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Karta hai ek raavi ye dilsoz ye bayaan

Posted on: May 6, 2019

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Mohammed Rafi : The Incomparable (II) – Song No. 11
Songs of religious fervor are an integral part of hindi films. This was more prevalent upto 80’s, than I think the trend went downhill. In recent decades this type of songs have made a return in the mainstream film with spectacular bhajans and philosophical/religious flavor.

In Mohammed Rafi Sahab total output of around 5000 songs, I can guess this genre of bhajan/religious/philosophical/naats/qawwali’s accounts for 7-8 % . This is my conservative guess work, this might well turn out to be 10%.

I began this series ‘Mohammed Rafi: The incomparable ‘ with this song . In the revival of the series Part – II so far there was no such song. ‘A – Z of Rafi Songs” series also began with a bhajan .

The holy month of ‘Ramadhan’ is beginning tomorrow. This month is a period of ‘Barakah’ where the almighty’s blessings and sawaab for the believers ibaadat is manifold. I am not mentioning the “na’ymat” that the Allah (swt) has bestowed on the mortals for the worldly needs. The material things and luxuries that we all ask for and get from Allah (swt) are all “faani” (faani – will end one day) and are finite in nature. Allah’s Rehmat and the ability to give/forgive is limitless, infinite. It is our asking ability that is finite. If this simple thing is understood by us mortals, none of us will be jealous of each other. Jealousy is something which is always there among peers or people who are close/known to each other or in the same social circle. No one is ever jealous of the celebrities or those who are far away from us. People need to look far and beyond of their immediate circle’s to realize that God Almighty has so much to give and he has spread the blessings far and beyond. Than what one has to do is ask him to bless us too, becoz his capacity to give is so much far and beyond of what our imagination’s limits will take us. We can also ask him to give us far and beyond of where our imagination is able to imagine. See there is hope here and light at the end of the tunnel.

This is great motivational pitch for counseling people who are dejected due to any reason. If and when I encounter such people, I make it a point to tell them that look towards the whole mankind, how much God Almighty has blessed the people all over the world. People do seemingly impossible things, have achieved so much. Do you think all this happened without the will of God? So, what is your problem? So keep trying and ask of the Almighty. Have faith and trust that the Almighty has blessed the others and he will bless you too.

The song no. 11 I am presenting here is from the film Aalam Ara (1956). This would be the first remake of the first talkie film of India. The lyricist is Shewan Rizvi and the composer if A. R.Qurieshi. Mohammad Rafi Sahab is in element in this religious nazm and telling the story of a youg boy’s quest for the deeds that take him closer to ‘Imaan’ and to the eternal tranquility of heaven. This quest in exemplified in the boy’s wish to keep ‘Roza’ as an obedience and prayer. This story goes on to tell how the child insists on observing the fast and how the parents try to counsel him, thinking in their affection for him that he is too young. Then on to how the child is young and frail, falls down due to dizziness His heart stops beating and he dies.

The parents are both distraught and unable to bear the blow. Just than a ‘Faqeer’ comes to the door asking for food to break the fast. The faqeer is actually a farishta (angel) who has been sent by Allah (SWT) to rescue. This is divine intervention and the farishta keeps his hand on the boys chest and recites something. The child open his eyes and thus alive again. It’s a miracle, the boy and the parents are thus rewarded by the Almighty’s barakah and no harm comes to the believers and the steadfast.

It is said that the age of miracles is long over and there are no more miracles to be found in the present era. In the present context, this story would simply mean that the child’s heart had stopped and a few seconds or minutes later he was given first aid and the heart started beating and a life was thus saved. What is relevant and of utmost importance is the timely action of the faqeer in giving the necessary first aid to the child.

Similarly, may Allah(SWT) help us all in the times of need, this is a prayer. We all have seen several instances of such divine intervention, when help comes from unexpected source and our difficulty or problem is solved. People are known to have come out of dire situations in various strata of life. Even Maradona had a goal by “Hand of God”. 

The lesson here is to believe in the ‘Rehmat’ of Allah (SWT) and always treat each other with respect and love. Because we don’t know when and who are destined to be our ‘Rehmatkafarishta’.


Song-Karta Hai Ek Raavi Ye Dilsoz Ye Bayaan (Aalam Aara)(1956) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shewan Rizvi, MD-A R Qureshi


karta hai ek raavi ye dilsoz ye bayaan
ramzaan ke mahine ki mash-hoor daastaan

mulk-e-yemen meinn ladka thha ek aatth saal kaa aa
charcha thha shehr shehr mein
jis ke jamaal ka aa

rozaa khudaa ke naam pe rakkhne ka shauq thha
ramzaan ka jo chaand nazar uss ko aa gayaa aa
kehne lagaa ye maan se ke rozaa rakkhoongaa main
mujh ko jagaana raat ko sehri karoongaa main

