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Mat hona behosh

Posted on: November 21, 2018

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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Today’s song is truly a rare song. It is from a film called Romantic India-1936. It was a C grade costume film, directed by veteran Mohan Sinha. Looking at the film’s cast of Jeevan, Shyamsunder, Noorjehan, Radharani, Pt. Badri pershad, Gulab etc etc., it is confirmed that it was one of those C grade films which had its own audience in almost every village, town and city in India.

During the 20s, 30s and the 40s decades, films catered to all types of movie goers. Various Genres were used like Mythological, Religious, Stunt, Adventure, Folk tales, Historical, Social, Mystery, Family, Drama, Fantasy, Costume, Comedy, Tragedy and every other conceivable Genre possible. These films catered to all age groups as well as all social divisions like the poor, middle class and the rich. The daily earners, workers and lower strata of the society were avid viewers of stunt films.

When I started seeing stunt films, the first choice was of course films of Fearless Nadia. However, by that time most of her films were unavailable and I could see only a few of them. Stunt films of Shankar rao Vazre, Master Bhagwan, Chandrarao Kadam, Kamran, Dalpat, Navin Yagnik, John Cavas, Boman Shroff, Billimorea brothers, Prakash, khaleel, Master Vithal, Baburao pehelwan etc were lapped up by me and my like minded friends. Most of these films were seen at the cost of attending school.

These stunt films had not only their own fixed audience, but also these films were shown in particular theatres of the towns. usually, these were situated in poor areas and the owners never believed in its maintenance. Perhaps, even the audience was uncomfortable in well maintained, soft cushioned, airy and clean theatres ! Like the audience and the theatres, the cast of stunt films, the directors and the producers were fixed and usual. The Music Directors had not much work, since the audience considered songs as a hindrance to the film story. Rarely commercial records of stunt film songs were made. Master Bhagwan once revealed that a stunt film was made completely in Rs. 50,000 easily, all expenses included ! Therefore, these films used to give good profits to the producers and investors.

Collecting information on actors working in such films was and is a tough task. In general, collecting details of any actor of yesteryear is very challenging. When I started writing on old films and its artistes, I realised that doing research on old time cine artistes is a very tedious task. The kind of sources one has to tap is simply unimaginable. If you happen to meet a close relative or a family member, who has the knowledge about the old timer, then you are lucky. This was precisely what happened in case of Bhudo Advani ( his son), Parshuram (his daughter), Mirza Musharraf ( his daughter/son in law ), Indurani (her son), Latika ( her daughter), Vasant kumar Naidu ( his Nephew) and Shankar rao Vazre( his grandson) who met/contacted me and I could get enough Bio data on them. But this is by and large by pure Luck only. Otherwise hard work in such searches is the only way and one does not know how much time it will take and what will be the final outcome.
A case in point is that of yesteryear Heroine Mrudula. I came to know some information and the address of Mrudula, by chance, and I was very happy. Mrudula was the First Heroine of Dilip Kumar in his Debut film Jwar Bhata-1944. She was staying in a building near Arey Dairy in Worli, Bombay. I immediately contacted Shishir krishna Sharma ji, who is an expert in interviewing such old timers and gave him the information. At the first opportunity, he went to that address. Unfortunately, she had left that place and with great difficulty, he got her current address. He reached that building- Samudra Mahal in Worli. However, to his dismay, the watchman at the gate did not allow him to enter, despite explaining to him. He was not even allowed to talk to her on intercom. The matter ended there only. Now we know where she lives, since 2 years but cant contact her. She is already above 90 years of age. Such are the unseen difficulties in meeting the surviving old artistes.

Similarly, when I started work on different Radharani named actresses, initially I thought that there were 3 Radha Ranis. Sadanand ji Kamath helped me by providing some clues and I reworked on the whole matter, finally arriving at the correct information. This is really hard work.

In case of Radha Rani, most important point is, there are only Two of them and NOT three as believed earlier. One was operating only in Calcutta and the other was from Bombay. Here are the details. Here, I am making it a concise version to avoid too long an article. Since the Radha Rani who worked in film Romantic India-1936 was from Bombay, here is only her information.


She was the daughter of a Military Officer. Born at Quetta, Baluchistan, in or around 1920-21, she had a British father and Indian mother. She had total Indian looks. Her initial education and schooling was done in Bombay. She became an expert in Horse Riding, swimming, cycling, driving and skating. She was very beautiful and attractive. At the age 15, she looked quite grown up with distinct features. While in school final itself, she got offers from films. Her first film was Romantic India-36. Being an expert singer, she started singing in films. Next she acted in Badhe Chalo-37.

