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Mose chanchal jawaani sambhaali nahin jaaye

Posted on: January 14, 2019

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Whenever new technoloy is introduced, people feel threatened. But with time, this new technology not only makes life easy and more enriched, it opens up new employment opportunities.

Take movies for example. Initial movies were silent movies. They required technicians as well as actors.

Movies began to speak from 1927, and in India talkies began in 1931. It suddenly opened up new opportunities. Actors who were ony needed to show their face till then, were now required to speak, and sing as well. Suddenly many good looking actors with poor voices found themselves unemploed.

Movies began to speak, which meant they could speak in various languages and so different language movie industries came up. Language related artists, namely dialogue writers, and lyricists became essential for these movies. Since need of songs was felt so music directors and singers were needed.

As one can see, the “simple” advancement in technology opened up new opportunities and that changed the face of movies. Personnel skilled in languages suddenyly found themselves in demand.

Since Hindi movies came into existence in early 1930s, it followed that most artists of talkies were born in and around early 1900s. So, these early pioneers of Hindi movies were born some one hundred years ago. Many of such early pioneers have already completed their birth centenaries.

This blog began on 19 july 2008. Some Hindi movie stalwards who have completed their centuries after than date are Leela Chitnis, K N Singh, K Amarnath, Gope, Kidar Sharma, Jagmohan Sursagar, Gopal Singh Nepali, Khursheed Bano, Bhagwan Dada, Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, Anil Biswas, Lalita Pawar, G P Sippy, Zohrabai Ambalewali, S D Batish, Kishore Sahu, Hansraj Bahl, Bharat Vyas, Shakeel Badayuni, Chitragupta, Kamal Amrohi, Qamar Jalalabadi, Roshan, C Ramchandra etc.

Lots of artists will have their centenaries in the coming years.

The year 2019 has just begun. Birth centenaries of several artists will fall this year.

Today is 14 january 2019. It is the birth centenary of Kaifi Azmi (14 january 1919- 10 may 2002), who was born on this day exactly one hundred years ago. He was born in Azamgarh in Eastern UP which happens to be about 180 km away from the place where I am based at present.

In the past, when I was based in states like MP, Maharashtra and Chhatisgarh, such birth centenary artists appeared to be born “distant” lands, but ever since I arrived in UP in 2015, I find that many of these famous artists, mostly lyricists, were born in nearly places. For instance, Shakeel Badayuni’s birth centenary fell on 2016, and this place Badayun was about 40 km from Izatnagar, Bareilly where I was based at that time. Azamgarh is 180 km away from Gorakhpur. This year will see the birth centenary of Majrooh Sultanpuri, and guess what , Sultanpur is also nearly, some 200 km away. 🙂

Coming to Kaifi Azmi, he was born as Sayyad Akhtar Hussain Rizvi. Like many other persons of literature, he was influenced by communism and Marxism and his literature reflected that. He became a CPI member in 1943 and a member of Progressive Writers movement in 1945.

He was one of the first shaayars to join Hindi movies as a lyricist. His first movie as a lyricist was “Buzdil”(1951) where S D Burman was the music director. He penned three songs in the movie. All these three songs are already covered in the blog.

According to my calculation, Kaifi Azmi penned some 360 songs in 93 movies. His last movie was “Ek Alag Mausam”(2003) whose songs were released after he had already left for the heavenly abode.

Here is the filmography of Kaifi Azmi.