bachche ki baat ka na kiya maan ne kuchh khayaal
ladkaa jo subah uttha to uss ko huaa malaal
samjhaaya maan ne aye mere dilbar na kar malaal
rozaa nahin hai farz abhi tujhpe mere laal
maasoom dil pe thes lagi maan se yoon kahaa
ammi suno ye kehtaa hai Quraan mein khudaa aa
roze ki bhookh pyaas ka jo gham utthaayegaa
uss rozaadaar ko na jahannum jalaayegaa
quraan ka nuzool issi maah mein huaa
tauba qubool kartaa hai iss maah mein khudaa aa

al-qissa raat aayi to woh jaagta rahaa aa
kehna kisi ka kuchh na suna roza rakh liya
sehri wo karke so gayaaaur so ke jab utthaa
bete ka maatha choom ke maadar ne ye kahaa aa
rozaa na rakh sakegaa tu zid apni chhod de ea
de doongi apna rozaa tujhe rozaa tod de ea
ladka ye bolaa khaana main hargiz na khaaungaa
apne khudaa-e-paak ko kya munh dikhaaungaa
dopehar dhal ke asr ka jab waqt aa gayaa
paani begair pyaas se khushk ho gayaa galaa aa
seene mein saans ruk gayi chakkar sa aa gayaa
kamsin thha nazneen thha chakra ke gir padaa
harkat jo dil ki band hui aankh jhuk gayee
nabzen idhar rukin to udhar saans ruk gayee
maa ne kahaa pukaar ke maasoom chal diyaa
aftaar ki khushi se bhi mehroom chal diyaa
maan baap laash dekhte thhe apne laal ki
maiyyat padi thhi saamne ek aatth saal ki
aakhir ko rozaa kholne ka waqt aa gayaa
donon ne gham mein bete ke khaaya na kuchh piyaa

nagaah dar pe aa ke sawaali ne di sadaa aa
saayil ki shakl mein thha farishtaa khadaa huaa
aawaaz di ke le lo faqeeron ki tum duaa
main bhi hoon rozaadaar do Allah ke naam ka
jis dam suni faqeer ki donon ne ye sadaa aa
aftaar ko jo rakkhaa thha saayil ko de diyaa aa
saayil ne bheekh le ke kahaa maajra hai kya
maatam hai ghar mein kaisaa yeh mujh ko bhi do bataa aa
saayil ko apne saath pidarghar mein le gayaa
farzand ke janaaze ko laa kar dikhaa diyaa aa
bachche ki laash dekh ke saayil ne kuchh padhaa aa
seene pe haath rakh ke ye murde ko di sadaa aa
ae nanhe rozaadar tu ab rozaa khol le
ghamgeen maan khadi hai zara maan se bol le ae
jumbish labon pe hone lagi aankh khol di ee
bachche ko zinda dekh ke maadar lipat gayeeee
saayil ye keh ke aankhon se rooposh ho gayaa
bhejaa huaa main aaya thha parwardighar ka aa
thha imtihaan ka waqt museebat ki ye ghadi
jo usspe jaan dete hain marte nahin kabhi eeee
marte nahin kabhi …..

5 Responses to "Karta hai ek raavi ye dilsoz ye bayaan"

Nahm Ji,
Thanks for the post. A moving song by Rafi Ji. ( not heard before). Your account of Ramdaan was informative. ( to me).
I have no idea what ( swt) stands for .Also some Urdu words are unfamiliar. But the essence is well understood. For example I take ‘Faani’ means transient / Temporary(?) 🙂
But for some unfamiliar words, the lyrics are truly like a story narrating the blessings of the divine.


Thanks for your appreciative comment.

I am giving some of the meanings here:

SWT – Subhanahu wa ta’ala, Arabic for “The most glorified, the most high or Glory to Him and the Exalted.

Faani – transient / temporary / something which will end.
Lafaani – eternal (word not used in the post, but just for the emphasis on the meaning of faani)

Raavi – writer or the composer of the story
dilsoz – heart touching
bayaan – tells or speaks in detail
mash-hoor – famous
Jamaal – handsomeness and beauty

malaal – regret, afsos
rozaadaar – the fasting person
nuzool – reveal

al-qissa – in the story
maadar – persian word for mother
dopehar – Afternoon
asr – later part of the afternoon (before evening)
nazneen – the weak
harkat – movement or beat in this case
nabzen – viens
aftaar – Breaking of fast
mehroom – deprived
maiyyat – dead body

nagaah – sudden or co
sawaali – The needy (asking for alms)
saayil – faqeer , needy
maatam – mourning
pidar – persian for father
farzand – persian for son
rooposh – dissappear

As for “Barakah” or ‘Barkat’ and ‘ Naiymat ‘ need detailing. Maybe I will detail them in another post.


Thank you for teaching us the Persian and Urdu alfaaz
Hope that is the word


Nahm Ji,


Yes ‘alfaaz’ is correct for ‘words’ . 🙂 🙂


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