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Nishaana bane dil hamaare tumhaare

Posted on: November 1, 2018

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Today’s song is quite a rare song. It is from film Khush Raho-49. This was a C grade stunt film, made by Sushil pictures, Bombay. Directed by Harbans,it had music by Shiv Dayal Batish. I say this is a rare song, for 2 reasons. One- in most cases, producers of stunt films were not interested in making commercial records of songs of their films. Reason – Usually, the composers of such low budget films were also unknown or less known composers. If at all, a well known composer was there, he rarely gave his best shot to stunt film, which attracted a fixed, low class audience. Second – Music or songs were not what attracted the audience of stunt films. So the songs rarely became well known and the records-if brought out at all-did not sell.

Therefore C grade film songs are usually a matter of interest to Collectors. These songs are not even uploaded on sites like U-Tube and that is why such film songs are difficult to be found. Only in extremely rare cases a song from a stunt film is famous and popular. off hand, I can remember one such song , ” Humen to loot liya mil ke husn walon ne” from film Al Hilaal-58. It became famous and had the honour of becoming the 5000 th song on this Blog, with write ups from Raja ji, Sudhir ji and Atul ji, on 13-11-2011. Of course, there could be some more famous songs from stunt films.

The cast of the film Khush Raho-49 was Bhagwan, Baburao (Pehalwan), Vasantrao (Pehalwan), Sarla, Leela Gupte, Ratan Piya and others. In the decade of 40s, the number One stunt film maker, director, producer and actor was undoubtedly Master Bhagwan. Till his first social film ” Albela ” -51 hit the screen and became an Iconic musical film, Bhagwan was into stunt films only.

Famous Film Historian and Author of Marathi, Hindi and English books on old films and artistes, Isak Mujawar ( 22-5-1934 to 26-2-2015 ) has written over 30 books. Mujawar, Master Bhagwan and C Ramchandra were good friends and Mujawar has written about them in his books. He has given first hand information gathered from them. Mujawar has written a book ” Ek Albela ” on Master Bhagwan. Many less known facts and anecdotes about Bhagwan, CR and other artistes are given in this book.

When Bhagwan was directing- and acting in- film Bahadur Kisan-37, he got introduced to CR or Ram Chitalkar,as he was known then.Soon they became thick friends. When Bhagwan got Tamil film ‘ Jaykodi’ to direct in Madras, he took Chitalkar as the Music Director. They did one more film ‘ Van Mohini’ together in Madras and returned to Bombay. Actually Bhagwan had received several offers to direct more films, including one from AVM also, but his brother Shankar Palav came to Madras and forced him to return to Bombay.

Harishchandrarao Kadam, who had floated his own production outfit Harishchandra Pictures, was waiting to offer a Hindi film,” Sukhi Jivan” for Bhagwan to direct. The offer was to act in and direct the film for Rs. 3000 pm salary plus 20% share in the profits of the film. However, the producer wanted to continue with his MD, Naidu for this film too. Naidu was once an assistant to Anil Biswas and Kadam had promissed Anil Biswas to give this film to Naidu. However, Bhagwan flatly refused and said,” only Chitalkar will be the MD or I wont do the film”. Now there was a problem, as both were adamant for their MD. Finally, Anil Biswas came to mediate. Bhagwan told him,” Chitalkar came to Madras with me on my calling and also returned to Bombay with me,though he too had more offers there. Now I can not leave him high and dry. It is with him or no film”

Anil Biswas told the producer, ” OK. you give this film to Chitalkar and next film to Naidu”. The problem was solved and Ram Chitalkar got his first Hindi film ‘ Sukhi Jivan’-42 as an independent MD. He began his career and rose to heights which we all know very well. Harishchandrarao kadam gave film ‘ Watan ki Pukar ‘-43 to Naidu. Like this many interesting anecdotes are described in the book ‘ Ek Albela ‘, about CR and Bhagwan. I intend to weave some stories in my forthcoming posts.

In the cast there is a very romantic name-Ratan Piya. He was born on 5-3-1904 at Lucknow. His father Pt. Madan Mohan was secretary to Motilal Nehru. His father was a theatre lover and so started his own Theatre company at Allahabad. Ratan, after his matriculation started working in it. He was trained to write songs for its dramas. Their company was patronised by the Viceroy, who paid Rs. 20 p.m. as his Patronage !

Ratan debuted as a Lyricist in film Pakke Badmash-1939. For this film, he even wrote an English song. His films as a Lyricist were Zaban-43, Mali-44, Umang-44 Nai Baat-47 and Batohi-48. For sustenance, he even acted in few films like, Shakuntala-43, Umang-44, Meena-44, Mahakavi Kalidas-44, Panna Dai-45, Khush Raho-49, Janam Patrika-49 and Begunah-49. After this Ratan Piya returned to Allahabad to look after their Theatre when his father died.

There were 3 Major Centres for Hindi Film Production in India in the early days. Calcutta,Lahore and Bombay.

From the period of Talkie films, all the 3 centres became very active and many films with lot of songs were produced.Initially,in the Talkie films,even the Dialogues were in poetry type,so it was difficult to demarcate Dialogues and songs separately.Films like Indrasabha-1932 had 71(or 69) songs.Similarly, films from that era had anything between 10-50 songs each.

