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Rang Rasiya Aao Re

Posted on: February 7, 2018

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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There was a time when the films made in Hindi could be classified easily as A grade, B grade and C grade films. A grade films were those made by big and famous banners with top class actors and leading music directors. B grade films were those made with second rung of actors, director and music directors. C grade films were those films which were made by not so famous banners, almost unknown actors directors and composers. Usually C grade films used to be action/stunt films, made on shoestring budgets, having a fixed story line resembling Tarzan, Hercules or Hollywood action films of Robin Hood, with the background of a jungle, tribe people, king-queen-wicked wazir and similar stories.

C grade films were always quickies, made on  shoe-string budgets. During the late 1930s and 40s, Master Bhagwan action films used to be completed in about Rs. 50,000 only – including studio rent, sets, artist fees and other expenses. C grade films had a captive audience comprising of factory workers, daily wagers, low income earners and students. However, such films used to rake in big profits to the film makers. Therefore, even top class banners sometimes made C grade films, to make up their losses in big film flops.

There were certain production houses which specialized and thrived on such films – like Paramount Films, Jagriti Films, Mohan Pictures, Wadia Movietone etc. Since studio system was in vogue, the film studios usually had fixed actors and directors in their employment. Music directors were of no consequence, so anybody would do. Well known composers like C Ramchandra used to take another name while composing music for C grade action films. Music assistants of famous composers used to give music to such films. Well known composers fallen on bad days also gave music to such films. C grade films rarely released commercial gramophone records for their film songs, so such songs are a real rarity even with big collectors.

Some common and regular names one finds in such grade C action/stunt films are Nadia, Boman Irani, Sayani, Bilimoria brothers, Cooper sisters, Zohra Khatoon, Ameena Khatoon, Khatoon Bai, Prakash, Adjania, Noorjehan (sr.), Moosa Pehelwan, Vasantrao Pehelwan, Baburao Pehelwan, Marutirao Pehelwan, Azim Bhai, Basheer, Ali, Bachha, Chandra Rao, Harishchandra Rao, Shankar Rao, Master Bhagwan, Mirajkar, Jamshed, John Cawas, Lalita Pawar, Navin Chandra. . . and many more such names.

Barring a few names like Lalita Pawar, Bhagwan, Nadia etc, all the other action film actors remained relatively less known. No one knows anything about them. Actors like Baburao Pehelwan, Marutirao Pehelwan (he was the hero in the first Gujarati talkie film ‘Narsi Mehta’), Chandra Rao, Sayani etc. were quite famous in their times, but except their Filmography (thanks to HFGK), nothing more is known about them. All of them ended only with mere names !

Today, I am writing about one such action film hero of 7 silent and 12 talkie films of the 1930s and 40s, whom I stumbled upon recently. His name is so obscure and unknown that even I was stunned, but he has acted with heroines like Rajkumari (Dubey), Sarojini, Vatsala Kumthekar, Gauhar Karnataki and had acted in films made by well known production houses like Paramount and Mohan Pictures.

On 2nd January 2015, I got a message on my Facebook page from an unknown person called ‘Tejas Vazare’. Since I try to avoid unknown people as my Fb friends, I ignored that message. Three years later, this January, I saw the message again. This time it attracted my attention by what he wrote. He mentioned that his grandfather was a Hindi film hero of the 1930s and 40s. Out of curiosity, I wrote to him asking him to sent information about himself and his grandfather. He informed me that Master Shankar Rao Vazare was a hero in few films in 1930s and 40s. This was a name new to me. He also sent me film posters, photos, newspaper articles etc. about him. On reading all this, I strongly felt that here was a man who needs to be brought before today’s world. We exchanged lot many mails. I checked all film names with my books and prepared a list of films having evidence.

Tejas and me have planned to meet in March, in Bombay. May be his father (son of Shankar Rao) and aunt (daughter of Shankar Rao) will accompany him. That time I will complete my interview with them and prepare a detailed article with photos, posters etc for publishing on line. But till then, I wish to present his short biography on this blog first. This blog has the right to have such things first here before anywhere else. I owe it this much. So, here we go.

