tasveer’ songs were….

Song Movie
Tasveer banata hoon teri Deewaana(1952)
Tasveer banaate hain ik Dard-E-Dil(1953)
Tasveer banati hai Jeevan Jyoti(1953)
Tasveer banaata hoon Baradari(1955)
Tasveer nayan mein thee Rajkanya(1955)
Meri Tasveer lekar Kala Samunder(1962)
Meri Tasveer mein Rang Album ‘Sajda’ by Lata
also sung by Jagjit Singh separately(1960)

There may be many more such songs. The reason why this topic came up is that today’s song too has the same Mukhda ” Tasveer teri dil mera behla na sakegi ” same as the popular song by Talat Mehmood. However, this is not a soft song like that one, but it is a Parody song, sung by Mohd.Rafi. Rafi sang it for the comedian Radha kishen to sing on the screen. As usual Rafi took efforts to sing in a typical style of voice- the specialty of Radhakishen.

You would not recognise this voice as Rafi’s voice if it is not specifically informed. Rafi had this knack. Specially Lata and Rafi, always tried to sing in the style of the singer on the screen. That is why Rafi songs for Johnny Walker had that distinct style. In case of Radhakishen, Rafi tried his best to copy his voice. Radhakishen had a shrieking chirpy voice, very difficult to copy for any one.

Radhakishen (Mehra) was born on 13-6-1915 in Delhi. He was a good writer and wanted a job as a writer in films. V.Shantaram, however, offered him a job as an actor in Prabhat. His first role was that of a villain in film ‘ Padosi ‘-41. It was here that he became very friendly with writer Pt. Mukhram Sharma, who helped him by creating special roles for him in the scripts that he wrote. Radhakishen played the roles of a miser to perfection. He became a regular with P.L.Santoshi films like Shehnai, Sargam, Apni Chhaya etc.

His biggest role as a comedian which brought him to limelight was in film New Delhi-56. He played important roles in Begunah and Naya Daur also. Changing over to comic villain’s role in Parvarish-58, he was equally effective. In Sadhana-58 he was a crafty neighbour and in Chhoti Behan-59, he was a greedy trader. Being a writer himself, he would get effective and ironic dialogues.

At the height of his career, he became a Producer with Amar Rahen ye pyar-61. Because of kavi Pradeeps left wing songs, the film was held up by Censors for a long time and when finally it was released, it flopped miserably. Before that itself, due to heavy losses, mounting debts and a failed Love affair, Radhakishen committed suicide by jumping to death from the fourth floor terrace of his building, on 18th March 1960. He died after his film Ek ke baad ek-60 was completed. Its Producer Raj Rishi, who was his close friend, put an obituary message in the film’s credits as ” This picture is respectfully dedicated to the fond memories of my friend and great artiste Radhakishen, who is no more with us “.

Same year in May 1960, the well known Distributor Tarachand Barjatya announced a Trophy in the name of Radhakishen, to be given to the Best Comedian of the Year. This is probably the only Trophy of its type in the film industry. (Thanks to Sanjjit Narwekar and Harish Raghuwanshi ji for information on Radhakishen)

Today’s song and the post is also dedicated to Radhkishen whose Death Anniversary falls on 18th March.

Song-Tasweer teri dil mera…maike se aa jaa bibi ree(Devar Bhaabhi)(1958) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Ravi


tasveer teri dil mera aa
bahla na sakegi
mar jaaungaa aa
maike se jo tu aa na sakegi

maike se aa jaa bibi ree
maike se aa jaa bibi ree
teri yaad mein ho gayi T B
maike se aa jaa bibi ree
teri yaad mein ho gayi T B
kheer samajh kar khaa loonga
teri gaali bhi jooti bhi
maike se aa jaa bibi ree
teri yaad mein ho gayi T B

yaad mein teri royee rasoi
choolha bhaya udaas
tadap rahe hain lote thhaali
chamche aur glass
kya main yoon hi jhaadoo deta rahoonga baarah maas
arri aati hai tu aaja varna
leta hoon sanyaas
is ghar ko bachaa jaa bibi ree
is ghar ko bachaa jaa bibi ree
teri yaad mein ho gayi T B
kheer samajh kar khaa loonga
teri gaali bhi jooti bhi
maike se aa jaa bibi ree
teri yaad mein ho gayi T B

tere baap se poochh ke maine
tujhse byaah rachaaya
tere baap se poochh ke maine
tujhse byaah rachaaya
saari raat gulaab bai ko
angna mein nachwaaya
dhaggi dubb
dhaggi dubbi dhaggi dubbi dhubb
saari raat gulaab bai ko
angna mein nachwaaya
band baja
shahnaai baji
sab ne mera ration khaaya
band baja
shahnaai baji
sab ne mera ration khaaya
par jab tu mujhse bichhad gayi
to koi na poochhan aaya
rotey ko hansa jaa bibi ree ee
rotey ko hansa jaa bibi ree
teri yaad mein ho gayi T B
maike se aa jaa bibi ree
teri yaad mein ho gayi T B
ho teri yaad mein ho gayi T B TB


