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Udti Chidiya Behta Paani

Posted on: February 6, 2018

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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First of all, I have to express my gratitude to this blog once again, it is only because of this blog that am able to share this post here. Though I have already shared many posts earlier, but today the personality I am writing about is of such a great stature that it is my fortune and blessings of this blog that I am able to do this.

Today we remember Ramchandra Narayandutt Dwivedi whom we fondly admire and respect as ‘Kavi Pradeep’ or ‘Rashtra Kavi Pradeep’ on the anniversary of his birth. He was born on 6th February,1915 and passed away on 11th December,1998 leaving behind a great legacy or even I can say a ‘heritage’ – a national heritage of his immortal poems and his ‘voice’.

I am short of words to add an adjective to describe his ‘voice’, because it cannot be expressed in words. It is an altogether a very different experience or rather divine experience to listen the songs sung by him. For that matter I think people like me who were born in end sixties and seventies or may be little later and even extending to the eighties, must have in their childhood heard his voice/songs playing on loud speakers, radio and in the earlier years of TV in India.

I cannot forget “Aao Bachcho Tumhein Dikhaayein“, and “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo“, one penned and sung by him and other penned by him, which were/are a ‘must’ on every Independence Day and Republic Day. And how rightly he said the value of ‘our hard fought freedom’ when he is talking to the new generation in this song “Hum Laaye Hain Toofaan Se Kishti Nikaal Ke’.

Then there are few songs which we used to listen when we grow up but can only understand their depth after we actually matured as adults. These are the philosophical song like “Dekh Tere Sansaar Ki Haalat“,  “Mukhda Dekh Le Praani“, “Pinjre Ke Panchhi Re“, “Doosron Ka Dukhdaa Door Karne Waale“, “Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chhaaon“, “Hum Ne Jag Ki Ajab Tasweer Dekhi“, “Koi Laakh Kare Chaturaayi“. Listening to these and songs sung by him have always given me a great motivation and inspiration other than giving peace to mind whenever I have felt like down with spirits or depressed and struggling with our day to day adversities.

He always wrote and sung with passion, pouring his heart and his feelings into his creations, and thus his songs whether patriotic, devotional or philosophical, when we listen to them, always take us to an altogether different ‘planet’ that is the magic of his words and his voice.

Like the song “Tere Dwaar Khadaa Bhagwaan“, I have never felt tired of listening to this song. I can listen to it many many times in one go. Then his song on the partition of India – “Aaj Ke Insaan Ko Ye Kya Ho Gaya“; one can just imagine the agony in his feelings and the ‘pain’ this ‘poet’ is going through on the degrading human values.

I would like to share here an incident which proves that if one gets a chance to listen to his songs they straight way take to one’s heart and mind forever and even the new generation cannot escape from his ‘passionate’ and ‘inspirational’ voice if they get that right atmosphere around where his songs are listened to. I was at Kota, in Rajasthan at that time in 1988-89. I had bought this compilation of Kavi Pradeep’s songs released by HMV. I presented this to one of my Senior Colleagues who was from Paudi Garhwal. He had a son and a daughter who was around 4-5 years old at that time.

After a gap of around 6-7 years when I was on tour to New Delhi I got a chance to visit this senior of mine and stay with them. As we were discussing his daughter came to me and said ‘Uncle, aap wahi Uncle ho na jinhone hamen Kavi Pradeep ji ki cassette di thi’.

What I want to put here is that if we the citizens of this country nurture good values, of course including the great heritage of our history, arts and culture, and pass them on to new generations, it will be certainly of a great help to instil in them the love for the nation and respect towards the great freedom fighters, soldiers of this country, the country – the land itself and our historical and cultural values.

Hindi movies already are doing great job in the service of nation and national integration. And Kavi Pradeep’s contribution in this cause is simply great and his poetry and songs need to be continuously passed on to the new generation to rouse patriotic values and love for the nation and its great historical heritage.

On this blog we always have this opportunity to share the works of such great persons and their art which they use as a ‘medium’ to reach people and in service of the ‘greater cause’ – ‘the nation’. And we have a long long way to go in this purpose of sharing his poetry /songs that he wrote for Hindi Movies. As per the ‘statistics’ page of this blog, we have till now posted only 167 (I hope this is the latest updated figures) out of the 531 songs he wrote for HFM.

Today I am sharing one of his songs which is written and sung by himself. This song, when I initially sent almost three years ago to Atul ji, I thought was a non-filmy song. As the link available then didn’t mention anything about this song. However, thanks to this book ‘Kavi Pradeep Ka Hindi Sahitya Mein Avdaan’ by Dr. Dinesh Chandra Awasthi which I got few months back and came to know that this song is actually from a ‘recent’ 1983 movie ‘Jai Baba Amarnath’ and not from a yesteryears movie or an NFS.

I like this song very much and it is ‘philosophical’ background song in the movie (as can be seen from the video of this song available now) and in the picturization of this song we can see Vikram Gokhale, Bina and others.

