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Ulfat ki nishaani de ke chale wo chhalla

Posted on: November 8, 2017

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Today, we are celebrating the 3400th day that this blog has been operating. And this song marks the 100th song of Shewan Rizvi as a lyricist

We in this blog tend to celebrate centuries. Initially, it was centuries of songs in the blog that used to get cellebrated after every 100 posts. With time, we had new concepts like “some stats” page and contributions by regulars. Soon, these things made us realise that artists and contributors too could have their centuries, and we began to celebrate their centuries as well.

Later, we had some more complex (and one could say artificial) centuries like say centuries of duets by a pair of singers.

With time, we hit upon the concept of YIPPYing on movies. so now we began to track YIPPEED movies as well and we have so far celebrated a few centuries of YIPPEED movie as well.

Of late, I have begun to keep yearwise track of songs and movies as well, so that helps us in realising when we have a century of movies or songs in a particular year.

Today, we celebrate another “new” kind of a century for the blog. Today ( 8 november 2017),the blog completes 3400 days of its existence. It has completed 33 centuries in the past but those had gone unnoticed. It is the first time we have noticed it and we are celebrating this century.

Sudhir Jee has already posted a writeup on this occasion where he discussed some amazing coincidences that were inadvertent and that can only happen if some divine forces are at work. He mentioned that for the first 40 days, the blog was a “one song a day” blog and then it became several songs a day blog from the 41st day, beginning with the suitably worded song “Aapke anurodh pe main ye geet sunaata hoon(Anurodh)“. It was very much similar to how a new mother rests and takes it easy for the first 40 days after a child is born and begans to eert only from the 41st day, Sudhir Jee has pointed out in his post.

This is not the first time such a divine scheme of things has been detected by Sudhir Jee. while discussing the massive honky tonk affair that post number 11111 of this blog (Hamko tumse ho gaya hai pyaar kya karen (Amar Akbar Anthony) )was, he had discovered that all the four singers whose voices figured in post number 11111 had figured in blogs post numbers 1, 11, 111 and 1111, singing solo songs in the same sequence in which their voices appeared in the song of post number 11111.

I assure you that such amazing coincidences, indicating that some grand and divine scheme of things are afoot, keep happenning with me even in matters that are outside the purview of this blog.

On the occasion of this special century, I thought of combining this century with one century, viz century of an artist.

Lyricist Shewan Rizvi is the suitable choice as was very close to his maiden century.

Regulars may recall that Shewan Rizvi was the lyricist of the song Hamen to loot liya mil ke husn waalon ne (Al Hilaal) which was posted as the 5000th song of the blog on 13 september 2011. Both Bulo C Rani and Shewan Rizvi were in their 20s when It was decided, with some 300 odd songs to go, that this iconic “Al Hilal” (1957) qawwaali would be the 5000th song for the blog. I wanted to combine this 5000th song for the blog with the century song of Bulo C Rani. So, an uncharacteristically high number of Bulo C Rani compositions were discussed in the blog during those days to enable him to achieve his century mark to coincide with blog’s 5000th post mark.

At that time, I had toyed with the idea that even Shewan Rizvi should be made to reach his century mark simulutaneously, but then gave up the idea as being too ambitious and unrealistic. And so I mentioned it in that writeup that Shewan Rizvi’s time too would come and we would honour him on a suitable occasion. So today, six years and 8711 songs later, Shewan Rizvi reaches his 100th post as a lyricist in the blog on the day of blogs 34th century.

This song , which marks Shewan Rizvi’s century in the blog is from an obscure movie called “Golden Eyes”(1968). The movie, a quintessential C grade movie, was directed by Kamal Sharma for Madan Chitra, Bombay. The movie has Mumtaz, Shailesh Kumar, Helen, K M Vyas, Shabnam, Madhumati, Asit Sen, Ulhas, Rani, Rajan Haksar, Samson, Rajan Kapoor, Rameshkant, Sheikh, Jeewankala, Khursheed, Ravi Kumar, Ram Kumar, Ratan Gaurang, Nazeer Kashmiri, H Prakash, Amrit Rana, Vijaylaxmi,Narbada Shankar, Moosha Chaang, Maqbool, Bhaskar, Ganesh, Basheer, Arvind, abu Bakar, Julien, Saiyyad etc in it.

This movie, described as a spy movie was also known as “Secret Agent 077”. All this is a clear indication that the movie was inspired from some James Bond movie, may be from “Goldfinger”(1964).

While agent 007 on Her Majesty’s service only gets to romance voluptuous ladies, Indian agent 077 gets to sing romantic songs as well. The movie had two Mahendra Kapoor-Asha Bhonsle duets and one Mahendra Kapoor-Usha Balsawar duet, where our secret agent clearly sings romantic songs in Mahendra Kapoor’s voice.

The song under discussion is not one of those songs though. It is an all female duet which is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Kamal Barot. Shewan Rizvi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Baldev Nath, who I guess must be the same as Baldev Nath Bali aka B N Bali.

Only the audio of this lilting song is available. It is difficult to guess how and on whom this song is picturised. It could have been picturised on a couple of dancing ladies. The dancers could be any two (or more) out of Helen, Madhumati, Jeewankala, and even Mumtaz herself. The video of thios song and the movie is not available as of now. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

So the 3400th day of the blog sees the celebration beginning by covering two all female duets, both containing the voice of Kamal Barot in them. Both these songs are rare songs that few people may have heard before.

If the earlier song was a YIPPEE song for the blog then this movie “Golden Eyes”(1968) makes its debut in the blog with this song and becomes the 3750th song to get represented in the blog.

If today is the 3400th day for the blog, then this song is the 3400th song of 1960s in the blog ! As I mentioned, these kinds of coincidences keep happening in this blog.

For now, here is this lilting song from “Golden Eyes”(1968) to celebrate (i) the maiden century of Shewan Rizvi as a lyricist in the blog and (ii) to celebrate the 3400th day of the blog.

Song-Ulfat ki nishaani de ke chale wo chhallaa (Golden Eyes)(1968) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Kamal Barot, Lyrics-Shewan Rizvi, MD-Baldev Nath
Asha Bhosle + Kamal Barot


ulfat ki nishaani de ke chale wo chhallaa
ulfat ki nishaani de ke chale wo chhallaa
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla
ulfat ki nishaani de ke chale wo chhallaa
ulfat ki nishaani de ke chale wo chhallaa
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla

wo shokh adaaon waala
wo shokh adaaon waala
dildaar nigaahon waala
jo pyaar ko mere kar ke chala bismillaah
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla

mere peechhe peechhe aake
mere peechhe peechhe aake
mujhe aankhon mein uljha ke
mere dil ko churaaya
kheench ke mera palla
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla

ulfat ki nishaani de ke chale wo chhallaa
ulfat ki nishaani de ke chale wo chhallaa
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla
we main lut gayi lut gayi main to mere alla


4 Responses to "Ulfat ki nishaani de ke chale wo chhalla"

Nice post \. I soaked in the sentiments contained in the post.
Let the show go on with much more enthusiasm on every body’s part.

ooo wow!!!
3400th day & 3400th song from 1960s…. wah wah!!

Beuatiful post thanks and regards

Thanks for this post and the lovely song.
Heartiest Congratulations on the ‘milestones’ in different categories and the artists.

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