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Aas ne kitne diye jalaaye

Posted on: June 30, 2017

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I did not have much idea about the film ‘Mehmaan’ (1953) except its star cast. But I have been mesmerised by its 8 melodious songs, two of which have so far been covered in the Blog. The film was directed by Ramanand Sagar, his first film as a director. The star cast included Premnath, Nimmi, Sajjan, Purnima, Radhakishan, Bikram Kapoor, Harish, Mumtaz Begum etc. With Nimmi in the lead role, one would expect a lot of melodrama, sufferings, unexpected twists in the love story etc.

In regards to the producer of the film, I get the conflicting information. The printed poster of the film shows Asha Biswas (wife of Anil Biswas) as the producer. However, the lobby photos from the film bear the banner of Sagar Art Corporation which is the film production company of Ramanand Sagar. Even the official website of Sagar Art Corporation mentions that ‘Mehmaan’ (1953) was the first film under their banner.

Arun ji or Sudhir ji may have already covered the profile of Ramanand Sagar in one of their earlier write-ups in the Blog. Nonetheless, I am so much touched by the early part of Ramanand Sagar’s life that I decided to share this part of the information even if it was a repetition. I have relied on the information provided in the official website of Sagar Art Corporation, supplemented by an article appeared in DNA news paper.

I became acquainted with Ramanand Sagar’s name as the producer-director of silver jubilee films like ‘Zindagi’ (1964), ‘Aarzoo’ (1965), ‘Aankhen’ (1968) which I had seen in the theatres. Of course, all of us know about his TV serial ‘Ramayan’ (1987) which attained a status of a block buster.

Ramanand Sagar (29/12/1917 – 12/12/2005) was born at Asal Guru Ke near Lahore. His father, Lala Dinanath Chopra had a hobby of writing poetry. Although Ramanand Sagar belonged to an aristocratic family of Chopras, he was adopted by the childless maternal grandparents upon which his name was changed from Chandramauli Chopra to Ramanand Bedi. Later he used Ramanand Sagar as his nom de plume.

Ramanand Sagar missed his biological parents’ love. His childhood was filled with agony and sufferings. He was expelled from the house for refusing to accept the dowry system. He had to do menial jobs for a living while studying for his degree. All these agonies and suffering reflected in his writings in the subsequent years including, probably in ‘Mehmaan’ (1953) as well.

Ramanand Sagar won the gold medals in Sanskrit and Persian from the University of Punjab. After the completion of his studies, he joined ‘Daily Milap’ as news editor. During the period he was with the newspaper, he wrote many short stories and serialised stories. Side by side, he also wrote novels and plays.

In 1942, Ramanand Sagar was struck with tuberculosis and was admitted in a sanatorium in Kashmir. He fought with a certain death by sheer will power and recovered from the illness. During this period, he wrote for ‘Adab-e-Mashriq’ a serialised column ‘Dairy of a T B Patient’ which was highly acclaimed in the literary circle and the praise from Urdu writer Krishna Chandra. And this contact may have introduced him to the film industry.

With the partition in 1947, Ramanand Sagar migrated to India with his family penniless with a trunk full of manuscript of his writings. He first got associated with Prithviraj Kapoor’s Prithvi theatres and wrote plays for them.

Although Ramanand Sagar had some minor stint with film industry in ‘Raiders of the Rail Road’ (1936) as a clapper boy, and small roles in ‘Koel’ and unfinished film ‘Krishna’ (1947), his real filmy career started with ‘Barsaat’ (1949) for which he wrote story and screen-play. In 1950, he established his own banner, Sagar Art Corporation. ‘Mehmaan’ (1953) was his first film as a producer-director after which he never looked back.

I am presenting the 3rd song ‘aas ne kitne diye jalaaye’ sung by Manna Dey from Ramanand Sagar’s first film as director, ‘Mehmaan’ (1953). The song is written by P N Rangeen and is set to music by Anil Biswas.

The song has a beautiful musical prelude, mainly of flute, of about 50 seconds. The musical interlude is also of flute. Anil Biswas had said in an interview that the flute instrument used in his almost all songs was played by Pt. Pannalal Ghosh. The song has got only one antara probably due to somewhat longer musical prelude.

I love this soulful song.

Song-Aas ne kitne diye jalaaye (Mehmaan)(1953) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-P N Rangeen, MD-Anil Biswas


aas ne kitne diye jalaaye
diye jalaaye
aas ne kitne diye jalaaye
phir bhi raah nazar na aaye
phir bhi raah nazar na aaye
aas ne kitne diye jalaaye

chalte chalte thhak kar aakhir
tere dwaar pe aaya aa
chalte chalte
mann ki nagri mein andhiyaaraa
mann ki nagri mein andhiyaaraa
kahaan tere chanda ki chhaaya aaa aa
kahaan tere chanda ki chhaayaa aa
inn galiyon ki khaak udaate
guzre kayi zamaane
jis paththar ne dard diya
wo dil kaa haal na jaane
tadpaaye ae ae
tadpaaye aur taras na khaaye
aas ne kitne diye jalaaye
diye jalaaye
aas ne kitne diye jalaaye

Devnagri script lyrics
आस ने कितने दिये जलाये
दिये जलाये
आस ने कितने दिये जलाये
फिर भी राह नज़र न आये
फिर भी राह नज़र न आये
आस ने कितने दिये जलाये

चलते चलते थक कर आखिर
तेरे द्वार पे आया अ
चलते चलते
मन की नगरी में अंधियारा
मन की नगरी में अंधियारा
कहाँ तेरे चंदा की छाया आ आ
कहाँ तेरे चंदा की छाया आ
इन गलियों की खाक उड़ाते
गुज़रे कई ज़माने
जिस पत्थर ने दर्द दिया
वो दिल का हाल न जाने
तड़पाये ए ए
तड़पाये और तरस न खाये
आस ने कितने दिये जलाये
दिये जलाये
आस ने कितने दिये जलाये

6 Responses to "Aas ne kitne diye jalaaye"

One of the best numbers of Manna Dey


Seshadri sahab are you at A hemdabad.?


One of the MY TYPE of songs.
My favorite song during college days, which I used to sing in college gatherings. Thanks.


Thank you very much for Manna dey song from film Mehmaan.Few years back during visit of Rajkot Anilda and Meena kapoor , i find opportunity to discuss for this song where in Meena kapoor sang 2nd of song ” Preet meri andhi aur behri munh se kuch na bole ,kabhi kabhi bhooliee bhatki naino main aakar dole ..preetmeri…hothon pe mere aata he nahi woh bhoola afshana shikh liya hai tumshe maine apna bhed chuoopana,Baitha hoon baitha hoon main ek aas dabayen .. Aas ne kitne diye….”
She gave disgusting look toward Anilda saying “ask him why he cut this song stanza.”


Thanks for the important information.
So the song did have second antara. Probably Anil Biswas had to cut the second antara to accommodate the song with in the space available on 78 RPM record.




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