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Dekhne Waale Dekh Karishma Yaaron Ka

Posted on: November 7, 2017

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Fabulous Foot Tappers – 8
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“What a find. Such a rollicking song.”

This the comment by our own Ava Suri ji, that I find on the YouTube upload page of this song. Yes, ‘rollicking’ is just the right word to describe the tenor of this song. By the way, the YouTube channel on which this is posted is titled ‘The Edwina Channel’. And for those who are familiar, this channel is managed by Dan Thomas (aka Thomas Daniel). Dan has been actively collaborating with dear Greta Memsaab, for cleaning and sprucing up digital videos of old Hindi films, subtitling them and putting them up on the YT. Our dear Raja ji is also part of this effort.

The eighth edition of this series comes on after a long gap. The previous (7th) episode was posted on 5th April earlier this year (which itself was posted after a gap of almost one and a half years after the 6th one). The delay is all mine, and so is the loss. In the interim, at least two or three songs that I had short listed for this series, got posted otherwise. 😦 🙂 So anyway, the search is on for more Fabulous Foot Tappers from the 1950s and 60s.

The Rock n Roll genre of music took shape and evolved in the United States during late 1940s and early 1950s. The phrase “rocking and rolling” originally described the movements of a ship on the ocean. Later, this phrase was used to describe the spiritual fervor of church rituals, especially the Afro-American church denominations. The phrase also started to be used as a term for amorous tryst between lovers. 😉

Developing from a combination of gospel music, jazz music and the R&B (rhythm and blues) of the Afro-American people, this music very soon caught the fancy of the white teenager population in the growing urban centres in America. Moving on from the origins, where the primary musical instrument used to be a piano or a saxophone, in the early 1950s, the guitar took the centre stage, supported by the drums. And soon, as the electric guitar came along, it became by itself, or in combination with the normal guitar, the lead instrument for this music. As this music became popular across the race divide in the US, radio stations started to dedicatedly play this music, and started to refer to it as Rock n Roll.

Hindi films could not be far behind in adapting this music genre into the film songs. From the mid 1950s onwards, we see quite a number of music directors that took this genre and constructed many a wonderful pieces. Listening to them, there is an urge to tap your feet, or even get up and start dancing to these fabulous rocking sounds.

Today’s treat is a great sampling of this genre. Coming from the obscure film ‘Love And Murder’ (1966), this fast paced song is composed by OP Nayyar. Right from the word go, the drum beats take the centre stage, and in the accompanying visuals we see a group of young men and women dancing to the tune of this wonderful rock n roll song. The dancers are led by Edwina. The other young lady accompanying her in the lead movements is identified as Aruna, as per the YT post by Dan.

If this song had not been so positively rollicking, I would have been tempted to use it in the other series titled “Rare Performances – Things Unique and Unexpected”. We have a surprise – an actor who I see lip syncing a song on screen for the first time – Hiralal, the noted villain character from many a films of the Golden Era. He is accompanied very enthusiastically by Suresh. There is one more bearded young man who accompanies them in the lead singing; I request for help from other knowledgeable readers to identify this actor.

I have noted this as a “diversion” song. As the opening shot shows, this song is being performed during late evening time, on open street in front of a building that carries the sign board of a bank. As the song proceeds, we are treated to some shots which explain what is happening – the plan is to rob the bank. Some members of the gang are inside the bank and are attempting to blast open the vault with explosives. Another part of this gang is on the road outside the bank, with loud music, singing and fireworks, obviously to mask the explosive sounds of the misdeeds of the miscreants inside the bank.

The words of this song are penned by Shewan Rizvi. The music, the drum rhythms, the quick-burst paced singing and the energetic dance action on the street, all combine to make a wholly fabulous foot tapper. When I started exploring this film for songs, and came across this one, I am simply not able to resist listening to it every so often for the past few days. As Ava ji has said it, and I repeat – “Such a rollicking song”.

I suggest you put on your dancing shoes, before playing it. 😉



Song – Dekhne Waale Dekh Karishma Yaaron Ka (Love And Murder) (1966) Singer – Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics – Shewan Rizvi, MD – OP Nayyar
Rafi + Chorus


dekhne waale dekh karishma yaaron ka
takht mila ya hoga takhta chaaron ka
dekhne waale dekh karishma yaaron ka
takht mila ya hoga takhta chaaron ka

dekh palat ke dhyaan kidhar hai
kisi ki topi kisi ke sar hai
haath safaai bada hunar hai
naam hamaara jaadugar hai
hosh udaa de badey badey hoshiyaaron ka
dekhne waale dekh karishma yaaron ka
takht mila ya hoga takhta chaaron ka

chhuri bagal mein ram ka naara
galey lagaa ke phere aara
aankhen ho to dekh nazaara
raat mein suraj
din mein taara
kehl yahaan pe paise ki jhankaaron ka
dekhne waale dekh karishma yaaron ka
takht mila ya hoga takhta chaaron ka

ajab hai naksha aaj shehar ka
kahin chataakha kahin pataakha
door kahin par hua dhamaaka
koi na samjha shukar khuda ka
shehar mien hoga shor ye kal akhbaaron ka
dekhne waale dekh karishma yaaron ka
takht mila ya hoga takhta chaaron ka

dekhne waale dekh karishma yaaron ka
takht mila ya hoga takhta chaaron ka

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

देखने वाले देख करिश्मा यारों का
तख्त मिला या होगा तख़्ता चारों का
देखने वाले देख करिश्मा यारों का
तख्त मिला या होगा तख़्ता चारों का

देख पलट के ध्यान किधर है
किसी की टोपी किसी के सर है
हाथ सफाई बड़ा हुनर है
नाम हमारा जादूगर है
होश उड़ा दे बड़े बड़े होशियारों का
देखने वाले देख करिश्मा यारों का
तख्त मिला या होगा तख़्ता चारों का

छुरी बगल में राम का नारा
गले लगा के फेरें आरा
आँखें हों तो देख नज़ारा
रात में सूरज दिन में तारा
खेल यहाँ पे पैसे की झंकारों का
देखने वाले देख करिश्मा यारों का
तख्त मिला या होगा तख़्ता चारों का

अजब है नक्शा आज शहर का
कहीं चटाखा कहीं पटाखा
दूर कहीं पर हुआ धमाका
कोई ना समझा शुकर खुदा
शहर में होगा शोर ये कल अखबारों का
देखने वाले देख करिश्मा यारों का
तख्त मिला या होगा तख़्ता चारों का

देखने वाले देख करिश्मा यारों का
तख्त मिला या होगा तख़्ता चारों का

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Thanks for this treat !!
enjoyed the song a lot 🙂 , thanks for the post too.


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