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Remember friends the world is one

Posted on: April 22, 2019

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Atul Song-A-Day 15K Song Milestone Celebrations – 11
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Mohammed Rafi : The Incomparable (II) – Song No. 09
Another momentous occasion, another celebratory post and I was feeling lost. Where was the inspiration ? I saw the e-mailer for the celebration posts planned, just after I had prepared and submitted a post for another song(yet to be posted). This post took a whole three weeks to complete. I am actually not happy writing posts this way. I prefer to write the complete post, in one go. I may look at it 2-4 times and make certain corrections/improvements if required before submitting the post. If I am forced to take breaks while writing the posts, than it takes forever to complete the job.

Fresh instructions were issued to write a post and send it ASAP 🙂 . Incidentally, this acronym is three quarters same as ASAD. ASAD means “Lion” in Arabic and Urdu. I tried to find if this word has a meaning in any other language and found on Google that it means “shubha Mahurat” in Hindi. How appropriate is all this !

On receipt of the above ASAP request, I informed the kaptan’s that I can send a post only next week. They were given no other option but to agree 🙂 .

Than I suddenly remembered the song which had brought me to the blog back in 2010. Predictably it was an illusion of a Rafi song. Why I call it an illusion is that there are just signs of it existing, but so far it has not surfaced. As per some online comments I had gathered this information that Rafi Sahab had rendered this Poem by Pradeep “Khud jiyo auron ko bhi jeene do” for a documentary film made by films division of India. In this document Prithvi Raj Kapoor is shown singing this peom in a class room. I chanced upon this blog in January 2010 while looking for the full lyrics of this poem.

Last week I again searched for any more clues about this rendition by Rafi Sahab and found that a documentary named “khud jiyo auron ko bhi jeene do” was listed in the archives of Films Division of india. This raises hopes that this song exists. So I have requested Sudhir Sir to try to find it.

But this celebration post cannot wait and it started on the blog and I needed a special song for this. Four posts on this 15KSMC have already appeared , awesome songs and posts by Peeviecee’s Mom, Avinash Ji, Shenoy ji and Ava ji. In my own searches and looking for inspiring song, I have just skimmed by these articles and not been able to give comments. All of these were relatively newer songs, so I looked for an old song. I found one Rafi Solo from the 50’s which should have been here already.

But just as I was trying to introspect and decide how to start the post and what to write in it, I remembered this endearing philosophical song rendered by Rafi Sahab in English. The song exhorts us to remember that the world is one and that we share one earth, sky and sun. For all that we know, we are alone in the universe. The universe out there is huge, mean and dangerous. It makes sense for the dwellers of this planet to stick together and not try to wipe each other out from the face of the earth. The past Civilizations of the bygone eras were destroyed due to natural calamities and due to excesses committed by humanity. There are traces of these bygone civilizations, some of which were literally rotten to death. There are continents on this earth, where the entire aboriginal races were eliminated to cater to the human greed of the so called civilized races. That was the era where the strong destroyed the weak for greed of land and resources and wealth.

Now the continents of the world and its controllers are invested in each other and are dependent on each other for accumulation of their virtual wealth and power. And the nation states of the modern world are sailing in the same seas. It is the financial interests of the market forces of modern civilsation, that guide the national pride and the fervor of strategically important market places. In this wider picture also the old adage “united we stand, divided we fall” holds good.

The lyrics of the song are written by Harindernath Chattopadhyay, to suit the meter of the song ‘Bahaaron Phool Barsaao” arguably the most popular song ever. The composers of these iconic songs are Shankar-Jaikishan.

The earnest and honest rendition by Rafi Sahab is to be heard and absorbed in the heart. This is Rafi Sahab singing in an unfamiliar language. He used write down the lyrics in urdu, which is the only language he knew to read and write. A humble person is showing us a wider picture in the mirror.
He tries to make us see ‘ A world his dignity demands. ‘ The Almighty creator looks at the world as one, so remember friends the world is one. And most major monotheistic religions of the world also believe that the human race is created from a single male and female.

So the Rafi song from 1950’s, which is my favorite period for widest range of Rafi Sahabs songs, will wait for its turn in this series. Just a reminder to myself, that I need to write a post each to commemorate 100 years of Majrooh Sultanpuri, Kaifi Azmi and Shamshad Begum.

Meanwhile, to all those connected with blog, my fellow contributors and the kaptans, I extend heartiest congratulations on this milestone of 15000 songs, and wish that we all find the gems we look for in the musical khazana.


Song-Remember friends the world is one (Rafi NFS)(1970) Singer-Mohammed Rafi,Lyrics-Harindernath Chattopadhyay, MD-Shankar-Jaikishan


although we hail from different lands
we share one earth and sky and sun
remember friends the world is one
although we hail from different lands
we share one earth and sky and sun
remember friends the world is one

we want all enmity to cease
for we want peace
we all want peace
we want no hate
we want no strife
since we were born
for love and life

come let us chant while joining hands
we shall not rest till wars are done
remember friends the world is one
although we hail from different lands
we share one earth and sky and sun
remember friends the world is one

we have met here to dream and build
we want our dreams to be fulfilled
we have come here to dream and plan
a world of joy and hope for men
a world His dignity demands
a world that we shall see begun
remember friends the world is one

although we hail from different lands
we share one earth and sky and sun
remember friends the world is one

18 Responses to "Remember friends the world is one"

Indeed we are one. Nice post Nahm ji. Hope to see the missing song here too one day!