Master Shankar Rao Vazare was born on 1-1-1916 in the Bhabhanagar area of Nashik (Maharashtra), in a peasant family. His father Trimbak Rao Vazare was the Patil of Nashik. (Patil used to be the overall head of the village / town) and his uncle was the chairman of the Municipality. Shankar Rao was very keen on films. Dadasaheb Phalke was also from Nashik. Taking inspiration from him, Shankar Rao developed attraction for films. He used to see English films in the tent theatre of Nashik.

He reached Bombay. He was very handsome, tall and had a good physique. He got roles in the silent films made by Mahavir Photoplays. From 1929 to 1931, he worked in 7 silent films. There could be more also, but initially he was uncredited. Problem with the silent films was that they generally had 2 or 3 titles and alias names. Additionally as per the local language the title used to change also. So, it is very difficult to trace silent films by titles in the various lists published.

The list of his silent films that has been identified so far is –  ‘Father’s Love’ (1929), ‘Ideal Woman’ (1930), ‘Prince Of The People’ (1930), ‘Avarice’ (1930), ‘Niradhar Niru’ (1931), ‘Jungle Ka Jawan’ (1931) and ‘Saroj Kumari’ (1931).

His first talkie film was ‘Toofani Tamancha’ aka ‘Hands Up’ (1935), made by Paramount Film company. In this film, his heroine was Gul Bano. He acted in 7 films made by Paramount Film Co., 3 by India Liberty Co., and 1 each made by Mohan Pictures and Allied Films. Here is the list of his talkie films,


Film Title Year Production Company Director

Heroine / Co worker

1. Toofani Tamancha
aka Hands Up
1935 Paramount RN Vaidya Gul Bano / Miss Pukhraj
2. Farz e Adaa
aka Loyalty
1936 Indian Liberty AM Khan Shehzadi (sister of Zubeida (of Alam Aara)) / Vidya
3. Bansari Balaa
aka Fairy Of The Flute
1936 Paramount AM Khan Gauhar Karnataki / Kamla
4. Burkhawali
aka Bombay Mail
1936 Indian Liberty (Unknown) Gauhar Karnataki / Miss Pearl
5. Madhraat Ka Mehmaan
aka Midnight Man
1938 Indian Liberty Kikubhai Desai Miss Moti / Miss Pokhraj
6. Jungle Ka Jawan 1938 Mohan Pictures Chunilal Parekh Rajkumari / Kamla
7. Madhu Bansari 1939 Paramount Nanubhai Vakil Sarojini (sister of Indurani, mother of Azra, wife of Nanubhai Vakil) / Vatsala Kumthekar
8 Son of Alladin
aka Alladin ka Beta
1939 Paramount Nanubhai Vakil Sarojini / Ranibala
9. Reshami Saari 1939 Paramount GP Pawar (husband of Lalita Pawar) Kanta Kumari / Miss Moti
10. Aflatoon Aurat
aka Veerangana
aka Amazon
1940 Paramount Kikubhai Desai Miss Moti / Kanta Kumari
11. Mere Raja 1941 Paramount TS Mani Miss Moti / Kanta Kumari
12. Jungle Ki Pukar
aka Call Of The Jungle
1946 Allied Films Ramji Arya Ameena Khatoon / Usha

After 1941, he found it difficult to get films. He returned to his hometown Nashik to look after his family, farming and also started a business dealing in cucles. In 1946, he got his last film and after that, he again returned to Nashik. Master Shankar Rao Vazare died on 21-1-1949, at a very young age of only 33 years.

Shankar Rao Vazare was the favourite hero of director Kikubhai Desai (father of Manmohan Desai) for silent and talkie films. Fearless Nadia, Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar were his fans. Ashok Kumar used to like seeing his films. In one interview, Kishore Kumar has said – “Despite being a hero, my brother Ashok Kumar never did a fight scene on the screen. I considered Master Shankar Vazare a better hero than him ! ”

His hometown Nashik was very proud of him. During the centenary celebrations of Nashik Municipality, they published his photo and a short Biography in their souvenir. There were articles and photos published in local newspapers. His wife expired about 4 years ago and his sons continue to live in Nashik. They are proud of him.