‘Jai Baba Amarnath’ was directed by BR Ishara for ‘King Movies’. It was produced by Badriprasad Joshi. It had Vikram Gokhale, Beena, Mahipal, BM Vyas, Surya Kumar, Anant Marathe, Maheshwari, Master Vikas, Mohan Choti, Meghna, Ratna Bhushan, Nayna Bhatt, Champshi Bhai, Ashalata, Bhagwan, Tun Tun, S Madan, Surekha Rane, Karunakar Pathak, Baiju Raja, Nanak Singh, Lakhan, Amit, Mishrilal, Hangama, Jaya Kaushalya, and Mahesh Desai.

The songs in this movie were sung by Kavi Pradeep, Mahendra Kapoor, Usha Khanna, Suresh Wadkar, Chandrani Mukerjee and Dilraj Kaur. The records were released by ‘Music India’. Sujit Sen and Subramaniam were Assistant Directors for this movie. SA Kadar was the Chief Assistant Director. Dahya Bhai was the Cameraman for this movie. The editing for this movie was done by LD Bhatia. Story of this movie was written by Pandit R Priyadarshi. Kavi Pradeep wrote the songs for this movie and music was composed by Usha Khanna.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 11.01.1983.

I have to confess here that I wished to write a detailed biographical write up (though I am not good in doing it like our senior members and other members) on Kavi Pradeep. I had actually started with it, but could not devote the time required, and so I am presenting a much briefer article about him. But that does not deprive us in enjoying this wonderful creation in his loving memory in our hearts. I will try to write his biographical sketch with more information about the movies he worked for in another article, as possible.

Let us now enjoy this philosophical yet motivational song, which is written and sung by Kavi Pradeep and composed by Usha Khanna. The movie ‘Jai Baba Amarnath’ makes its debut today on our blog.



Song – Udti Chidiya Behta Paani (Jai Baba Amarnath) (1983) Singer – Kavi Pradeep, Lyrics – Kavi Pradeep, MD – Usha Khanna


udti chidiya..aa..aa
inki kahaani kisne jaani
udti chidiyaa..aa..aa
inki kahaani ee kisne jaani
duniya waalo suno
isi ko kehte zindagani
udti chidiya
behta paani
inki kahaani kisne jaani

jeewan to hai ek ramta jogi re
bhatakta jogi
kise pata kiski shaam
kal kahaan hogi re
kal kahaan hogi
dharti waalo suno
ye hain shabd aasmaani
udti chidiya..aa 
inki kahaani  kisne jaani

bada hi ajeeb hai ye
duniya ka mela
duniya ka mela
karodon ki bheed mein hai
har koi akela
yahaan har koi akela
sun’ne waalo suno
ye hai santon ki vaani
udti chidiya..aa 
inki kahaani  kisne jaani

sansaar ke hain bade
tedhe medhe raaste
tedhe medhe raaste
ye tamaam raaste hain
hum sab ke waaste
hum sab ke waaste
chalne waalo suno safar mein
rakhna saavdhani
udti chidiya..aa
inki kisne jaani
udti chidiya..aa
inki kisne jaani

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
उड़ती चिड़िया॰॰आ॰॰आ
बहता पानी॰॰ई॰॰ई
इनकी कहानी किसने जानी
उडती चिड़िया॰॰आ॰॰आ
बहता पानी॰॰ई॰॰ई
इनकी कहानी॰॰ई किसने जानी
दुनिया वालो सुनो
इसीको कहते ज़िंदगानी
उडती चिड़िया॰॰आ
बहता पानी॰॰ई
इनकी कहानी किसने जानी

जीवन तो है एक रमता जोगी रे
भटकता जोगी
किसे पता किसकी शाम
कल कहाँ होगी रे
कल कहाँ होगी
धरती वालो सुनो
ये हैं शब्द आसमानी
उडती चिड़िया॰॰आ
बहता पानी॰॰ई
इनकी कहानी॰॰ई किसने जानी

बड़ा ही अजीब है ये
दुनिया का मेला
दुनिया का मेला
करोड़ों कि भीड़ में है
हर कोई अकेला
यहाँ हर कोई अकेला
सुनने वालो सुनो
ये है संतों कि वाणी
उडती चिड़िया॰॰आ
बहता पानी॰॰ई
इनकी कहानी॰॰ई किसने जानी

संसार के हैं बड़े
टेढ़े मेढे रास्ते
टेढ़े मेढे रास्ते
ये तमाम रास्ते हैं
हम सब के वास्ते
हम सब के वास्ते
चलने वालो सुनो सफर में
रखना सावधानी
उडती चिड़िया बहता पानी॰॰ई
इनकी कहानी॰॰ई किसने जानी
उडती चिड़िया॰॰आ
बहता पानी॰॰ई
इनकी कहानी॰॰ई किसने जानी

4 Responses to "Udti Chidiya Behta Paani"

Simply Superb post Sudhir ji


Oh I am Sorry
Thanks Avinash ji and Sudhir ji
SORRY again
Maine iss film ko kuchch hi dinon pehle dekh rakhaa thaa…..


Dear Prakash ji,

Yes, the article and the lyrics etc. are all written and prepared by Avinash ji. I am only the ‘post’-man. 🙂



postman bhi ko bhi thanks banatha hai Sudhir ji


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