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Isi ka naam duniya hai

Posted on: March 7, 2019

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“Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai”(1962) was directed by Shakti Samanta for J B Productions, Bombay. The movie had Ashok Kumar, Shyama, Mehmood, Sahira, K N Singh, Nazeer Hussain, Lalita Kumari, Susheel Kumar, Farida, Kundan, Lata Sinha, Rajan Kapoor, Kathana, Anwari, Ramlal, Masood, Ramesh Chauhan, Helen, R L Ranjan, OmPrakash, Meera Parel etc in it.

The movie had seven songs according to HFGK. Two songs have been covered in the past.

Today (7 march 2019) is the seventh remembrance day of music director Ravi (3 March 1926 – 7 March 2012). As a tribute to him. Here is a song from “Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai”(1962).

Curiously, this song does not figure in the list of songs mentioned in HFGK. It is the movie opening song cum title song cum theme song cum background song, and the song seems to get played in the movie at several places.

I have not been able to get one word right in the lyrics. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections.

This song was apparently there only in the movie and its records were not made. So the poor quality of the song is because of the poor quality of the print of the movie.

Song-Isi ka naam duniya hai (Isi Ka Naam Duniya Hai)(1962) Singer-Ravi, Lyrics-S H Bihari, MD-Ravi


kahin khushiyon ke mele hain
kahin gham ke fasaane hain
isi ka naam duniya hai
isi ka naam duniya hai
paraaye hain kabhi apne
kabhi apne paraaye hai
isi ka naam duniya hai
isi ka naam duniya hai

bilakhte hain kahin par
bhookh se bachche gareebon ke
bilakhte hain kahin par
bhookh se bachche gareebon ke
kahin par hotelon mein daawten hain
naach gaane hain
isi ka naam duniya hai
isi ka naam duniya hai

kahin par aadmi ki laash
be gor-o-kafan dekhi
kahin par aadmi ki laash
be gor-o-kafan dekhi
kahin par reshmi jode hain
daulat hai khazaane hain
isi ka naam duniya hai
isi ka naam duniya hai

koi laakhon ke bangle mein
sukhon ki neend sota hai
koi laakhon ke bangle mein
sukhon ki neend sota hai
kahin par aandhiyon mein
zindagi ke aashiyaane hai
isi ka naam duniya hai
isi ka naam duniya hai


4 Responses to "Isi ka naam duniya hai"

“?? kafan dekhi”

i think it sounds like “bejoro kafan dekhi”
just don’t know what “Bejoro” means


Having been prompted by Harish Raghuwanshi, I checked the post and heard the song. While appreciating the efforts of Atul ji, I have the following to say :

1. Total 7 songs (not 6) are already listed in HFGK4 [1961-70] and so, above song should be the 8th one, to be added in the opening as the same is seen with the cast. I have updated my copy of HFGK accordingly.

2. Since the duration of the song is a bit short, only 2m22s, it would not have been found fit by HMV for releasing it on 78 rpm disc.

3. As the booklet of the film does not include above song, I guess that the said title/theme/background song would have been added at the last moment in the movie, sung by music director himself and properly credited in the cast too.

4. Producer of the film is clearly credited to ‘Huda Bihari’ (Actually Saajan Huda Bihari, the writer of all songs of the film) and NOT Shakti Samanta, who actually directed the movie.

5. I heard the missing word as :

kahin par aadmi ki laash
bejaan-o-kafan dekhi…

Wordings of the song are worth to be loved and voice of Ravi is also appealing !


Thanks a lot for your detailed comments and clarifications on this song and the movie.


The line is actually like this :

Kahan par Aadmi ki laash
Be-gor-o-kafan dekhi

I had asked a friend yesterday about the term. She replied today that the be-zor-o-kafan appears to be wrong. The correct word is be-gaur-o-kafan. She also said it means “ jinhen qabar aur kafan Naseeb nahi hua” .

The reference to the term are found at in this link.

With regard to Hamraaz Sir’s detailed comment above, there may be a few more such songs which are playing in the background, in small parts throughout the films, which were not included in the records released. There are some significant ones also, like the Nazm recital by Rafi Sahab -“ Kya gham jo andheri hain raaten “
Which are not included in the geetkosh. Atleast that is my impression when it was posted in the blog.

Thanks n regards.


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