To get a song from his films was a great problem since nothing is available on YouTube. I sent out request letters to some famous record collectors and our own Sudhir ji. All collectors replied negatively, but only Sudhir ji had just one song from the film ‘Madhu Bansari’ (1939). He sent me the song promptly. Thank you Sudhir ji for your kind help. On finding this song, Tejas Vazare and his family were overjoyed and have thanked our Sudhir ji wholeheartedly.

This song is sung by Vatsala Kumthekar, under the baton of Damodar Sharma. The film was directed by Nanubhai Vakil. The cast of the film was Master Vazare, Sarojini (sister of actress Indurani, mother of actress Azra and wife of Nanubhai Vakil ), Vatsala Kumthekar, Ganpat, Basheer, Ali etc. There were 14 songs in the film.

Acknowledgements :

–  Inputs from Tejas Vazare (grandson of Master Shankar Rao Vazare)
–  Article in newspaper ‘Lokmat’
–  Centenary book of Nashik Municipality
–  Advertisements in Times of India and Film India magazine
–  HFGK compiled by Shri Harmandir Singh ‘Hamraaz’
–  ‘Silent Filmography’ by Dr RK Verma
–  Sudhir ji
–  And my notes 🙂

Song – Rang Rasiya Aao Re (Madhu Bansari) (1939) Singer – Vatsala Kumethkar, Lyrics – [Unattributed], Music – Damodar Sharma

Lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

rang rasiya..aa..aa
aawo re
rang rasiya..aa..aa
aawo re
jeevan ki
prem jyot ko jagaawo
rang rasiya..aa..aa
aawo re
rang rasiya..aa..aa
aawo re
jeevan ki
prem jyot ko jagaawo
rang rasiya..aa..aa
aawo re
rang rasiya..aa..aa
aawo re

lagan lagi tumhre sang
aaa aaa aaaaa aaaaa
aaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa
aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaa aaaa
aaaa aaaa
aaaaaa aaaaaaaa
lagan lagi tumhre sang
oo oo aa..aa..aa
lagan lagi tumhre sang pyaare
lagan lagi tumhre sang pyaa..aare..e..e
oo oo oo
aa aa aaaaaaa aaaaa
aaa aaa aaaa aaa aa
lagan lagi tumhre sang pyaare
mann mein bas ke tum kahaan sidhaare
mann mein bas ke tum kahaan sidhaare
aawo preetam pyaare
aawo preetam pyaare

rang rasiya
rang rasiya aawo re
rang rasiya aawo re
jeevan ki prem jyot kojagaawo
rang rasiya. . .

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
रंग रसिया॰॰आ॰॰आ
आवो रे
रंग रसिया॰॰आ॰॰आ
आवो रे
जीवन की
प्रेम ज्योत को जगावों
रंग रसिया॰॰आ॰॰आ
आवो रे
रंग रसिया॰॰आ॰॰आ
आवो रे
जीवन की
प्रेम ज्योत को जगावों
रंग रसिया॰॰आ॰॰आ
आवो रे
रंग रसिया॰॰आ॰॰आ
आवो रे

लगन लगी तुम्हरे संग प्या॰॰आ॰॰आ॰॰रे
आss आss आssss आssss
आs आss आss आssss
आssssss आsssss आsss आsss
आsss आsss
आsssss आsssssssss
लगन लगी तुम्हरे संग प्या॰॰आ॰॰आ॰॰रे॰॰ए॰॰ए
ओ ओ आ॰॰आ॰॰आ
लगन लगी तुम्हरे संग प्यारे
लगन लगी तुम्हरे संग प्या॰॰आरे॰॰ए॰॰ए
ओ ओ ओ
आ आ आssssss आssss
आs आs आsss आss आs
लगन लगी तुम्हरे संग प्यारे
मन में बस के तुम कहाँ सिधारे
मन में बस के तुम कहाँ सिधारे
आवो प्रीतम प्यारे
आवो प्रीतम प्यारे

