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Maang raha hai Hindustan roti kapda aur makaan

Posted on: November 7, 2019

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Today’s song is from a Musically Iconic film Bazaar-1949.

The film was made by Madhukar Pictures. It was based on a story by K.Amarnath, who also directed this film.The 16 songs of the film were written by Qamal Jalalabadi and the Music Director was Shyam Sundar- one of my favourite composers in Hindi.

1949 was the best year in the Golden Era of HFM. There were so many films offering evergreen, out of this world songs, that the audience did not know which film to see and which song to be heard. The sale of records registered a Record of Sales in 1949. 157 films were made in 1949. Barring the figure of 181 films in 1947 ( we know the reasons), 1949 produced the maximum films from 1931 to 1984 – a period of 50++ years. What’s more, almost every alternate film gave superb songs. Nearly every Music Director of Hindi films was present in 1949, with his film.

This was also a transition period, when older composers were giving way to newer ones. Additionally, the competition between Naushad and C Ramchandra for the Number One position was on its peak. Though CR is my favourite composer, during the period 47 to 49, it was all the way Naushad who was the undisputed Numero Uno as far as quality and number of hit films were concerned. Here is a chart…

composer Year Number of films Hit films
C Ramchandra 1947 8
1948 3
1949 7
Total 18 4
Naushad 1947 2
1948 3
1949 4
Total 9 8

In this period Naushad’s strike rate of Hit films was more than double, compared to C Ramchandra percentagewise.

The year 1949 had absolutely heavenly showers of Musical Films. Some of such films were Andaz, Badi Behan, Barsaat, Bazaar, Dulari, Jeet, Apna Desh, Chandni Raat, Chaar Din, Sunehre Din, Shayar, Dillagi, Ek thi ladki, Kaneez, Laadli, Lahore, Mahal, Namoona, Patanga etc etc. The year 1949 also witnessed the introduction of A and U Censor certificates, the establishment of Films Division, the start of Navketan productions of Anand brothers and few other landmarks in Hindi film industry.

The cast of bazaar -49 was Nigar Sultana, Shyam, Gope, Cuckoo, Badri prasad, Yakub etc etc. Shyam was a very handsome actor. However, just like Ashok kumar, he too was first rejected in the screen test by Bombay Talkies. In the case of Ashok kumar, this rejection was overruled by Himanshu Rai- owner of Bombay Talkies and he became a Hero immediately. In case of Shyam, he had to wait for some more time.

Sunder Shyam Chadda (20 February 1920 – 25 April 1951) was born in Sialkot, now in Pakistan on February 20, 1920. Shyam’s grand father was a village Patwari, while his father worked as a store keeper with the Indian medical Service. So the young Shyam had to keep moving with his father in different cantonment towns of Punjab. A graduate from the Punjab University Shyam had a great fascination for films right from early childhood. It was Shyam’s uncle, late Tarachand Chadha, a subedar with the British Army who convinced Shyam’s father to allow Shyam to join the film line. Shyam came to Poona and worked with Prabhat cinema and stayed in lane no-9 Prabhat road in Adhar Bungalow.
In 1941 Shyam was called for a screen test by Bombay Talkies but met with no success. Determined to work in films, he took up the job of assistant director to JK Nanda and appeared in a Punjabi picture from Lahore. Shyam’s first film was Mann ka meet-44. Saigal’s death in 1947 created a void in the film world which was soon filled up by one of the leading heroes of those times, Ashok Kumar. Shyam ruled the world of celluloid from 1948 and 1951, when he was killed in a tragic accident.

With super hits like Dillagi, Patanga, Kaneej, Samadhi, Man Ka Meet and Shabistan under his belt, Shyam had scaled dizzying heights of super stardom in his late 20s. He was a true achiever in every sense of the word.

After Dillagi, in which he stared opposite Suraiya, which was released in 1949, he shot to stardom with the popular song Tu Mera Chand Mai Teri Chandni, a rage in those days.( this song was sung by singer Shyam kumar and not by actor Shyam)

He married a Muslim, Mumtaz Qureshi (nickname “Taji”), with whom he had a daughter, Pakistani TV actress Sahira Kazmi, married to actor Rahat Kazmi, and a son named Shakir (born two months after his death), a psychiatrist based in UK. His wife migrated to Lahore, Pakistan, after his premature death in 1951, along with her elder sister, Zeb Qureshi, who was an actress in Bombay. Mumtaz later married a gentleman, Ansari after Shyam’s death.

He acted with Munawar Sulltana in many films like Kaneez and Majboor. A highly educated person, Shyam wrote an article for Blitz, a leading film magazine of those times on his favourite heroines. He was a close personal friend of Saadat Hasan Manto and was the inspiration of many of his stories. Even after partition, their bond of friendship endured.

He died after a nasty fall from horseback, at the young age of 30 when destiny snuffed the life out of this versatile actor. It was an ill-fated day when he was shooting for Filimistan’s Shabistan directed by Vibhuti Mitra at Ghodbunder road near Borivali when the reins of the horse slipped from Shyam’s hand. He was thrown off the horse and received major injuries on his head and was rushed to the Bombay Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

Fans from all over thronged to pay their respects to their loved hero at the Sonapur crematorium at the Bombay Kings road.