Thank you for your appreciation. My hopes to see unknown Rafi songs have no limits.



Nahm ji,

Thanks for this song.
Such unique songs are few on the Blog. Rafi’s English song may be a novelty for many readers.
I am glad that you are once again active on the Blog after a long gap in between.
I like the way you write your posts. They are so natural, as if you are talking aloud or talking to a close friend.They are straight forward and to the point too. keep it up.
Thanks again and I join you in congratulating all of us and thanking Atul ji for this achievement and the platform he has provided to us.



I am glad to be active and contribute to this formidable blog. Your approval means a lot to me.



Nahm ji,

Thanks for this post and the everlasting message that it conveys. The lyrics are more relevant in the times that we live in.

The importance we as homo-sapiens accord to ourselves is absolutely meaningless compared to the vastness of space.

I suppose this is only the second all English song after “My heart is beating” from Julie.


Thank you for your appreciation.

There are a few more English songs already posted in the blog :

Thanks and regards.


And yes,

“My Heart Is Beating. . .” from Julie.



thank you for this post and the message it contains, as guruji has said this is like a continuation of the chat we have occasionally. this post is a One -to- One heart -to- heart category post which has a message which human beings should follow. much like the “blue dot in the universe” post
and this post has the honour of being the first post after a landmark. like taking a fresh-guard by a batsman who has eached a 50, 100, 150, or a double century (200). also our batsman is past all centuries he only speaks in 1000s. 🙂



I think your comment above was held for moderation yesterday. It was not here when I replied to the other comments.

Thank you for commenting, and heart to heart is what one strives for. Your comment also comes across the same way. 15001 is a first time for the blog , that’s for sure. 🙂


Dear Nahm ji,

When things work out without plan, and without intention, then that is called providence. On our blog, many of us have discussed and presented experiences, which appear to be acts of providence alone.

Since quite a few hours from earlier in the day, I have been thinking about the special day today (22nd April), and have also been thinking about locating a song to celebrate this special day today.

Late in the night now, as I am browsing through your post and listening to this wonderful rendition by Rafi Sb – it struck me.

It struck me yet once again – that the hand of providence is very active on our blog.

What better song to celebrate the ‘Earth Day’ today. Every line that Harindranath Chattopdhyay has written, and the very lines that Rafi Sb has so emotionally rendered – brings us to the purpose and the intent of this day – the Earth Day –
“Remember Friends, The World Is One”.

Thanks so much Nahm ji, for sending in this song and this post. Nothing would have served better this Earth Day today.

Cheers and regards


I agree that it is a Great providence .



Nahm Ji, Thanks for the 15K celebration post. All celebrations call for a Rafi saab’s song, and you have aptly chosen one.

As Arun Ji commented, your posts have a feel good flavour.

I once heard Madan Mohans son narrating an incident from his childhood. Father & son were going on a long drive. Madan Mohan Ji asked his son to sing his favourite song. Basking in the super success of ‘Mera Saaya’ , Madan Ji was stunned to hear his son singing ‘ Baharo phool Barsao..”
Rafi Magic at play !!



Nahm Ji, One more point. Thanks for throwing light on ASAD. I did not know acronym ASAD has a meaning as a stand alone word. Then it struck a bell. Yes there is one ASAD Bhopali :))


Thank you for your appreciation and your comments.


Thank you for this wonderful post, Mrs. Nahmji.
What beautiful thoughts you have expressed – and so well too.
And what a lovely song to go with them.
Indeed the world is one – and it better start behaving that way now.
Embracing our diversity, which should be enriching our cultures, not dividing them.


Thanks for your positive comments and appreciation of the song and post.


The live singing of this song By Mohammed Rafi Sahab.
First is “bahaaron Phool Barsaao” followed by “Remember friends” and lastly the song in Dutch.


Thank you very much for this post Nahm ji …!!!
I like the post and your thoughts very much. Yes the ‘greed in human’ still playing ‘foul’ and to some extent or more, still trying to harm and stall the growth of the peaceful civilizations on this earth.
I like this song and its lyrics very much. Its like a prayer for all and so it comes with the ‘divine voice’ of Rafi Saab itself.
I think that this song was shared and discussed somewhere in ‘whats-app’ group and I remember to have listen it earlier. Thanks for the song and thanks to Sudhir ji that it was posted on the ‘Earth Day’ – Our Earth Our Future – Our World – One World- let us dream and build it for life, love and peace’…
I always like to read your posts and would request you to please keep posting on the blog regularly.
Thanking you for the post and Congratulating you once again on this ‘Blog 15k Songs Milestone’ !!!


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