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Bole re panchhi bole

Posted on: May 28, 2019

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Today’s song is from film Bachpan-1945.

In the history of Hindi movies, there have been three films that had the title viz “Bachpan”. The first was of course Bachpan-1945, today’s film under discussion. The next one was made in 1963, in which Salim Khan- father of Salman khan and a member of the famous writer jodi of Salim-Jawed, was the Hero – opposite Menaka Irani. She was the eldest sister of the famous child stars Honey and Daisy Irani. She was also the wife of stunt film actor and director Kamran Khan. Their children are Choreographer and director Farah Khan and Compere cum director Sajid Khan. Incidentally Mrs. P.N.Irani was the mother of these Irani sisters and also the one who took away all their earnings.

The third film was made in 1970, with Sanjeev kumar and Tanuja.

Film Bachpan-45 had a cast consisting of Baby Madhuri, Mazhar Khan, Baby Shakuntala, B.Nandrekar, Chandraprabha, comedian Dikshit, Gulab, Dalpat, Shashi kapoor(sr.) and others. There were two actresses with prefix Baby, but only one Baby Madhuri had the main child role throughout the film. The other Baby-Shakuntala had a role of an invalid child, stuck to the wheelchair only.

Baby Maduri,whose real name was Mah Laqa, was the daughter of M. Ali Baksh,M.D. and Iqbal begum,a cine artiste. In other words Baby Madhuri was the youngest sister of actress Meena Kumari and her sister actress Khurshid Jr. Born in a family of film people,Baby Madhuri was good at acting and singing. She was picked up by Director Nazir of Hind Pictures and took her for his film ‘ Sandesa ‘. ( He is the same Nazir,whose first wife was Sitara Devi. He was the maternal Uncle of K. Asif ( Mughal-e-Azam fame ) i.e. Mama. He later divorced Sitara devi ( actually,she had eloped with k.Asif ) and married Swarnalata and both migrated to Pakistan. Nazir’s studio was burnt during the communal riots in Bombay. Author Manto has detailed all this in his book. )

In Wadia’s film Vishwas-43, the talents of Baby Madhuri in acting and singing flowered and she was appreciated much. Then she acted and sang some songs in films like Anjaan,Jungle princess,Muqabala,Ekta(sindhi),Andhera,Mahatma Vidur,paraya Dhan,Bachpan,Nai maa etc etc.

She was also called as Madhu. She was married to actor Mehmood. She was very fond of new fashions and western clothes. Due to this, she became a cleptomaniac and was caught many times stealing things and shop lifting. She knew Riding,cycling and swimming too. She spoke good English,though not much educated.( Thanks to shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji for info on Baby Madhuri).

Now let us see about the other ‘Baby’ of this film. Right from beginning of the films,child artistes were required to do roles in the films. In the initial stages and also in later periods too, girls used to do Boys’roles ( but never heard of vice versa ! ). We have the famous examples of Honey and Daisy Irani sisters. Many child stars acted in films till they became older or were not suitable for child roles. One such example was Junior Mehmood. It was quite natural that most of them wanted to continue acting in films as an adult too and many tried to become hero/ heroines. Unfortunately, only some of them could shine as heroes or heroines, while most child stars failed as adult Hero/Heroines.

Successful child artistes are few like Meena Kumari, Madhubala,Nargis, Shashi kapoor, Sachin etc, but you can count them on fingers, whereas the list of unsuccessful child artistes who tried to become adult Hero/Heroines is quite long.

Unlike Baby Tabassum, who could not become a successful adult Heroine in good films, there was another ‘Baby’who became quite successful as an adult Heroine opposite well known actors under famous banners and left halfway due to her marriage. Her name is BABY SHAKUNTALA.

Baby Shakuntala was born in a middle class Maharshtrian family of Poona, on 17-11-1932. Those days Prabhat film company had moved to Poona. One of the Prabhat founder partners, Mr. V.G.Damle was their close relative. Along with other children, she too used to go to Prabhat premises for playing there She was 8 to 10 year old when V.Shantaram spotted her and offered a role in film, ‘Das Baje’-42 ( Daha Wajta, in Marathi). The hero’s younger brother’s role was changed to Hero’s sister’s role for accommodating her in the film.