रंग रसिया
रंग रसिया आवो रे
रंग रसिया आवो रे
जीवन की प्रेम ज्योत को जगावों
रंग रसिया॰ ॰ ॰


21 Responses to "Rang Rasiya Aao Re"

I got tears reading this of how a grandson made an effort to bring the greatness of his grandfather known . He approached the right person in Arunji who substantiated the information given with his own research & even managing to procure a song to the utmost joy of the family. Hats off to ALL involved in this . TQ Arunji for letting me know about this. On my part if I find any pic connected to the above mentoned films , I will give them to you. ….I am eagerly looking forward to the family’s contribution of picsd & posters etc…& ur presentation of the same. Atulji’s blog Jai ho !!!!!!!

Thanks, Priya ji for your good words.
Indeed,the grandson is trying hard to bring his Grandpa before today’s world. I wish many such grandsons get inspiration from him and we get to know many unknown actors.

I first of all thank almighty for giving me birth in Master Shankerrao Vazare’s family and I think its my duty to bring forward what he has achieved in a short span of 33 years.

Amen to that !

Thank you very much and look forward for collaborations.

Tejas Sharad Vazare,
Permanent location- Nashik, India
Current location- Sharjah, U.A.E.

Date- 07.02.2018

Dear Mr.Arunkumar Deshmukh,

Thank you for all the time to write such an article and help you have given me in the research of my grandfather Master Shanker Vazare.

I especially appreciate and thank you and Mr. Sudhir Kapoor ji to have provided the song from Madhu Bansari film. Your assistance has been invaluable to me during this process.

Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your generosity and look forward to meet you.

Best Regards,

Tejas Sharad Vazare.

Dear Tejas ji,

It is very opportune for all of us on this blog, to be connected with you. As Arun ji would already have given you some intro about this blog – our team works together in our endeavour to research and bring to light more and more information / details / material related to Hindi films, especially from the earliest decades. And we are very glad to share it.

We are all looking forward to your proposed meeting with Arun ji in March.

Best regards

Tejas Vazare ji,

Thanks for introducing us to a great Hero of the Cinema of yore.
There will be more, after we all meet in March. Waiting eagerly for that.

“अनमोल जानकारी”
धन्यवाद अरुण जी

प्रकाश जी,

Wonderful research work Arunbhai and thanks to Sudhirbhai for a classicle song by Vatsalaji from the vintage film “Madhu Bansari”.

Thanks, Bharat ji, for your encouraging words.

This is a great piece of research. I can imagine the happiness of Shankarrao Vazare’s family to have him revived and remembered. The song too is very nice, being in my favourite Raag Bhimpalasi. Congrats to you and Sudhirji.

AK ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.

Painstaking job of unearthing and bringing to limelight forgotten unsung heroes like Shankar Vazare. At the behest of Tejas, went thru the write up which would have otherwise skipped my eyes. Thanks again for the rare information. Will be meeting Tejas in March when he will be here for just four days.

keepalivemusic ji,

Thanks for your comments on the write up.

Sir,I’m simply overwhelmed. Your writings have always delighted me. In past also you have enlightened we ignorants about those actors, whom we had heard but knew nothing about them. Today, we through your kindness came to know about late Shri Shankar Rao Wazare. Grateful for your message. The same gentleman also sent a message to me last month, but I did not respond, as I knew nothing about Mr Wazare. My best regards.

M N Sardana ji,
Thanks for the appreciation and your kind words.
Actually, I am your fan,enjoying everything that you write on Fb-VDYK. I am waiting for the day when you publish all your writings as a book.
Tejas has been contacting many famous and worthwhile writers to get his grandfather see today’s light.
I wont be surprised if Dr.Surjit singh ji publishes a book on Master Shankar rao Vazare ji ( like he did for Indurani ji) since Tejas ji has contacted him also.

Sir, Nothing could have pleased more than your caring words .I am feeling blessed. Thanks.

brilliant write up…thanks to tejas n arun ji for sharing such rare information about a long forgotten stalwart…

Thank you, Sharma ji, for your appreciation.

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