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Jagat musaafirkhaana laga hai aana jaana

Posted on: January 4, 2018

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Today (4 january 2017) is the 23rd death anniversary of R D Burman (27 june 1939- 4 january 1994). He was only 54 years old when he passed away which is considered prime of one’s life in most fields. To HFM followers like me, he was a legend since late 1960s itself, when he was just in his late 20s and early 30s.

The influence of R D Burman on HFM is something that can not be visualised by those who did not live during that era. I have read someone’s view based on statistics that late 1960s and 1970s was the era of Laxmikant Pyarelal rather than R D Burman. The person obviously did not live through the era and did not experience the phenomena of R D Burman first hand.

A lot has been written on R D Burman by now and there is no use repeating all that because most people are already aware of those facts.

With the benefit of hindsight, one feels that R D Burman had it easy because he was the son of a legendary music director, but that was hardly the case. Getting the first break as an independent music director was a tall order and he got this break thanks to Mehmood. The musical scores of his debut movie “Chhote Nawaab”(1961) did satisfactorily well, but R D Burman failed to get any assignments after that. It was again Mehmood who gave him his second assignment four years later, which was “Bhoot Bangla”(1965).

The turning point for R D Burman was landing the assignment of “Teesri Manzil”(1966) and for that he was required to convince Shammi Kapoor who was a diehard Shankar Jaikishan supporter. How R D Burman won over Shammi Kapoor is a tale that is well known to R D Burman fans. That episode was a turning point, not just for the career of R D Burman, but for HFM as well.

The very first R D Burman composition that I may have heard in my life has to be “mere saamne waali khidki mein ik chaand ka tukda rehta hai”. It was evening time in late 1960s and this song was played on radio. I instantly loved this song. I was too young to know about the concept of music directors, lyricists etc. I only knew that it was the singer who did all the work. 🙂 And I was not even aware who the singer was, seeing that this voice did not resemble Rafi or Mukesh, the only two male singers that I was familiar with at that time. It was my “mama”, who was at hand who exclaimed that Atul liked Kishore Kumar. That is when Ibecame aware that this song was sung by a singer called Kishore Kumar.

The fact that this song was composed by R D Burman became known to me a few years later when I became aware about the concept of music director and lyricist.

The very first time I heard R D Burman singing was when I watched the movie “Apna Desh”(1972). The fact that one is allowed to sing in a movie with that kind of voice was a paradigm shifting experience for me. 🙂

During late 1960s to entire 1970s, I was a diehard R D Burman (and Kishore Kumar) fan. Most great songs of that era were composed by R D Burman. No doubt there were other leading composers as well, but it was R D Burman who was the golden standard at that time. Most other music directors would often try to compose music like R D Burman and those compositions would often end up as pale imitation.

It is not that I liked all R D Burman compositions. There were some of his songs that I regarded as examples of falling standards of HFM as well as that of R D Burman. For instance , I disliked songs of “Do Chor”(1972), “Chalta Purza”(1976), “Khel Khel Mein” (1975), “Jhoothha Kahin Ka”(1979) etc. And today the songs of these movies are counted as iconic songs ! Even I have grudgingly started liking them because even the “low” quality fare dished by R d Burman is of far better quality that the “best” stuff of music directors who followed in HFM in 1980s and beyond.

Two songs of R D Burman have already been covered in the blog today as a tribute to him. I originally did not plan to discuss him. My aim was to discuss a YIPPEE movie song for the day and I had originally selected compositon of another music director. But I could not locate that writeup. On glancing through the various movies of R D Burman, I realised that there were a few of his movies where just one song was left to be covered.

That is how I zeroed in on this R D Burman composition from “Baalika Badhu”(1976). This movie was directed by Tarun Majumdar for Shakti Films, Bombay. The movie, which was a remake of a Banngla movie by the same name, had Sachin, Rajni Sharma (title role and new discovery), Kajri, Asrani, A K Hangal, Om Shivpuri, Asit Sen, Urmila Bhatt, Preeti Ganguly, Manik Dutt, Master Panna, Leela Mishra, Subrat, Amal sen, Keshav Rana, Shameem, Shailly Shailendra, Kanu Roy, Mukund, S N Banneji, Shanti Chatterji, Birbal, Polson, Darshan, Nandu Bhattacharya etc, with special appearances by Prem Narayan and Paintal.

The movie had six songs in it. Five of these songs have already been covered. The sixth and final song was elusive when I last searched for it. But when I searched for it again today, I was in luck and I could locate it. and it appears a suitable song for the occasion as well.

The audio record of this song is sung by Anand Bakshi who is the lyricist as well, Music is of course composed by R d Burman. The picturised versions are partial (gets played twice, or may be on more occasins as background song). The picturised version is sung by Bhupinder Singh.

With this song, all songs from “Baalika Badhu”(1976) have been covered in the blog and thus “Baalika Badhu”(1976) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog. And this movie becomes the 62nd R D Burman to be YIPPEED in the blog.

Audio – Part I (Full) Anand Bakshi version

Video -1 (partial)

Video – 2 (Partial)

Audio – Part II (Bhupinder Singh version)

Song-Jagat musaafirkhaana laga hai aana jaana (Baalika Badhu)(1976) Singer-Anand Bakshi/ Bhupinder Singh, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


jagat musaafir khaana
lagaa hai aana jaana
o o jagat musaafir khaana
lagaa hai aana jaana

chaand chhupe to sooraj nikle
sooraj doobe
ho jaaye shaam
chaand chhupe to sooraj nikle
sooraj doobe
ho jaaye shaam
rut aaye rut jaaye mausam
aane jaane ke hain naam
ho jogi
kiska kaun thhikaana
lagaa hai aana jaana
jagat musaafir khaana
lagaa hai aana jaana

dekhen pahunche kaun kahaan par
raahi nikla gaata hansta
dekhen pahunche kaun kahaan par
raahi nikla gaata hansta
sabki apni-apni manzil
apnaa-apnaa rastaa
o jogi
jeevan path ajnaana
lagaa hai aana jaana
jagat musaafir khaana
lagaa hai aana jaana

chaar dinon kaa mel re bhaiyaa
jisne saare khel rachaaye
chaar dinon kaa mel re bhaiyaa
jisne saare khel rachaaye
maan bachcho se milne aaye
phir waapas ghar jaaye
o jogi
ye dastoor puraana
lagaa hai aana jaana
jagat musaafir khaana
lagaa hai aana jaana

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