7 Responses to "Tasweer teri dil mera…maike se aa jaa bibi ree"

Rafi is super! Very difficult to identify Rafi’s voice.

There are enough parody songs worth a post.

P S Seshadri ji,

I had done a series of 10 Parody Songs, from 16-3-2013 to 6-4-2013, on this Blog. You can see them.


What a fun song this is!
Never heard it before – but I could imagine Radhakishen singing it. Rafisaab does a fantastic job here.

Thoroughly enjoyed this post too, Arunji. I am a big fan of Radhakishen ever since I first saw him in Sadhna (1958) some years ago. He had his unique style, voice and dialogue delivery, so his performance remains in his head long after you’ve seen the film.

Since then, I’ve seen him in a few other films – I remember him very well in Mohan Segal’s Adhikaar (1954) with Kishore Kumar & Usha Kiran. Haven’t seen New Delhi (1956) but that was also Mohan Segal and Kishore Kumar, so I wonder if there was some sort of friendship between them.

It might seem odd but when I find the name Radhakishen in the cast of a film, my eyes light up. Like you say, his dialogues were also a strong part of his role.:-)

Thanks for this, Arunji. I’ve hardly been here of late but it’s entirely my loss. Will try to catch up with posts I’ve missed.

Waah!!! Kya Gaana Hai!!!
Simply amazing lyrics.
very much in line with what Guruji had posted on whatsapp a few days back…..
“hero” is zero without “her”

Radhakishen played the role of Villain in film ‘Bank Manager’ *Shekhar & Kamini Kaushal!!

Radhakishen was staying near our place in Matunga(W)

Tasveer Teri Dil Me, Jis Din Se Utari Hai Maya (1961)
Aa Teri Tasveer Bana Lu Nadan (1951)
Dil Ke Aaine Mein Tasveer Teri Rehti Hai Aao Pyar Karen(1964)
Humne Jag Ki Ajab Tasveer Dekhi Shankar Seeta Ansuya (1965)
Tasweer E Mohabbat Sunghursh (1968)
Teri Tasveer Bhi Tujh Jaisi Kinare Kinare(1964)
Tasveer E Yaar Dil Se, Koi Kisi Kaa Diwana Na Bane Sargam (1950)
Apne Mehboob Ki Tasveer Banane Bade Dilwala(1999)
Jannat Ki Tasveer, Kashmir Na Denge Johar In Kashmir(1966)
Aankhon Mein Hai Kya Tasveer Teri Vishwatma (1992)
Main Tasveer Utaarta Hun Heera Panna(1974)
Mehbuba Teri Tasveer Kis Tarah Main Banaaun Ishq Par Zor Nahin(1970)
Jidhar Dekhu Teri Tasweer Nazar Aati Hai Mahaan (1983)
Apani Tasveer Se Keh Do Hame Dekha Na Kare Sabz Baag (1951)
Duniya Tasveer Hai Aulad (1955)
Jinki Tasveer Nigaho Me Liye Phirta Hu Husn Aur Ishq(1966)
Mere Dil Me Teri Tasveer Sada Rehti Hai Ek Hanso Ka Joda(1975)
Teri Tasveer Se Ankhe Meri Samay Bada Balwan (1969)
Teri Tasveer Mil Gayi Mil Gayi Mil Gayi Betaab (1983)
Apani Tasveer Ko Aankho Se Lagata Kya Hai Enchanting Hour (Ghulam Ali)
Tumne Rakh Toh Li Tasveer Hamari Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka (1988)
Ek Tasveer Ek Murat Hai Maa Baap (1960)
Ab Mujhe Aapki Tasveer Se Kuch Kehna Hai Khamosh Nigahen(1946)
and few hundreds more

As per an article on Radhakishen in “Nai Duniya”special issue 1992, Radhakishen was staying in Prem Court building at Peddar Road.

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