It was a routine matter at Prabhat that for child roles in all films, the children of the partners of Prabhat( Shantaram,Damle,Kulkarni,Fatehlal and Dhaiber) or near relatives were taken. In film Sant Tukaram or other films of Prabhat, all child artistes were from within the Prabhat family only. Shakuntala was very good in studies.She used to get up at 4 am. do school studies, then do household chores, attend school and lastly attend shootings.

Das baje was a hit film. Then came ‘Ramshastri’-44 ( Bilingual-H/M ) meanwhile Shantaram and others left Prabhat and moved to Bombay. After that her work too shifted to Bombay. Due to these changes, she could study only upto Matriculation. But she was proficient in English, Marathi, Hindi/Urdu, Gujarati and Kannada. At the time of shooting for film ‘Shikayat’-48, actor Shyam made her his “Mooh Boli”sister and till he died in an accident he was very close to her.

In 1949, she was 17 year old and she became a heroine in film “Maya bazaar”-49 opposite Balakram. Then came a string of films. She worked with well known actors like Kishore kumar, Bharat Bhooshan,Karan Dewan,Amarnath,Anant Marathe,Master Bhagwan, Abhi bhattachrya etc. She was also luck to have worked under ace directors like V.Shantaram, Bimal Roy,Homi Wadia, kishore Sahu, Raja nene, Gajanan Jahagirdar,Shahid lateef etc. This enriched the depth of her acting.

Kishore Kumar was her Hero in films like, Chham Chhama Chham- 52, fareb-53 and Lehren-53. They had a good tuning like a naughty brother and sister. once kishore kumar surprised her by visiting her in her Kolhapur house ( after her marriage) and spent one day with her family. The famous kishore Kumar- Lata mangeshkar song “aa muhabbat ki basti basayenge hum” from film Fareb-53 was filmed on kishore and Shakuntala only.

Lot of marriage proposals started coming for her and she finally was married in 1954 to Sardar Nadgonde of Kolhapur, a Royal family. After marriage she left films, though she had good demand and became Mrs. Umadevi Nadgonde. She had a son and a daughter. She lived a contented life of 82 years and died recently on 18-1-2015, at Kolhapur.

She had acted in almost 40 Hindi films ( including bi-lingual) and 20 Marathi films from 1942 to 1954. She also acted in famous Marathi dramas on commercial stage. 14 of her films celebrated silver Jubilees. Some of her films were- Das baje-42, Ramshastri-44,Piya Milan-45, Taramati-45, Bachpan-45, Bachhon ka khel-46 ( with Meena kumari), Phir bhi apna hai-46Moti-47, Tohfa-47, Shikayat-48, Seeta Swayamvar-4, maya bazaar-49,, kamal ke Phool-50, Pardes-50,Malti madhav-51 Nanhe Munne-52, Chham chhama chham-52, fareb-53, Lehren-53, Jhamela-53, bhagyawaan-53, Biraj bahu-54, pooja-54, Bindiya-55 etc. ( Bio based on her interview in ” chanderi Aathavani ” by Sulabha Ternikar and material provided by shri Harish Raghuvanshi ji, with Thanks.)

Film India magazine was quite popular in the 40s and the 50s. In its June-1946 issue, the editor Baburao Patel has reviewed this film. As per his judgement, the film was no good. Its story (story, dialogues and songs by I.C.Kapoor) had no life and the director Homi Wadia had spoiled the film by his inept handling and direction. No wonder. Baburao patel rarely praised any film,director or an actor, so this review was on expected lines only.
The film was based onthe ” theme of innocence teaching bitter experience to look at life with a smiling understanding” according to Patel. The story of the film was…

Bhairav (Mazhar Khan) is fed up of life, because his son married outside their cast and all his society criticized him no end. He became very bitter in life and lived in a house on top of a mountain- away from society. He is feared by the villagers around. One of his relatives (Kanta Kumari) sends her niece Madhu (Baby Madhuri) to live with him. Over a period, due to the good and helping nature of optimistic smiling Madhu, Bhairav starts changing and becoming a normal person.

Suddenly, the aunt kidnaps Madhu and sells her as a companion to a rich invalid kamla(Baby Shakuntala). Here too, Madhu wins everyone’s hearts. Envied by this, the Governess (Gulab) of kamla kidnaps Madhu. Meanwhile, Bhairav is also searching Madhu. He rescues her, but the Police detain him and Madhu in the Police station. The village school Teacher Ramesh(B.Nandrekar) and his beloved(Chandraprabha) give positive evidence and Bhairav and Madhu are released. All ends well in the end.

