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Ham tere charaagh hain jalaaye jaa bujhaaye jaa

Posted on: January 29, 2015

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Mohammed Rafi : The incomparable – Song No. 01
I think it is time to go back to the pavillion, meaning my comfort zone. Or I should say my favourite comfort zone of Rafi songs. I have been ‘ beating about the bush ‘ for the last one year and writing posts of various series. ‘Chandni raaten’ is still going on, as far as I know. Some songs are lined up for it, but I have not been able to find enough enthusiasm to write a post for some time. So no more ‘beating around the bush’ (this idiom is closer to what I mean by it), going straight to the matter of ‘Mohammed Rafi: The incomparable”

Google explains the meaning of ‘Incomparable’ as :

without an equal in quality or extent; matchless.

without equal, beyond compare, unparalleled, matchless, peerless,without peer, unmatched, without match, without parallel,
beyond comparison, second to none, in a class of its own, unequalled, unrivalled, inimitable, nonpareil

This is exactly the way I would define the word, but not in such detail. Once again I have this feeling of inadequacy in talking about a personality whose voice touched my life and both our lifespans overlapped by 11 years or so. This is the long and short of the commonality among us. And that first ‘janaaza’ of my life that I saw on the TV news. There used to be ‘hindi’ news of 10 minutes and an hour later ‘english’ news of 10 minutes on ‘Bombay Doordarshan’. Those were the defining moments of my life when the difference between life and death, living like the dead and dying as if alive was brought home to me.

One of my close friends tells me that her mother is a great fan of Rafi Sahab. She recollects that radio would be constantly playing in their house. The day her mother heard the news of Rafi sahab’s death on radio, she came out of the house where the children where playing and was distraught that Rafi sahab was no more.

Something else that I heard recently. One of my maternal uncles has chosen to enlighten me now that Rafi Sahab has visited Belgaum for a show alongwith ‘Geeta Dutt’ and that he had been to see the show held in open air, along with his uncle. He did not remember the year but he said that he was singing and playing ‘Harmonium’ with a few musicians. Geeta Dutt was standing next to him while they were singing a duet. Suddenly in between the song Rafi Sahab said ‘YAAHOOO’ loudly, startling Geeta Dutt, who was not expecting this.

Hearing this new and real incident was a boon for me, I told my uncle,” why he never thought to mention it till now ? ” . He was like “the topic never arose”. Just to test him about his memory, I said “Why he would be playing the Harmonium, he never used to play any musical instruments. ” Mamu was adamant and said ‘nahin, woh harmonium baja rahe thhe” . Good to know that his memory is serving him right. Rafi Sahab did play harmonium during stage shows, no doubts about it. Again I quizzed him what were the songs they sang, if he could remember. He said ‘bahut saare gaane gaaye unhon ne koi specific gaana mujhe yaad nahin ‘.

Now we can move on the actual song being posted. It is a Solo song by Rafi sahab from the film ‘Alibaba and 40 thieves’. The lyricist is Asad Bhopali and composer is Usha Khanna. It is a devotional song picturized on a faqeer singing in the dead of night, as Marjina is bringing a ‘darzi’ to Ali Baba’s house blindfolded and taking him back.

What is special about this song, is that it is picturized on an unknown actor. I have always liked spiritual or meaningful songs of him on unknown artist’s usually playing ‘faqeer’s role , right from Ye zindagi ke mele to Allah hi allah kar pyaare bhai . In such songs Rafi Sahab used his own voice natural voice and was not really trying to give playback like he did to other known actors. The same is the case with background songs or songs which played in the title.

In this category of spiritual songs Rafi Sahab was peerless.



Song- Ham tere charaagh hain jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa (Alibaba And forty thieves)(1966) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Usha Khanna


Allah….aa aa aa aah
hu Akbar

Banaaye ja bigaade ja
bigaade ja banaaye jaa aa
banaaye ja bigaade ja
bigaade ja banaaye jaa
ke ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa
ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa

har qadam pe saathh hain ain
andhere bhi ujaale bhi
har qadam pe saathh hain
andhere bhi ujaale bhi
kaisi teri shaan hai
giraaye bhi sambhaale bhi
jo na kabhi dekhe
wo tamaashe tu dikhaaye jaa
ke ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa
ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa
banaaye ja bigaade ja
bigaade ja banaaye jaa aa

sar pe saaya maut ka hai ae ae
aur ham ko jeena hai
sar pe saaya maut ka hai
aur ham ko jeena hai
apne haathon apne hi
dil ke zakhm seena hai
jo tujhe manzoor hai
wo kaam tu karaaye jaa
ke ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa
ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa


maana yeh sab khel hai ae ae
qismat ki lakeeron kaa
maana yeh sab khel hai
qismat ki lakeeron kaa
phir bhi tere haathh hai
faisla taqdeeron kaa
duniya ki taqdeeron ko
jagaaye ja sulaaye ja
ke ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa
ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa
ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa
ham tere charaagh hain
jalaaye ja bujhaaye jaa

6 Responses to "Ham tere charaagh hain jalaaye jaa bujhaaye jaa"

The guy lip syncing for the song is RAMLAL(it is a guess) and others featuring in the song are David Abraham,Sanjeev Kumar, L.Vijayalaxmi,Veena,

I think his name is Ramlal Melaram Arora/Rajnath/Raj Nath | Raju | Ramlal | Rajnath Singh
he also lip syncs another following song featured in the blog

(This is a pure guess work, please correct me, if I am wrong) link to Ramlal`s name

other starcast of the movie consists:
David,Indira Billi,Tabassum,Kamal Mehra,S.N.Tripathi,B.m.Vyas,Amarnath,Veena,Bhagwan Sinha,
Raj Rani,Ramlal,Yunus,Prince Arjun,
Madhumati,Laxmi Chhaya,Aruna(dancer),Sukale,Bismilla,
Mithoo Miya,Samson,Korega,Yadav


Atul ji,
Just a proof-reader’s suggestion:
Shouldn’t it be “Ye Zindagi Ke Mele” instead of “Ye Zindagi Ke Mere”?
Thanks & regards,
Avadh Lal


Indeed Rafi Sahab is matchless. The blind folded darji is David.








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