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Botany chhodenge matinee dekhenge

Posted on: May 30, 2017

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hullo to all Atulwaasis

May-June is the time when Indians or more importantly students and their parents are at their jitteriest. These are the months that the Indian education system has chosen to declare results of exams held in the months of February-March. Exams that puts the knowledge gained by students through the year to test. The students are required to revise everything learnt; in a year; in about a month of study leave (we as students had study leave of a month, I would love to know of the current scenario) and pour out everything in about 2½ to 3 hours; on to an answer sheet and then pray that what they have answered fetches them marks that are enough to get them further in life.

So, over the last two days, two of the boards that conduct these exams, declared the results of students of class 10 and class 12. And I congratulate every single child who had appeared and cleared these exams; I know that it is very tough on them to live up to expectations of all kinds; from all and sundry. If not external pressures then the children themselves will be aiming for particular goals and get themselves into all kinds of knots & tangles. So, the last two days have seen the result of all the hard work put in by the students and their teachers and sacrifices made by the parents- who would have given up their favourite outings etc, In the run up to the exams the mothers would have been omnipresent with cups of tea and coffee & mid night snacks. The last two days have shown them the fruits of their labour. Congratulations to all those involved with the students.

This morning I had a few stray thoughts which I shared on the WhatsApp group of atulites. I was wondering if the generation of kids are super-kids or there has been a drastic change in the marking system as the number of students passing out is nearly 97% and many of the students have scored above 80% & 90%. I clearly remember when I had passed out of class 10 the first ranker in my school had scored close to 88% and had done well in class 12 too to enable her to get admission in a college of repute and today she is a doctor. But the overall pass percent was never more than 70%. Things seem to changed quietly over the years I suppose and we on the group were trying to zero in on what has changed- attitudes towards exams, marking system, and approach as a whole- I think; I am open for being proved wrong.

All this discussion reminded me of a slightly popular song of the 90s. It is from Ram Gopal Varma’s first Hindi film -Shiva- which was a remake of his first Telugu film of the same name. The movie was also Nagarjuna’s -son of Nageshwara Rao- first Hindi release. It also starred Amala and Raj Zutshi along with Paresh Rawal and a whole bunch of Southern stars.

The movie was basically showcasing the happenings in a college and how local goons interfere in college elections etc (this I am relating from what little I have seen of the movie.) But the song that accompanies this post has stayed in my head. I tried to find out who the lyricist was but failed- must be someone who has encountered the March/ September exams of the past!! The song has the spirit of the times when we used to bunk class to see a movie etc.

In my quest to find the lyricist I saw the opening sequence of the movie and found that the makers have thanked “the students and staff of agricultural university, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad.” (Any idea why I have particularly pointed this out?) Illayaraja is credited with the music direction and singers as far as I can recognise are Udit Narayan and S.Janaki; some sites mention S P Balasubramaniam and some suggest Suresh Wadkar. But whoever the singer the song is enjoyable.

Audio (longer)


Song- Botany chhodenge matinee dekhenge (Shiva)(1990) Singers-Udit Narayan, S Janaki, Lyrics-Akmal Hyderabadi, MD-Illaiyaraja
Unknown male voice


botany chhodenge
matinee dekhenge
hai kya khayal boliye
history lecture hai
mystery picture hai
donon mein vote dijiye
botany lesson hai bore hai jaani
history murdon ki hai kahaani

arre geeton ki fighton ki film dekho
break dance disco dance milke naacho
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja

sar pe murge ki dum
raat din hosh gum
college ka heero hai ye
fashion mein joker hai
luchan mein lofar hai
padhne mein zeero hai ye
itraata yoon jaise james bond hai
james bond kaahe ka
ye toh bhaand hai
pose aise jaise sikandar hai ye
sikandar kahaan ka
ye bandar hai ye

jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja

march ka socho toh
imtihaan bolo to
thande paseene
(abe chup
Gaana hai toh sur main gaa varna mat ga
March ka socho toh are sur main pleeease)
march ka socho toh
imtihaan bolo to
thande paseene chale
arre koi to samjhaao
itna to batlaao
hain kaun raste bhale
kaahe ko hairan hai bhole raaja
ek raasta hai main dikhlaaunga
arre kaahe ko september bhoola hai tu
supplementary ka shahenshah hai tu