The role of teacher Ramesh was done by B.Nandrekar. This name must be totally unknown to the new generation readers. B.Nandrekar or babasaheb Nandrekar was one of the very few really handsome actors Hindi films ever had. He was born in 1910, in Sangli district of Maharashtra, near Kolhapur. Being a Muslim, he could speak Urdu/Hindi fluently. He completed his schooling from Kolhapur and joined films. Vishnupant Damle (one of the founder partners of Prabhat Films) was making silent film ‘Maharathi Karna’ (1928) for Maharashtra Film Co. He offered Nandrekar a role. Then he worked in other films like ‘Baji Prabhu Deshpande’ (1929), ‘Lanka’ (1930), ‘Kismet’ (1931) and ‘Dushman Ki Raat’ (1931).
His first talkie film was ‘Kurukshetra’ (1933). Prabhat gave him a role in ‘Sant Tukaram’ (1936) (its Hindi version came in 1948). He worked in ‘Amar Jyoti’ (1936) and became quite popular as a hero, opposite Shanta Apte. He was hero in ‘Baghbaan’ (1938) opposite Sitara Devi.

In 1939, he became the first actor to go abroad to shoot scenes in film ‘Africa In Hind’ – ‘हिन्द में अफ्रीका’ (1939). The shooting was done in Africa. Thus this became the first ever Hindi film to shoot in foreign country, and NOT film ‘Naaz’ (1954), as is popularly believed and also as mentioned in HFGK. Nandrekar had become very popular. The chappals he used in film ‘Baghbaan’ became fashionable by the name ‘Nandrekar Chappals‘. This alone is enough to prove his popularity.

His law suit against Prabhat Film Company was a topic of discussion in the industry. There were differences between him and Prabhat over his contract with them. His lawyers were Mr. Jinnah and Mr. Setalwad, who won the case for him. He was also the first actor to work as a freelancer.

Nandrekar appeared in 23 Hindi films. His films were ‘Kurukshetra’ (1933), ‘Amar Jyoti’ (1936), ‘Jaadugarin’ (1937) (UR), ‘Baghbaan’ (1938), ‘Africa In Hind’ (1939), ‘Qaidi’ (1940), ‘Hindustan Hamara’ (1940), ‘Alakh Niranjan’ (1940), ‘Chitralekha’ (1941), ‘Mamaji’ (1942), ‘Duniya Tumhari Hai’ (1942), ‘Nai Kahaani’ (1943), ‘Andhi Duniya’ (1943), ‘Swarn Bhoomi’ (1944), ‘Lady Doctor’ (1944), ‘Ismat’ (1944), ‘Bachpan’ (1945), ‘Kamla’ (1946), ‘Jeevan Sikho’ (1946), ‘Parshuram’ (1947), ‘Meri Amaanat’ (1947), ‘Khandani’ (1947), ‘Sant Tukaram’ (1948) and last film ‘Bihari’ (1948).

He passed away in 1949. No definite information is available about his demise.

With today’s song, film Bachpan-1945 makes its debut on the Blog.

Song-Bole re panchhi bole (Bachpan)(1945) Singers-Unknown female voice, unknown male voice, Lyrics- I C Kapoor, MD- S N Tripathi


Bole re panchhi bole
Bole re panchhi bole
kya bole
Bole re panchhi bole

ambuwa pe baithha shor machaaye
ambuwa pe baithha shor machaaye
suno jee
chhota sa dil mera
chhota sa dil
chhota sa dil mera ghabra jaaye
dole re dil mera dole
dole re dil mera dole
bole re panchhi bole
kya bole
Bole re panchhi bole

teri jawaani meri jawaani
teri jawaani meri jawaani
kehta hai wo to yehi kahaani
kehta hai wo to yehi kahaani

dinon ke ?? soye
?? soye

bole re panchhi bole
kya bole
panchhi to hai naadaan saanwariya
panchhi to hai naadaan saanwariya
patton ke bhi hai jaan saanwariya
baat wo ho bole haule
baat wo ho bole haule
sono je
?? uski bala se
?? uski bala se
karta hai wo to baat hawa se
jee mein jo aaye wo bole
jee mein jo aaye wo bole

bole re panchhi bole
bole re panchhi bole

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