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Duniya rain basera musaafir

Posted on: April 3, 2019

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Today’s song is from an obscure film Vaseeyat-1940.

Though this film was made by Minerva Movietone, neither it was directed by Sohrab Modi nor he had acted in it. The film was directed by K.M.Multani, who also wrote the screenplay for this film. Multani had directed his first film also from Minerva only-Vaasanti-38 – a social film. This too was without Sohrab Modi in any capacity. Multani further directed 3 more films, Virginia-40, Ujala-42 and Umang-44.

Minerva Movietone was started by Sohrab and brother Rustom Modi, when they realised that the stage dramas, filmed as Feature films did not get the public approval. Consequently production from Stage films- their first film production enterprise- was suspended till Minerva became successful. ” Aatma Tarang-38″ was the new company’s first film. C. Ramchandra was the Harmonium accompanist for M.D. Habib Khan and Bundu Khan. He also did a small role in Aatma Tarang and earlier Saeed E Havas-36. Minerva’s first film proved to be a let down.

Sohrab found that there were hardly 20 to 30 persons in the audience on the very First show. The film was based on the power of ‘ Bramhacharya’ (Celibacy). In those days, Sohrab was greatly influenced by the teachings of Ramkrishna Mission. Seeing the poor response, he was upset. Thoughts of quitting the film production line were crowding in his mind. Suddenly, he saw four men coming towards him. They came, confirmed that he was Sohrab modi and told him that his film was very good. They further advised him to keep making such good films and one day he will be on Top. Later on he learnt that these gentlemen were the Judges of Bombay High Court.

Enthused with this experience, he made successful films and took his company to the Top. Renowned for big budget historical films, Minerva benefited from Modi family’s distribution interests in Gwalior, expanded by his third brother Keki Modi into western India. At one time he controlled a chain of 27 theatres in 10 cities. In 1952, they established India’s first Technicolour Laboratory.

Film Vaseeyat40 had music by khan Mastana, who was essentially a singer. The lyrics were by Abdul Baqi. The cast of the film consisted of Sheela, gajanan jahagirdar, Eruch Tarapore, Sunalini Devi, Shobha, Kamini and many others. There were 6 songs sung by Sheela, Pramila and Khan Mastana himself.

Sheela was the Heroine of this film. SHEELA(real name-Roshan Ara) was born on 13-3-1925 at Sholapur-Maharashtra.Her father was Station Master at Sholapur Rly.Stn. Once Sohrab Modi had come to Sholapur with his Drama company.He went to the station to do reservations and saw Sheela.They got to know each others and he proposed to give her roles in his films.Thus Sheela came to Bombay in 1936 and Joined Minerva Movietone as a singer/actress.
Her first film was Khan Bahadur-37,ih which she sang and acted.Then came Jailor-38 in which she sang 4 solo songs under MD Mir Sahib.Then Divorce and Meetha Zahar came.

She became famous only after her songs in Pukar-39.Bharosa,Wasiyat and Sikander also gave her name and fame.In Sikander she had 6 songs out of total 7 songs. The famous song ‘ zindagi hai pyar se’ also had her voice in the chorus. She was Heroine in film ‘ Vaseeyat’-40
Ulti Ganga, Bhakta Raidas, Prithvi Vallabh,and Patharon ka Saudagar were all Minerva films.
She had also done films elsewhere- Alladin and wonderful lamp,college Girl,gaibi Gola,jahan ara,keemti qurbani,Sansar naiya,Shaitan ka pash etc.
After 1943,she almost stopped working.Only in Beete Din-47 and lastly in Billi-49 she sang songs., which was a stunt film of Nadia and Cavas.

She had married the actor Rama Shukla, in 1947. He was a Kanauji Brahmin and they had terrible opposition to their marriage. The marriage was by Registration. Only 4 friends were present in the marriage. They had one son and one daughter. Rama Shukla died by Heart attack in the 50s.
Her voice had a peculiar mixture of Muslim style of Amirbai karnataki and Marathi slant od Shanta Apte.