Movie Year MD Songs of lyricist in the blog Song penned by lyricist in movie
Buzdil 1951 S D Burman 3 3
Bahu Beti 1952 S D Batish 1 7
Gul Bahaar 1954 Dhaniram 0 1
Hatim Tai Ki Beti 1955 A R Qureshi 1 2
Naata 1955 S Mohinder 1 1
Sakhi Hatim 1955 A R Qureshi 1 5
Shaahi Chor 1955 Dhaniram 1 1
Laal e Yaman 1956 A R Qureshi 1 6
Sultaana Daaku 1956 Bipin Baabul 0 2
Yahudi Ki Beti 1956 Kamal Mitra 1 7
Zindagi 1956 Md Shafi 1 7
Jannat 1957 Husnlal Bhagatram 0 6
Lala Rukh 1958 Khayyam 7 7
Chaalis Din 1959 Baabul 5 8
Kaaghaz Ke Phool 1959 S D Burman 6 6
Apna Haath Jaggannath 1960 S D Burman 8 8
Chor Darwaaza 1960 Frank 1 6
Ek Ke Baad Ek 1960 S D Burman 8 8
Razia Sultaana 1961 Pt Lachchiram 1 2
Shama 1961 Ghulam Mohammad 12 12
Bijli Chamke Jamuna Paar 1962 S N Tripathi 0 7
Naqli Nawab 1962 Baabul 2 2
Shola aur Shabnam 1962 Khayyam 2 3
Haqeeqat 1964 Madan Mohan 7 7
Idd Ka Chaand 1964 A R Qureshi 1 9
Kohra 1964 Hemant Kumar 5 5
Main Suhaagan Hoon 1964 Pt Lachchiram 4 4
Do Dil 1965 Hemant Kumar 7 7
Faraar 1965 Hemant Kumar 6 6
Anupama 1966 Hemant Kumar 5 5
Bahaaren Phir Bhi Aayengi 1966 O P Nayyar 1 1
Daak Ghar 1966 Madan Mohan 3 6
Uski Kahaani 1966 Kanu Roy 2 2
Aakhri Khat 1967 Khayyam 6 6
Ghar Ka Chiraag 1967 Madan Mohan 4 6
Mera Bhai Mera Dushman 1967 Khayyam Unknown Unknown
Naunihaal 1967 Madan Mohan 4 7
Anokhi Raat 1968 Roshan 1 1
Saat Hindustaani 1969 Laxmikant Pyarelal 1 4
Satyakaam 1969 Laxmikant Pyarelal 3 3
Daghabaaz 1970 Dilip Roy 1 1
Ek Bulbula Paani Ka 1970 Jaidev 0 1
Heer Raanjha 1970 Madan Mohan 8 8
Maa Ka Aanchal 1970 Madan Mohan 6 6
Maharaja 1970 Madan Mohan 2 2
Saat Phere 1970 Sudhir Sen 1 6
Chhoti Bahu 1971 Kalyanji Anandji 1 1
Do Boond Paani 1971 Jaidev 4 5
Parwaana 1971 Madan Mohan 6 6
Saaz aur Sanam 1971 Chitragupta 0 5
Shaan e Khuda 1971 Iqbal Qureshi 0 2
Baawarchi 1972 Madan Mohan 4 6
Mangetar 1972 Sudhir Sen 1 6
Paakeezah 1972 Ghulam Mohammad 1 1
Rivaaz 1972 Shankar Jaikishan 0 1
Shair e Kaashmir Mahzoor 1972 Prem Dhawan unknown unknown
Sultaana Daaku 1972 Madan Mohan 2 4
Alam Ara 1973 Iqbal Qureshi 0 7
Garm Hawa 1973 Aziz Ahmad Khan Warsi 1 1
Hanste Zakhm 1973 Madan Mohan 5 5
Hindustan Ki Kasam 1973 Madan Mohan 4 4
Naina 1973 Shankar Jaikishan 1 1
Asliyat 1974 Madan Mohan 0 2
Faasla 1974 Jaidev 1 4
Sankalp 1974 Khayyam 4 4
Dhoop Chhaaon 1977 Shankar Jaikishan 0 1
Dil Aur Patthar 1977 Iqbal Qureshi 1 6
Kanneshwar Rama 1977 B V Karanth 0 2
Ooperwaala Jaane 1977 Laxmikant Pyarelal 0 2
Shankar Hussain 1977 Khayyam 1 1
Inspector Eagle 1978 Madan Mohan 1 3
Subhash Chandra 1978 Aparesh Lahiri unknown unknown
Toote Khilaune 1978 Bappi Lahiri 5 5
Angaar 1980 Sonik Omi 0 2
Shaitaan Mujrim 1980 Ratandeep Hemraj 1 1
Suraag 1980 Bappi Lahiri 2 6
Aakhri Mujra 1981 Kalyanji Anandji 0 1
Kaanoon aur Mujrim 1981 C Arjun 1 1
Deedaar e Yaar 1982 Laxmikant Pyarelal 0 2
Lakshmi 1982 Usha Khanna 0 2
Arth 1983 Jagjit Singh 3 3
Razia Sultaan 1983 Khayyam 1 1
Bhaavna 1984 Bappi Lahiri 1 5
Ham Rahe Na Ham 1984 Bappi Lahiri 1 6
Kahaan Tak Aasmaan Hai 1984 Raghunath Seth 0 7
Ek Pal 1986 Bhupen Hazarika 0 2
Naseehat 1986 Kalyanji Anandji 0 1
Main Aazaad Hoon 1989 Amar Utpal 1 1
Phir Teri Kahaani yaad aayi 1993 Anu Malik 0 1
Tamanna 1997 Anu Malik 0 1
Chaand Grahan 1997 Anu Malik 4 7
Khamoshi 2002 Jagjit Singh 0 1
Ek Alag Mausam 2003 Ravi 0 5
Total movies=93 199 360