(ye kya ho raha hai
imtihaan sar par hai
tum log naach rahe ho
chalo class mein)

baap re dekh udhar
aa gaya hai lecturer
daanta hai aa ke yaar ye
arre ye kahaan se aa pahucha
kyu hua villan jaisa
cheekhta hai baar baar ye

shaayad ye khaana na khaaya hoga
biwi se lad bhid ke aaya hoga
gussa hami per utaarega ye
kahega ke future sanwaarega ye

jagde jagde jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja

maths par dhyaan de
maximum marks le
ye sure subject hai

taak dhina din
dhina din
taak dhina din
dhina din
taak dhina din
dhinaka dhina taa

baaton se door ja
kitaabon ke paas aa
phir rank bhi first hai

taak dhina din
dhina din
taak dhina din
dhina din
taak dhina din
dhinaka dhina taa

arey kya baat kar rahi ho memsab
anpadh ganwaar aur jahil yaha
kismat se laakhon kamaye miya
bsc bcom karke yahaan bane jaa ke
daftar mein chaprasiyaan
(tub hi humko lecture dene laga hai
Gadbad kyon
jo log matinee jaana matinee jao
Jo log botany jaana botany jao
Jhagda kyon
Ye baat na bete)
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja
jagde jagde
jagde jagde ja

8 Responses to "Botany chhodenge matinee dekhenge"

As per press book image of Shiva 1990
the lyricist of the movie is MAJROOH SULTANPURI
Playback singers:S.P.Balasubramaniam,S.Janaki,Udit Narayan,Suresh Wadkar, Asha Bhosle,Kavita Krishnamurthy


thank you Prakashchandraji for finding out the lyrcist


official longer audio link also shows the singers of this song as Udit Narayan,S.Janaki, chorus and the Lyricist as Majrooh Sultanpuri


other songs of the movie:
1)”Kiss me hello wrong number,Jaan-e-tamanna…
Marte hain tum par kab se hain hum, dekho to”:
Asha Bhosle,Suresh Wadkar

2)Suresh Wadkar,S.Janaki::”Meri qadar jaani,saiyyan ji meharbani, Par tum abhi toh jaao, ..achcha toh phir jaa naa…..”

3)S.P.Balasubramaniam,Kavita Krishnamurthy,chorus:
“Anando brahma, govindo….dilwaalon…….”


I was surprised that this song was written by Majrooh Sultanpuri. Granted that he had written Hinglish songs much earlier also but there was something in such type of songs to get at least some seal of Majrooh Sultanpuri which is absent in this song.

I saw the posters of the film carried the name of Majrooh Sultanpuri. The credit titles shown at the start of the film is silent on name of the lyricist. Then I realised that the part of the credit title continues after the end of the film. Then the eureka……

It is clearly mentioned that the ‘BOTANY SONG’ is written by AKMAL HYDERABADI.


Oh I c the credits comes later too. I saw only the opening title card when I was writing this. I should ve waited till the end. But then I was not so fond of this movie to c it all over again.
And s the language was so Hyderabadi


Thank you Sadanad ji and sorry for misleading

Thanks for correcting me, I too relied on staring credit sequences of the movie, my gut feeling told me to watch the movie title sequences at the end, and press book image of the movie

But Yesterday night it was very late and it was heavily raining outside with lightening and thunder, I just signed off and ………..Anyways


Peevesie’s Mom ji,

A very interesting and engrossing write up, voicing your marvels at the fat percentages that are earned these days.
I passed out my 12th exam in 1957/58 and earned a First Class. Those days results used to be published in Local Newspapers and getting a paper that day was an achievement itself. However one could get the result from a specially opened window in all Newspaper offices the earlier day, by providing a chit mentioning your Hall Ticket Number.
My school had a system of painting the names of students who secured First class, on a Board and the names remained there for 10 years. This was possible because First class students would be two or three every year, at the most. So. even my name was on that board for next 10 years. First class means above 60 % marks. In today’s times, it is a laughing score, I suppose.
There was a nice joke on Whatsapp about these marks..” The nearest I ever went to the kind of marks today students earn is, when I charge my mobile ! ”

I know why you mentioned the name of College of Agriculture, Rajendranagar. When I passed out my Degree, the College had just shifted to Rajendranagar ( from the campus of Osmania University- the opposite side of the city), as the A.P.Agricultural University was established. Later on the college shifted to newly built beautiful campus some distance away. This was almost 55 years ago. So, naturally I do not know anything about it now.

Language of the song has some Hyderabadi flavour, but not the real Hyderabadi language ( which Mehmood used to copy ). This Akmal Hyderabadi had written songs for film Bandish in 1969 also.

Thanks for the nice write up which evoked lots of memories in my mind.



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