She was called to Calcutta to act in film ‘ Swaraj ke Sipahi ‘-37. From Calcutta, she went to Madras to do a role in a Telugu film ‘ Bhakta Jaidev ‘-38. Returning to Bombay, Radha Rani acted in Sunehra Baal-38 and then joined Wadia movietone. Here she did 7 stunt/action films.

After this she became a freelancer and acted in 18 more films of different banners. She also acted in Punjabi film ‘ Kurmai’-41. Her achievements in films were amazing. Stepping directly from school classroom onto the Silver screen, in her first 5 years of career itself, she had bagged 15 feature films. This was mainly due to to her striking screen beauty, linguistic dexterity and histrionic versatility. She was a consummate actress, singer and dancer. She was very fond of reading English literature and would spend time reading books during shooting breaks.

She made a good pair with actor Zahoor Raja in 8 films. She acted in 3 films of his production company and in film Badal-42, he directed her. her last film was Rasilee-46. After this film she got married and went to England.

Filmography- Romantic India-36, Badhe Chalo-37, Swaraj ke sipahi-37, Bhakta Jaydev-38(Telugu), Sunehra Baal-38, kahan hai manzil teri-39, Hind ka lal-40, Diamond queen-40, Jai swadesh-40, Bambaiwali-41, Manthan-41, Safed sawar-41, Seedha Rasta-41, Darpan-41, Kurmai-41(Punjabi), Swami-41, Badal-42, Motorwali-42, Sewa-42, Suhagan-42, Jungle Princess-42, Mazaq-43, Mr.Jhatpat-43, Paraya Dhan-43, Sawal-43, Bhai-43, O Panchhi-44, Ghazal-45, Laaj-46 and Rasilee-46.

By a sheer coincidence, there was another ‘Same Name Confusion’ artiste in this film- Noorjehan. This was Noorjehan Sr. Her career spanned from the silent era to 1953. To add to the confusion, she also sang few songs. A part of her career clashed with the more famous singer actress Malika-E-Tarannum, Noorjehan. This created confusion in the minds of those interested in the history of Hindi films. After a study of long time spent in gathering information about the Senior Noorjehan, we are now able to distinguish between the two artistes. For our readers, here is information on the senior Noorjehan, who had worked in film Romantic India-36.

Noorjehan-Sr.’s real name was Zebunnisa,but since there were already many Zebs in the film line,she took the name of Noorjehan. She was from a Tawayaf family of Lahore. She started with Silent film Gulnar-1930,then came All for love,chandramani,Hind ke tare,Shaliwahan etc. After doing about 10 silent films,she first appeared in a Talkie Mirza Sahibaan-1933. (The silent films were produced till sept.1934).

She was actually not a professional singer,but in those days it was compulsory for the Lady actors to sing songs also,since playback had not started. That is the reason she sang also. She did about 57 Talkie films like patit pawan,Kala wagh,Kismet ki kasauti,Vaaman avtaar,Delhi Express,Jaane aalam,karvaan e husn,Rangeela Nawab,Sati toral, Stree dharma,Romantic India,Shaahu chor,tope ka Gola,Adarsh mahila etc. After 1937,she did not get major roles and songs also diminished. Her last film was Anarkali-53.
The confusion causing films of Noorjehan Sr. are…. 1941- Radhika- sang 2 songs, Sasural- 3 songs, Ummeed-1 song. She also worked in Sikander and Red signal.
1942- Dhiraj- sang 1 song. Also acted in Chandni
1943- Adab Arz-sang 1 song. Also acted in Vish kanya
1944-No film
1946-Jadugar, Eight days, Gwalan, Maharana Pratap, Sofia, Talwarwala
1947- Aabida, Do Bhai, Meerabai.
After retirement from films, she lived in Bombay, Dadar area. She knew Driving, so she became a Lady Driver instructor in a Driving School, to sustain for some time. Thereafter no information on her.

Coming back to today’s film Romantic India-36, it was directed by Mohan Sinha . He was born on 2-12-1903 at Indore. He studied upto matriculation in Indore. His uncle was General Bhavnani Singh, who was in the Indore state army. With his help, Mohan got in state army as a Lieutenant. However, he did not continue for long and left the army. In 1933, he started a film company at Indore-Navyug films. But due to lack of opportunities in Indore, it was closed soon.

