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Nazren milaa ke jo duniya ki nazron se dare

Posted on: October 31, 2018

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Today (31 october 2018) is the 43rd remembrance day of S D Burman (1 october 1906- 31 october 1975).

As a tribute, we already had a long and interesting article on S D Burman by our inhouse HFM historian cum researcher Mr Sadanand Kamath.

SLBC (Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation too spent almost the whole broadcast duration today by playing 27 S D Burman compositions today out of 28- the last being a K L Saigal song, of course. 27 S D Burman composition out of 670 odd HFM songs that S D Burman composed in his career work out to about 4 % of all S D Burman HFM songs.

My way of paying tributes to HFM artists is to present detaile filmography of those artists. It is no different today. Here in this aricle I will provide full filmography of S D Burman as far as Hindi movies are concerned.

S D Burman composed musuc in 89 released movies and one unreleased movie, as far as I can tell. As many as 74 of these movies are already YIPPEED in the blog. Overall, S D Burman composed some 670 songs in these movies. This blog has 626 of these songs. The blog also has 5 non film songs composed by S D Burman.

So in summary, only around 45 SD Burman HFM songs from 15 movies are left to be covered. All of these songs may not be available. My guess is that another 30 odd songs out of these 45 may be available and then S D Burman willjoin artists like K L Saigal and Suraiyya whose available songs are fully represented in the blog.

Here are the details of S D Burman songs from his hindi movies :-

Movie Name Year Songs in the blog Songs in movie Remarks
Aath Din 1946 6 7 Balance song not available
Shikaari 1946 9 10 Balance song not available
Dil Ki Raani 1947 9 9 One multiple version song
Chittor Vijay 1947 0 8 Songs of this movie are not available
Do Bhai 1947 9 9
Vidya 1948 10 10
Kamal 1949 10 10
Shabnam 1949 10 10
Afsar 1950 7 7
Mashaal 1950 7 7
Pyaar 1950 8 8
Baazi 1951 8 8
Bahaar 1951 8 8
Buzdil 1951 6 6
Ek Nazar 1951 9 9
Naujawaan 1951 7 7
Sazaa 1951 8 8
Jaal 1952 8 8
Laal Kunwar 1952 8 11
Armaan 1953 8 8
Baabla 1953 6 6
Jeevan Jyoti 1953 9 9
Shahanshah 1953 9 9
Angaarey 1954 10 10
Chaalis Baba Ek Chor 1954 8 12
Radha Krishna 1954 2 9
Taxi Driver 1954 8 8
Devdas 1955 10 10
House No 44 1955 8 8
Mad Bhare Nain 1955 8 8
Munim Ji 1955 11 11
Society 1955 8 8
Funtoosh 1956 8 8
Miss India 1957 10 10
Nau Do Gyarah 1957 8 8
Paying Guest 1957 7 7
Pyaasa 1957 11 11
Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi 1958 8 8
Kaala Paani 1958 6 6
Lajwanti 1958 6 6
Sitaaron se Aage 1958 8 10
Solva Saal 1958 5 5
Insaan Jaag Uthhaa 1959 7 7
Kaaghaz Ke Phool 1959 7 7
Sujata 1959 7 7
Apna Haath Jagannaath 1960 8 8
Bambai Ka Babu 1960 7 7
Bewaqoof 1960 9 9
Ek Ke Baad Ek 1960 8 8
Kaal Bazaar 1960 8 8
Manzil 1960 8 8
Miyaa Biwi Raazi 1960 7 7
Baat Ek Raat Ki 1962 8 8
Dr Vidya 1962 8 8
Naughty Boy 1962 6 8
Bandini 1963 7 7
Meri Soorat Teri Aankhen 1963 6 6
Tere Ghar Ke Saamne 1963 7 7
Benazir 1964 11 11
Kaise Kahoon 1964 7 7
Ziddi 1964 8 8
Guide 1965 10 10
Teen Deviyaan 1965 6 6
Jewel Thief 1967 7 7
Aradhana 1969 7 7
Jyoti 1969 5 5
Talaash 1969 8 8
Gambler 1970 5 5
Ishq Par Zor Nahin 1970 5 8
Prem Pujari 1970 7 7
Naya Zamaana 1971 7 7
Sharmeeli 1971 7 7
Tere Mere Sapne 1971 9 9
Anuraag 1972 6 6
Ye Gulistaan Hamaara 1972 4 7
Zindagi Zindagi 1972 7 7
Abhimaan 1973 7 7
Chhupa Rustam 1973 4 7
Jugnu 1973 6 6
Phagun 1973 3 6
Prem Nagar 1974 8 8
Sagina 1974 4 4
Us Paar 1974 5 5
Chupke Chupke 1975 4 4
Mili 1975 3 3
Arjun Pandit 1976 2 3
Baarood 1976 5 5
Deewaangi 1976 1 1
Tyaag 1976 1 5
Saaz (UR) 0 0
Total 89 movies 626 671 74 YIPPEED

