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Kyun aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah

Posted on: May 30, 2019

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Hullo Atulwaasis

Today’s song is for all those who relish old songs. I am sure they will like it more because it is in black ‘n’ white. Now the majority of the blog’s followers will say – “oh, a song from the 40s,50s or 60s”. Next, I will say it is sung by Shekhar Ravijani AND Sneha Pant. I am sure the reaction to this would be “WHO?!!”. Finally, I will say that its written by Vishal Dadlani and music directors are Vishal (Dadlani) and Shekhar (Ravijani) and is from a movie released in 2006.

Now I have everyone’s attention, I think?

Let us first wish our dear Shri Paresh Rawal a very happy birthday. He turns 65 today. I am not sure when was the first time I saw him on screen but he has been an entertainer since 1984 in films and prior to that I am sure he must have done some theatre as he is an alumnus of the NM College in Mumbai which has an active drama group and has given the industry many a talented actors. Going by his filmography available online I seem to be following him from his first commercial movie “Arjun” which had him play villain along with Prem Chopra & Anupam Kher.

I seem to have seen most of the movies he was present in in the 80s and 90s (either in a movie hall or on television, but I have definitely seen “Naam”, “Samundar”, “Mirch Masala”, “Dacait”, “Marte Dam Tak”, etc. So many memories with each movie. He was main villain in “Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja”, “King Uncle”, “Daud”; “Daud: and “King Uncle” adding a touch of comedy to his villainy and this mixture of comic- villainy was the mainstay of “Andaz Apna Apna”. He turned to full time comedy for the Priyadarshan directed 2000 release “Hera Pheri” along with Macho-men Akshay Kumar and Suneil Shetty. He won the Filmfare Best Comedian Award for playing Baburao Ganpatrao Apte. Since then we have seen him play various character roles which are not only villain or comedian or serious just give him a role and he will fit in. Recently I saw a 1993 movie on TV- “Sardar” – through the movie I forgot I was seeing Paresh Rawal playing the role. It felt as if India’s Iron Man himself was there on screen; no wonder the movie got him international acclaim.

I must confess that being a huge fan of his I can go on and on. So I am moving on to the song of the post. 2006 saw Paresh play Baburao all over again in the sequel to “Hera Pheri” -’’Phir Hera Pheri”. We also saw him in “Malamaal Weekly”, “36 China Town”, “Chup Chup Ke”, “Jaan Hoga Kya”, “Golmaal Fun Unlimited”, “Yun Hota toh Kya Hota”, “Bhagamk Bhaag”, “Familywala”.

“Golmaal Fun Unlimited” directed by Rohit Shetty saw Paresh play a blind man who is waiting for his grandson’s arrival from America along with his blind wife Sushmita Mukherjee. The gang of four naughty leading men end up landing in his home and then the laughter the movie generates just increases. Th movie was a surprise success at the box-office. Today’s song happens as the blind man relates how he fell in love with Mangala (Sushmita Mukherjee) and how he was shy to admit it. The song was picturised as a mixture of colour and black-n-white and was very cute visually with Sushmita trying to be coy like the heroines of the 60s and please don’t miss the lamb she is holding with Paresh Rawal trying to be Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar etc. 😉

So that then explains the opening to this post. Hope the followers of the blog like the song as much as I do.



Song-Kyun aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah (Golmaal Fun Unlimited)(2006) Singers-Sneha Pant, Shekhar, Lyrics-Vishal Dadlani, MD-Vishal Shekhar


kyun aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwaron ki tarah
kyun dekhte ho mujhko yoon besabron ki tarah
kyun aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwaron ki tarah
kyun dekhte ho mujhko yoon besabron ki tarah
kya mere deewaane ho,
nahin nahin
kya koyi parwaane ho,
nahin nahin
kya mere deewaane ho
kya koyi parwaane ho
kaam kya hai mujhse
itna keh do ji zara
bol de pyaar hai
khamosh kyun hai khada
hum agar hote toh
bol diya hota

kyun aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwaron ki tarah
kyun dekhte ho mujhko yoon besabron ki tarah

khidki pe meri kyun rakhte ho ankhiyaan
karte ho kyun tum
meri hi batiyaan
karte ho kyun tum
meri hi batiyaan
khidki pe meri kyun rakhte ho ankhiyaan
karte ho kyun tum meri hi batiyaan
mere liye aate ho
nahin toh
geet gungunaate ho
na na
mere liye aate ho
geet gungunaate ho
baat kya hai dil mein tumhaare tumko hi pata
chhod de ye sharam
tu pas usko bula
ham agar hote toh
bula liya hota

kyun aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah
kyun dekhte ho mujhko yoon besabron ki tarah

haathon mein kyun hai ye sone ka kangnaa
tumko pehnaake le jaoonga anganaa
sajani banaoge,
haan ji haan ji haan
jaan bhi lutaoge,
arey haan ji haan ji haan
sajni banaaoge
jaan bhi lutaaoge
aaj ham kahte hain tumse pyaar ho gaya
haath yeh thamkar
kahaan pe tu hai chala
apna bhi shukriya
kar diya hota

hum aage peechhe dolte hai bhanwaron ki tarah
hum dekhte hain tumko yoon besabron ki tarah

kya mere deewane,
arey haan ji haan ji haan
kya koyi parwaane,
arey haan ji haan ji haan ji haan
kya mere deewaane ho,
kya mere parwaane ho
aaj ham kahte hain
tumse pyar ho gaya

10 Responses to "Kyun aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah"

Nice post! Even I had loved the song when it released and Its quite a cute song. These days some filmmakers are using B&W very effectively. Good to see it posted!


thank you for the like!


I listened to this song for the first time. Every thing is good in this song – voice, expressions by actors and picturisation.

Yes, this song is the reminiscence of the golden era of Hindi film music.


Thank you! I had a feeling you would like it


audio track


audio 2


His performance as Tikku, the eunuch, in Mahesh Bhatt’s THAMANNA,?1997, is superlative.


Yes, Thamanna. It was। a great performance for which I think he got many awards. And all the movies u have mentioned are ones I ve seen multiple times


Paresh Rawal was not the main villain in Roop ki Rani Choron ka Raja… either you are blind fan of his and could not see Anupam Kher play the villain or you have not watched the movie and are blindly assuming that he is the main villain… anyways you are wrong!


Sorry for the error.
I have seen the movie multiple times and in the flow of writing out all his villainous characters mentioned “Roop ki Rani Choron Ka Raja”. I remember Anupam Kher is the main villain.


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