Mohan came to Bombay, floated Krishna Films and made and directed a film ” Fashionable India”-35. It was a hit film and he got offers from Rajputana films,General FPictures, Circo and National. He worked with all of them. Sinha went to Calcutta and started Murli pictures. he made ” Swaraj ke sipahi”-37, which was a flop. he came back to Bombay and directed Industrial India-38, for General films. Then came Swastik-39, Laxmi-40,Anuradha-40 and Vanmala-41. He floated Murari Pictures in 1942 and made badlati Duniya-43 and krishnarjuna yudha-45 ( This film was appreciated by Dr. Rajendra prasad, Dr. Shamaprasad Mukherji, Veer Savarkar and Acharya kriplani also). One interesting fact about Mohan Sinha was that he directed 3 films describing India of those days, namely Fashionable India-35, Romantic india-36 and Industrial India-38.

In 1946, Mohan Sinha directed K L Saigal in Omar khayyam and Surendra in 1857, Raj kapoor in Dil ki Rani-47 and Dev Anand in Jeet-49. Mohan Sinha directed in all 32 films. He wrote lyrics for 62 songs in 7 films. His last film was Shaan E Hind-60. He died in 1984. Mohan Sinha’s granddaughter Vidya Sinha was an actress.

Today’s song is sung by Noorjehan Sr. In the song there is a long talk by a male person. It seems, the singer is trying to motivate that person not to lose hopes and stop drinking.

Song-Mat hona behosh (Romantic India)(1936) Singer-Noorjahaan Sr, Unknown male voice, MD-Pt Badri Prasad


mat hona behosh
kabhi haan
mat hona behosh kabhi
tum prem sudha
peete rahna
tum prem sudha
peete rahna
haan aan aan aan
mat hona behosh
kabhi haan
mat hona behosh

prem nasha hai sabse niraala
prem nasha hai sabse niraala
kar dega tumko matwaala
kar dega tumko matwaala
amras ka hai sundar pyaala
amras ka hai sundar pyaala

ye tum kya kah rahi ho chandrakala
tum nahin jaanti
tum jaanti ho main sharaab nahin chhod sakta
mujhe peena padti hai
mujhe majbooran peena padti hai
bahut martaba maine koshish ki
ke main ise chhod doon
lekin main nahin chhod saka
aur ab
ab to main ise chhodna chaahta hi nahin
lekin tum kahti ho
ki sharaab se badh kar bhi koi cheez hai
to wo kya hai
kaisi hai
chandrakala mujhe bataao wo kya cheez hai
bolo chandrakala

amras ka hai sundar pyaala
amras ka hai sundar pyaala
pee ke ise peete rahna
pee ke ise peete rahna
aa aa aa
mat hona behosh
haan haa haa
mat hona besudh
kabhi haan
mat hona behosh


9 Responses to "Mat hona behosh"

This song is actually “Mat hona behosh kabhi tum prem sudhaa peete rahna” from ROMANTIC INDIA (1936). It is sung by Miss Noorjehan.

This song was posted on Surjit Singh’s website some years ago:


Thank you, Shalin ji,
The matter is corrected now.


Noorjehan (Sr) was a real confusion creator.!!!
She did at least 3 films with the same name, what Malika-e-Tarannum did. e.g. Mirza Sahiba and 2 Pak films Gulnar and Anarkali.




There was one more Noor Jahan – the singer-actor of the silent era and talky films of 1930s. She sang in ‘Kaarwaan-E-Husn’ (1936). Listen to her song and one would notice how different her voice is from Noor Jahan (Sr) and Malika-e-Tarannum Noor Jahan.


You are right. This Noorjehan was a singer from Lucknow. HFGK has mentioned her name specifically as from Lucknow.

Those days Lucknow-city of Nababs- was famous for singers and they were invited all over the country.
This Noorjehan was only a singer and not actress. In this film Noorjehan Sr. had acted and she sang 4 songs also in it.

Similar to this Noorjehan, another singer from Lucknow- Gauhar Sultana- was brought by Khursheed Anwar for few songs in his film Ishara-43.


Arun ji,

Just a doubt. In the absence of playback singing, how could Noor Jahan of Lucknow have sung in ‘Kaarwaan-e-Husn (1935) without being actress?

My doubt arose because the voice of Noor Jahan (Sr.) in the song of ‘Romantic India’ (1936) , in my view, does not match with the voice of Noor Jahan in the song I referred to from Kaarwaan-e-Husn (1935).


They used to play the prerecorded song in the background. Such or sometimes it was played on phono or radio in the film.


May be this NJ appeared in the film for this song alone. She might have sung it on camera and then it was added to the film.


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