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Kaaran Na Jaane Koi

Posted on: May 31, 2018

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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#the Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 68# Singer – Kishore Kumar

My personal opinion is that wherever and whatever field we are we should have a purpose and we should contribute to enrich that surroundings we are, for however long or short a period we are there. It was not that I was so ‘intelligent’ since my younger days. The thinking is a result of my experience or you can say ‘mistakes’ 😊 which have taught me a lot and yes ‘age should not be the price one should pay for being experience’ (as Wise people say). But some people like me took years to realize the ‘world around’ and learn only from mistakes 😊

Ok, whatever it is!! Here on this blog ever since I have been associated with, I am trying to do so. And simultaneously I continue to keep adding something. As and when I notice it, I also try to bring to the notice of our ‘editors’ the small or big corrections and or missing links which we need to correct and or re-install. Well, it is a different matter, that since they are much busier and already loaded with lot of requests and mails, sometimes my requests just keep lying in the mail boxes (may be for years or more 😊).

 Few days back when I was browsing through my pending list I noticed the song under discussion today was pending since long. And when I just glance through some statistics of interest, I find that sharing this song with a post is going to serve some purpose.

When I was drafting this post the number of Kishore Kumar solo songs posted on the blog was at 498, so I thought I should push one ahead so that the milestone of 500 is achieved. But, in the meantime, I could not send the post and this milestone was already achieved on the blog. Later I thought maybe I send it for the auspicious ‘501’, but that also was not achieved. However, the ‘bigger reason’ to share this post was still there and posting of this song here today will push this movie- of which the today’s song is from – one step ahead in the ‘Yippeeee land’ as after this song only one song from this movie ‘Kaaran’ will be remaining to be posted on the blog.

‘Kaaran’ is a movie of 1980. Yes, as per HFGK and movie’s Censor Certificate, its movie of 1980 passed by Censor Board on 18.11.1980, maybe it was released in theatres in 1981 which is all possible. (So, this needs to be corrected on the blog and this is yet another purpose of this post).

‘Kaaran’ is directed by BR Ishara for Bhagyalakshami Chitra Mandir Combine, Bombay. It was produced by Gopi Rohra. It had Raj Kiran, Shoma Anand, Master Bittu, Arun Irani, Seema Deo, Ramesh Deo, Ashok Khanna, Sanu Sanyal, Shankar, Pardesi, PM Maniyar, RS Chopda, Shirvastava, Sunder Taneja, Kamal Thakur, Mona Sayeed, Ashish Oza, Soman Randhava, Amit Kumar, Shyam Solanki, Amarchand, and Naveen Nischol in a ‘special appearance’. Satyen Kappu, Dheeraj Kumar, Manhar Desai and Gulshan Arora make a ‘guest appearance’ in this movie. The story is written by Jyoti Swaroop and BR Ishara (spelt as B AAR Ishara in the movie titles 😊). Editing for this movie was done by LD Bhatia.

The movie has three songs – all solo songs sung by male singers viz. Kishore Kumar, Yesudas and Mohd Rafi. Lyrics for all the three songs are penned by Indeewar and music is composed by Usha Khanna. One song sung by Yesudas from this movie has been posted to cover a ‘major milestone’ on the blog i.e. 1000th lyrics Contribution of Prakashchandra ji.

Today we present the second song of this movie, which in the movie is the first song. I came across this song almost more than five years back when I was a ‘newcomer’ on the blog 😊. I have not watched this movie so can’t say much about its story and its performance at the box-office. I would request knowledgeable readers to throw more light on the movie and its songs.

With a ‘purpose’ and ‘reason’ for this presentation and continuing with the journey of Kishore Kumar’s songs from the ‘decade of seventies’ let us now enjoy this poignant song. . . 

kaaran naa jaane koi…




Song – Kaaran Na Jaane Koi (Kaaran) (1980) Singer – Kishore Kumar, Lyrics – Indeewar, MD – Usha Khanna


kaaran na jaane koi
dil royaa aankh na royi
kaaran na jaane koi
toofaan dubotaa
to shikwaa na hotaa

khewaiyya ne naiyaa duboyee ee ee
kaaran na jaane koi
dil royaa aankh na royi
kaaran na jaane koi

apna kaha na mujhko kisi ne
kya main itna paraaya hoon
chalte hain sab mujhse bachke
kya main gunaahon ka saaya hoon
phir na jaagi kismat aisi
maut ki neendiya soyi ee ee
kaaran na jaane koi
dil royaa aankh naa royi
kaaran na jaane koi

patthar ko bhi chot lagey to
aag ugalney lagta hai
jag ko jalaakar dam leta hai
jab dil jalne lagta hai
phool bana hai bahaar ka dushman
baagh bachega na koi ee ee
kaaran na jaane koi
dil royaa aankh na royi
kaaran na jaane koi

aa ha ha ha aa ha
ho ho ho o ho ho o

pyaar jinhen milta hain kisi ka
wo sansaar sajaate hain
thukraaye jaate hain jo
duniyaa mein tabaahee laatein hain
suraj ne bhi andheron mein pal kar
roshni kaise khoi ee ee
kaaran na jaane koi
dil royaa aankh na royi ee
kaaran na jaane koi

ped binaa phal
phool binaa phulwaari adhoori hoti hai
jaagti hai jab mamta mann mein
naari poori hoti hai
mom ke jaisa patthar pighla
dil royaa aankh bhi royi ee ee
kaaran na jaane koi
dil royaa aankh bhi royi
kaaran na jaane koi
kaaran na jaane koi

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

कारण न जाने कोई
दिल रोया आँख ना रोई
कारण न जाने कोई
तूफ़ान डूबोता तो शिकवा न होता
खेवैय्या ने नैय्या डूबोयी ई ई
कारण न जाने कोई
दिल रोया आँख ना रोई
कारण न जाने कोई

अपना कहा ना मुझको किसीने
क्या मैं इतना पराया हूँ
चलते हैं सब मुझसे बचके
क्या मैं गुनाहों का साया हूँ
फिर ना जागी किस्मत ऐसी
मौत कि नींदिया सोयी ई ई
कारण न जाने कोई
दिल रोया आँख ना रोई
कारण न जाने कोई

पत्थर को भी चोट लगे तो
आग उगलने लगता हैं
जग को जलाकर दम लेता हैं
जब दिल जलने लगता हैं
फूल बना है बहार का दुश्मन
बाग़ बचेगा ना कोई ई ई
कारण न जाने कोई
दिल रोया आँख ना रोई
कारण न जाने कोई

आ हा हा हा आ हा
हो हो हो ओ हो हो ओ

प्यार जिन्हें मिलता हैं किसी का
वो संसार सजाते हैं
ठुकराए जाते हैं जो
दुनिया में तबाही लातें हैं
सूरज ने भी अंधेरों में पल कर
रौशनी कैसे खोयी ई ई
कारण न जाने कोई
दिल रोया आँख ना रोई
कारण न जाने कोई

पेड़ बिना फल
फूल बिना फुलवारी अधूरी होती हैं
जागती हैं जब ममता मन में
नारी पूरी होती हैं
मोम के जैसा पत्थर पिघला
दिल रोया आँख भी रोयी ई ई
कारण न जाने कोई
दिल रोया आँख भी रोई
कारण न जाने कोई
कारण न जाने कोई

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audio link


is this is the real video


Yes, but a partial one. Thanks for sharing it here.
the video link that I initially shared in 2012 is no more working now.


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