As a tribute to S D Burman,I have chosen a song from “Naughty Boy”(1962).

“Naughty Boy”(1962) was produced and directed by Shakti Samanta. The movie had Kishore Kumar, Kalpana, Omprakash, Sundar, Madan Puri, Kanu Roy, Krishnkant, Kundan, Praveen Paul, Shivraj, Sulochana Cahtterji, Prretibala, Nand Kishore, Masud, Paachhi, Manjula, Samar Chatterji, Kamaldeep, etc in it.

The movie had eight songs in it. Six songs from this movie have been discussed in the past.

Here is the sixth song from the movie to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Kishore Kumar. Shailendra is the lyricist. Music is composed by S D Burman.

The song is picturised on Kishore Kumar and others. One can see, among others, Edvina in the picturisation of this song. I am not familiar with others visible. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify the other actors in the picturisation.



Song-Nazren milaa ke jo duniya ki nazron se dare (Naughty Boy)(1962) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-S D Burman


nazre milaa ke jo duniya ki nazron se dare
milna na chaahe jo milne ke vaade hi kare
wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil
wo wo wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil
nazren milaa ke jo duniya ki nazron se dare
milna na chaahe jo milne ke vaade hi kare
wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil
wo wo wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil

zaalim hamaare dil ko na todo
chhupna chhupaana chhodo
zaalim hamaare dil ko na todo
chhupna chhupaana chhodo
tere bin ab mera jeena mushqil hai
jeena mushqil hai
nazren milaa ke jo duniya ki nazron se dare
milna na chaahe jo milne ke vaade hi kare
wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil
wo wo wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil

seekha hai humne jab tumpe marna
phir dard se kya darna
seekha hai humne jab tumpe marna
phir dard se kya darna
mohabbat dariya hai
dard saahil hai
dard saahil hai
wo wo wo wo wo wo
nazren milaa ke jo duniya ki nazron se dare
milna na chaahe jo milne ke vaade hi kare
wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil
wo wo wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil

maana ki tu to husn e jahaan hai
humsa bhi aashiq kahaan hai
maana ki tu to husne jahaan hai
humsa bhi aashiq kahaan hai
ye tera banda bhi tere kaabil hai
tere kaabil hai
nazren milaa ke jo duniya ki nazron se dare
milna na chaahe jo milne ke vaade hi kare
wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil
wo wo wo to buzdil hai
bada buzdil

4 Responses to "Nazren milaa ke jo duniya ki nazron se dare"

Never heard before. An appealing song with entertaining visuals.


‘Naughty Boy’ (1962) was jinxed from the very beginning. Shakti Samanta had signed Kishore Kumar and Madhubala for lead roles. However, due to Madhubala’s illness, she was replaced by Kalpana. The film took a long time to complete as Kishore Kumar got busy with taking care of Madhubala. In this film, Manna Dey has given his voice to Kishore Kumar in one song.

To make the matter worst, S D Burman, the film’s music director, was also ill. As a result, except for one song, rest of the songs were recorded by R D Burman and Jaidev.

The delay in the completion of the film put Shakti Samanta in a financial difficulties. So he approached his good friend, Shammi Kapoor for finance who advised him to produce a new film in which he would act and partly finance the film. So ‘China Town’ (1962) was conceived. The film was released in August 1962 and became a box office hit. Later, Shakti Samanta completed ‘Naughty Boy’ and got released in November 1962. The film failed at the box office. [ I got this information from the interview given by Shakti Samanta, but I do not remember whether it was in video/audio clip or was published as an article].

Incidentally, after ‘Naughty Boy’ (1962), S D Burman had no occasion to work in films in which Kishore Kumar was the actor-singer.


Wah Kamatji, Info se aanand de diya. Sada aanand dete raho.


audio link


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