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Apni chhaayaa mein bhagwaan bithhaa le mujhe

Posted on: July 31, 2013

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I had never heard this song from the film ‘insaaniyat’ till a few months back. While travelling from our native place in Belgaum, we often hear some CDs in the car. I had bought a couple of CD’s sometime back which were kept in the car. Lately I find that it is the safest place to keep CD’s so that we get to hear them sometime if not often. Once I bring them home, they are bound to get lost , as happened with this CD where I heard this bhajan ‘apni chhaaya mein bhagwan bitthaa le mujhe’ for the first time. I brought the CD home so that I could look for this unheard song, and now the CD is not where I kept it handy next to the lap top.

On this occassion of 33rd death anniversary of Rafi Sahab, I have decided to discuss this one along with a couple more of Rafi solos. This bhajan is starts with alphabet ‘A’. I have the other two songs decided starting with alphabet ‘B’ and ‘C’. Eventually I intend and hope to complete the series of A to Z of Rafi songs. The excel sheet is going to be a great help to me in this endeavor. For some alphabets like ‘X’ one will have to improvise and find a mukhda with ‘X’. As there are thousands of Rafi songs still left, I sure am going to be spoilt for choices.

With most of the well known songs at least among the older ones, are already posted in the blog, I hope to unearth some of the forgotten gems while doing this series.

So, this is the day etched in the memory as the day when Rafi Sahab left this world 33 years ago. It was a Thursday evening on 31st July 1980 and his funeral was held the next day on 1st August after Friday prayers. The skies had really opened up that day as a sea of people from all over had gathered to take Rafi sahab on his final journey. It is said that this was the largest gathering for a funeral in Mumbai. Thousands of people who knew him only through his songs had attended the funeral. I think the greatest tribute anyone can pay a person is in this emotion which drew all those who were there.

Death as final as it is, is inevitable and only thing that is certain.

apni chhaaya mein bhagwan bitthaa le mujhe
main hoon teraa tu apnaa banaa le mujhe

He was 56 years old at the time to his death and may have been too young to die. But then once one is gone from this earth, one is beyond all pain and gain, just as these words in song simplify :

ab mujhe gham ka gham na khushi ki khushi
hai andheraa bhi mere liye roshni

I have not really dwelled on the greatness of Rafi Sahab in the past posts as there is this feeling of in-adequateness, which takes over when ever there is occasion of talking at length about the greatest of singers. Because what can a person like me say about someone so exalted that is going to add or make a difference to his memory in the minds of millions of his fans ?

The best way is to let his songs talk about him. So here is me taking the easy way out and presenting this trio of Rafi Saahab’s solos, as a tribute to the versatile artist. First one is this bhajan, composed by C Ramchandra and written by Rajendra Krishan. On screen Dilip Kumar is singing the bhajan in a a temple.

Song-Apni chhaaya mein bhagwan bithha le mujhe (Insaaniyat)(1955) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


aasha ke jab deep bujhe
to man ka deep jalaa
jag ka rastaa chhod musaafir
teri raah chalaa

apni chhaaya mein bhagwan bithhaa le mujhe
apni chhaaya mein bhagwan bithhaa le mujhe
main hoon teraa tu apnaa banaa le mujhe
apni chhaaya mein bhagwan bithhaa le mujhe
main hoon teraa tu apnaa banaa le mujhe

ab mujhe gham ka gham na khushi ki khushi
ab mujhe gham ka gham na khushi ki khushi
hai andheraa bhi mere liye roshni
main jiyoon jab talak
main jiyoon jab talak
aazmaa le mujhe
aazmaa le mujhe
main hoon teraa tu apnaa banaa le mujhe
apni chhaaya mein bhagwan bithhaa le mujhe
main hoon teraa tu apnaa banaa le mujhe

dekh kar main kisi ki khushi na jaloon
dekh kar main kisi ki khushi na jaloon
raah insaaniyat ki hamesha chaloon
bhool jaaun to
bhool jaaun to
jag se uthhaa le mujhe
tu uthhaa le mujhe
main hoon teraa tu apnaa banaa le mujhe
apni chhaaya mein bhagwan bithhaa le mujhe
main hoon teraa tu apnaa banaa le mujhe

13 Responses to "Apni chhaayaa mein bhagwaan bithhaa le mujhe"


I lose cd’s ALL the time. I have no idea how they get swallowed up. 😦

This is such a lovely song. You have set yourself a beautiful task. I hope you succeed in your endeavor.

Today is the day of listening to a preetlari of Rafi songs, and this is just the first 🙂


Thanks for liking this song and your good wishes.


Miss Rafi Saab a lot!


Thanks Nahmji for the post and the song. (First deleted song of today, from my draft folder)


Khyati ji,

I suggest that you dont keep the songs in the draft folder, just keep sending them. Atul ji has become very adapt at keeping track of who has sent what song, i believe with practice 🙂 . So dont worry about them getting lost.


nahm ji,

This is the best song of Rafi ji,amongst all posted today(including mine),and a perinnial fav of mine. Thanks for selecting this Bhajan.

Your scheme of posting songs of Rafi,by alphabetic begining,is not only challenging,but also it may put you in a quandary when several choices in one alphabet are available. May you choose the best !

Thanks once again.



Thanks for your appreciation, it means a lot.


This Bhajan deserves a 7 * rating. Thanks a lot


In fact I am searching your email address to tell you that I have not received “ATUL’S BOLLYWOOD SONG A DAY WITH FULL LYRICS” this week i.e. on 29th July 2013. Is there some problem with my subscription?. Kindly inform me on my email address.

Thanks and regards,
Mohan Lal
Mobile: 9313323796


Subscriptions are automatically done by wordpress and I have no say in that matter. So perhaps you should check whether your e mails are going in some other folder.



New Delhi, 1st August 2013.

Thank you very much Atul Ji for your prompt response. But I do not think that my emails are going into some other folder. Anyway, I shall check once again.

Mohan Lal.


nahm ji a very challenging and very interesting series, all the very best! i really look forward to this series / playlist :).

Khyati ji, thanks for posting the interview of Rafi saab, loved it.


Thanks Pradeep ji.


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