In the Calcutta centre, film music had a distinct influence of Robindra Sangeet,In the Lahore films,it was Punjabi and folk tunes whereas in the western Bombay centre music was influenced by Marathi stage, Gujarati Dramas and Parsi Theatre. Out of this, Marathi stage music had a pronounced effect on films as many classical Drama artists joined Film industry.As such this music was well developed and its acceptability was taken for granted.

When more films and songs were made in Bombay,there was a need for more singers.The composers were constantly on the lookout for fresh singers.
Prabhat Film Company shifted from Kolhapur to Poona,but there were many connections still left in Kolhapur area.When Prabhat started making the film ” SANT SAKHU ” in 1941,the Music Director Keshav Rao Bhole needed new singers.His assistant that time was a young man from Kolhapur area,named VASANT DESAI. He was entrusted the task of getting new singers. Such Talent Hunters were in Calcutta and Lahore also.

There is a book “The Desai Trio and the movie industry in India” by shri Nilu Gavankar. He describes this episode thus-

Vasant Desai had lot of connections in Kolhapur and Konkan.He had learnt about 2 Desai Sisters of Kolhapur who were very good singers,but he did not know them.He went to Kolhapur and met Mrs.Susheelabai Gavankar,the author’s wife and his family friend.He inquired if she knew these girls.She said, “Yes.Their mother Sharadini Desai is my friend.” They both went to Desai house. Vasant Desai was introduced.There were 2 sisters VINODINI AND PRAMODINI. Vinodini was about 15 yr.old. Vasant Desai proposed that Vinodini sings for a Hindi film. There was a flat refusal as ” girls from good homes do not sing in films”. After a great convincing and a promise of personal protection, it was agreed.

Accordingly, VINODINI sang for her first Hindi film Sant Sakhu in 1941. Later she was given many opportunities to sing in Marathi films, Bhavgeets etc.In 2 years’ time Vinodini got married to Music Director PANDURANG DIKSHIT and became Vinodini Dikshit. She was actually more into classical singing and devoted time in that, so she sang only 15 songs in Hindi films like Sant Sakhu-41, Gwalan -46, Lakhon mein ek-47, Poojya Gandhi ji-48, Sati Narmada-50 and Bhagwan Shrikrishna-50. She gave stage shows for classical singing and was actively involved in Kalyan Gayan Vidyalaya near Bombay.

Her younger sister Pramodini followed suit and started singing in Hindi films, starting with Khush Raho-49. She sang in more films than her sister, 27 songs in 13 films. Her other films include Raaz-49, Dilruba-50 Shokhiyan-51, Kashmir-51, Nand Kishore-51, Sazaa-51 Char chand-53, Fariyadi-53, One two Three-53, Gunah-53, Naulakha Haar-53 and Pehli Tarikh-54 . Later she got married to Ashok Patkar and settled in Bombay as a Housewife.

Today’s song is sung by Promodini Desai and Balbir. There were 9 songs in the film and 6 of them were sung by her. 3 solos and 3 duets. There were also 2 solos of Balbir in it. Except for today’s song, I could not get any other song from this film. So let us enjoy this rare song. With this song film Khush Raho -49 makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Nishaana bane dil hamaare tumhaare(Khush Raho)(1949) Singers-Pramodini Desai, Balbir, Lyrics- Ehsan Rizvi, MD-S D Batish


Nishaana bane dil
nishaana bane dil
hamaare tumhaare
nishaana bane dil
hamaare tumhaare
chamakne lage aaj kismat ke taare
ho kismat ke taare

nishaana bane dil
nishaana bane dil
hamaare tumhaare

khushi jhoom uthhi zindagi muskuraa di
khushi jhoom uthhi zindagi muskuraa di
machalne lage dil mein armaan saare
ho armaan saare

nishaana bane dil
nishaana bane dil
hamaare tumhaare

jidhar dekhti hoon khushi hi khushi hai
jidhar dekhti hoon khushi hi khushi hai
galey lag rahe hain yahaan ke nazaare
ho yahaan ke nazaare

nishaana bane dil
nishaana bane dil
hamaare tumhaare

?hui ?? aankhon ki ??
?hui ?? aankhon ki ??
?? ki baazi mein ham aaj haare
ho ham aaj haare

nishaana bane dil
nishaana bane dil
hamaare tumhaare

ye dil keh raha hai
nazar keh rahi hai
ye dil keh raha hai
nazar keh rahi hai
mohabbat hai kaayam tumhaare sahaare
ho tumhaare sahaare

nishaana bane dil
nishaana bane dil
hamaare tumhaare
nishaana bane dil
hamaare tumhaare


10 Responses to "Nishaana bane dil hamaare tumhaare"

Arun ji,
I had uploaded this song from this film about two months back.

When I checked on UT, it did not show up.
Have u got any more songs from this film ?

I had found this song by Pramodini-a solo- ‘ Hanse tum to dil ki khushi’, uploaded by you but I wanted this duet.

Unfortunately, I do not have any more song from this film.

Arun ji,

I have two more songs from this film.


Sudhir ji,
Which are those songs?

There is another song from Khush Raho 1949 in youtube uploaded by Sadanand Kamat ji:

It is already mentioned and posted above(in comments) by Sadanand ji himself.

Thanks a lot Arun ji! Got introduced to a lovely voice of P Desai! I wonder why SD Batish would have taken playback of Balbir when he himself was a good singer!

Glad you liked it.

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