As can be seen from the filmography, Kaifi azmi has penned many memorable songs that need no introduction. For instance, who can forget the songs of “Kaaghaz Ke Phool”(1959), “Haqeeqat”(1964), or the songs of “Kohra”(1964) and “Anupama”(1966). In “Heer Ranjha”(1970), he not only penned the lyrics but also the dialogues, the dialogues being entirely in verse ! One can look at his filmography and recall the songs from those movies.

On the occasion of his birth centenary, here is a song from “Bahu Beti”(1952). This movie was directed by C L Dheer for Badoda Theatre Limited Bombay. This “social” movie had Geeta Bali, Amarnath, Jaswant, Vijaylaxmi, Rashid, Leela Mishra, S Nazeer, Nazirabai etc in it.

This movie had seven songs in it. Six songs were penned by Kaifi azmi and one by Vishwamita Adil. One song from the movie has been covered in the past.

The first song from the movie was deleted from the movie because of objections of censors. Those were the days when censors could often by quite sensitive towards matters that are taken in their stride today. The lyrics of the song were considered objectionable by the censors. Just imagine, a song penned by Kaifi Azmi was deleted from the movie because its lyrics were found objectionable !

The song luckily continued to remain in the records.

Just as fortuitously, this song happens to be 200th song of Kaifi Azmi appearing in the blog.

Here is this special song from Kaifi Azmi, on the occasion of his birth centenary. This song is sung by Geeta Dutt. Music is composed by S D Batish. Since the video of the song is not available, one can only gess about the picturisation. Seeing that Geeta Dutt’s voice appears in six out of seven songs, one can assume that she had sung for Geeta Bali, the lead actress of the movie. By that assumption, it would seem that this song was picturised on Geeta Bali. Nevertheless, I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

Song-Mose chanchal jawaani sambhaali nahin jaaye (Bahu Beti)(1952) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-S D Batish


mose chanchal
mose chanchal
mose chanchal jawaani sambhaali nahin jaaye
mose chanchal
o mose chanchal
mose chanchal jawaani sambhaali nahin jaaye
koi chupke se aaye
koi man ko lubhaaye
koi aakar jawaani ko sang le jaaye
mose chanchal
mose chanchal
mose chanchal jawaani sambhaali nahin jaaye

gudgudaati hai tanhaai hardum mujhe
chhedta hai akele mein mausam mujhe
raat sapne dikhaaye
bhor kaanon mein gaaye
thhandi thhandi hawa mora ghoonghat uthhaaye
mose chanchal
o mose chanchal
mose chanchal jawaani sambhaali nahin jaaye

naachti hain chaman mein hawaayen nayin
seekh lin aaj dil ne aaj adaayen nayi
koi hilmil ke gaaye
koi painge badhaaye
koi majboot baahon mein jhoola jhulaaye
mose chanchal
o mose chanchal
mose chanchal jawaani sambhaali nahin jaaye

more nainon se masti barasne lagi
ujli ujli si ye maang dasne lagi
koi chunri audhaaye koi jhumar pahnaye
koi ujli si maang mein sindoor lagaaye
mose chanchal
o mose chanchal
mose chanchal jawaani sambhali naheeen jaaaaye


5 Responses to "Mose chanchal jawaani sambhaali nahin jaaye"

about Kalyanji Anandji`s 1986 Nasihat according to vinyl records of movie only one song has been written by Kaifi Azmi
Tum Bahu Haseen sahi(Kishore Kumar,Alka Yagnik)
all other 5 songs are written by Anjaan


audio of Kaifi Azmi written song from Nasihat




It will be difficult to tell about the picturisation of this song as it never made it to the film.
The lyrics were considered too hot and forward by the censor. As a result it was deleted from the film! This song is a far cry from many later songs and very tame.
Congratulations on 200 songs being completed for Kaifi Sahab.


audio link


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