There is an anecdote with one of her songs. When film Pukar was in the making, C.Ramchandra was working as an assistant to MD Meer Saheb. He has mentioned in his autobiography also that in the absence of Meer saheb, he used to insert his tunes to songs as Meer saheb’s. This was known to many, except, may be, Meer saheb himself. One of the very popular songs sung by Sheela ” Tum bin hamri kaun khabar le ‘ was actually composed by C.Ramchandra. This is supposed to be CR’s first composed song. The credit ,of course, went to Meer Saheb.

Another uncommon name in the cast is Sunalini Devi. Sunalini Devi, the actress, was born on 1-1-1896 in Hyderabad Deccan. Her father, Aghornath Chatopadhyay-a Bengali settled in Hyderabad – was a Sanskrit scholar, was proficient in 27 languages and was the first Indian to get the D.Sc. honour. Sunalini was the elder sister of Sarojini, who became Sarojini Naidu after her marriage, and Harindranath Chatopadhyaya-renowned poet.

Sunalini learnt Music and Dance from her third year of age itself. Due to her sweet voice, she was called ‘ Kokila ‘. It is to be noted that her younger sister Saojini Naidu was called ‘ Nightingale of India’ ! It is unfortunate that the film industry did not use Sunalini’s music skill in her films and she sang just one song in her career in film ‘ Raja Rani-42’.

Sunalini started acting in stage dramas from 1918. Her first movie was ” Light of Asia”-released initially in Germany and Poland in 1925. It’s restored version was released on 5th July 2001, in India. This film was made by Himanshu Rai. The film was shot in Lahore. It was a silent film on Gautama the Buddha. Her first Talkie film was ‘ veer Kunal-32’. She acted in 56 films. Mostly she was known for motherly roles only. She had, like her more eminent sister, married a south Indian- Mr.A.S.Rajan, a writer from Madras.

Some of her more known films are, Aurat,Lalaji, Inkaar, Nai roshni, Talaash, Bairam khan, Tamasha, Dilruba, Malhar etc etc. She retired from films in 1956.

Then there is Eruch Tarapore. Eruch Tarapore was a distant relative of Sohrab Modi and he worked only in Modi’s films. He worked in 16 films, right from Modi’s first film Hamlet-35 up to 1948. Eruch sang one song each in 3 films, Meetha zehar-38, Jailor-38 and Phir milenge-43. He died in 1948.

I have no details of the storyline of film Vaseeyat-40. However, I faintly remember having read somewhere that the story was about a rich person, who dies without a will. There is lot of confusion, but finally the will is found etc.

With today’s song, film Vaseeyat-40 makes its Debut on the Blog.

Song- Duniya rain basera Musafir duniya rain basera hai (Vaseeyat)(1940) Singer- Sheela, Lyrics- Abdul Baqi, Music- Khan Mastana


Duniya rain basera musaafir
Duniya rain basera hai ae
Duniya rain basera hai
Duniya rain basera musaafir
Duniya rain basera hai ae
Duniya rain basera hai

saari duniya jaag uthhi tu
saari duniya jaag uthhi tu
lambi taane sowe
lambi taane sowe
jo jowe so paawe musaafir
jo jowe so paawe musaafir
jo sowe so khowe
jo sowe so khowe
door hai manzil neend ke maare
?? jaag ??
duniya rain basera hai
duniya rain basera musaafir
duniya rain basera hai ae
duniya rain basera hai

duniya kya hai paap ki nagri
duniya kya hai paap ki nagri
is se man na lagaana
is se man na lagaana
kadam kadam pe ?? base hain
kadam kadam pe ?? base hain
soch ke pair uthhaana
soch ke pair uthhaana
moh lobh mein pyaar ke ??
aane ?? hai
duniya rain basera hai
duniya rain basera musaafir
duniya rain basera hai ae
duniya rain basera hai

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