Even the BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) named the place where Shyam stayed in Chembur as Shyam Park. Though younger than Ashok Kumar , he played roles of the latter’s elder brother. After Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand , Shyam and Rehman are remembered most for their contribution to the field of Hindi cinema.

Shyam is incidentally survived by Younger brother, Harbans Chadha. Shyam was fond of his daughter Sahera but he did not live long to see his son, who was born a couple of month after his death. His son Shakir, who now lives in Pakistan with his mother Taji, who had migrated there after partition.

Filmography of Shyam’s films as a lead hero:

1948-Majboor,Shikayat,Bazaar,Chandani Raat,
1949- Char Din, Dada, Dillagi, Kaneez, Naach, Patanga, Raat Ki Rani,
1950- Choti Bhabiu, Meena Bazaar, Nirdosh, Samadhi, Sangeeta, Suraj Mukhi, Wafa , Kale Badal,
1951- Shabistan
Shyam acted in 24 films, in all.

There are many versions of how Shyam died during the shooting. However , here is the report from an eye witness, who was present there on that day and this happened before his eyes. The horse Shyam rode, was owned by him.

Jimmy Bharucha, one of the best Horse Trainers in India, had himself been trained in foreign countries. He had opened a Horse Training School in Poona. Yesteryear actor SHYAM was one of his earliest students. For all his films, Shyam used the same horse from Bharucha. Actor Shyam had died while doing a stunt for film Shabistan-51.

Whenever he talked about Shyam, Bharucha got emotional. The truth about Shyam’s death….

That fateful day, Shyam was in a very cheerful mood. He joked with other artists as usual. The film was SHABISTAN. He had to do a stunt scene on a horse. His double was kept ready. However Shyam insisted on doing that dangerous shot himself that day. The scene started and was also completed successfully. There was a round of applauding claps.

Shyam was getting down from the horse and suddenly,the horse started running. Shyam’s foot got stuck in the stirr-up and he was dragged some distance before people ran and stopped the horse. Shyam was unconscious. He was immediately taken to the hospital, but he died-with his make up and costume still on him ! ( from an article by Vasant Bhalekar in book ‘Ruperi Smaran Yatra’ by Prof. Subhash Savarkar and article ‘Anipals’ by Mala Doshi ).

Film Bazaar was released on 4-3-1949 at Excelsior Cinema in Bombay. The Film India magazine of May 1949 had published a review of this film. Once for a change, Baburao Patel had good words about a film and its music. The story of the film, as outlined in this review is this…

An impecunious poet, Parwana (Shyam), runs away from home in company with his pal Jagu (Gope) to join a theatrical company. On the way, they come across a gypsy camp and Jagu succeeds in picking up Koel (Cuckoo), a gypsy dancer, as his sweetheart. Parwana and Jagu soon cross swords with Khanna ( Yakub) of Khanna Theatres, whose main attraction is Bijli ( NIgar Sultana), a beautiful and temperamental dancer. Bijli is attracted by Parwana’s poetry and physique and we soon see Parwana, Jagu and Koel working in Khanna Theatres.
Parwana and Bijli begin to love each other and Khanna doesn’t like the look of things, being himself in love with Bijli. Things soon reach a show-down stage and Bijli walks out of Khanna Theatres arm-in-arm with Parwana and his stooges. The new team tries to start its own theatre business, but the love-stricken Khanna becomes vindictive and with his influence and money hounds them out from place to place till Parwana and Bijli are ruined and heartbroken. In a desperate attempt to save Parwana’s poetic soul, Bijli, sacrificing her love for him, compromises matters with Khanna, who helps to put Parwana on the stage once again. But, Parwana needs more than mere success to feel happy and very soon he returns heartbroken to his parental home, a sadder but wiser man.

Now Parwana dedicates himself to national service and we soon come to the climax, in which Khanna, realizing the intensity of Bijli’s love for Parwana, gracefully gives her up and all rush to a public meeting for their individual professions and confessions. Evidently, anyplace seems to be good enough for the Punjabis to vomit their love and a large crowd does not deter Bijli from vomiting her love for Parwana on a public platform. It ends well.

Film Bazaar was remade as ‘Naya Andaz-1956’ starring Kishore kumar and Meena kumari . This film also had excellent music by O P Nayyar. Interestingly, this film also was directed by same K.Amarnath only.

Film Bazaar-49 had 16 songs. 14 are already discussed here. Today’s song is the 15th song.( I am surprised how this song remained uncovered so long. May be my good luck !) . The only song now remains to be covered is ” Nazar se mil jayegi nazar”. HFGK is silent about its singer, but also has a note that this song was removed from the film. This song’s record number is also not given, leading to a guess that, may be this song, having been removed from film, was not made into a record. In that case, today’s song is the last song of this film to be covered. Worth thinking.

Song- Maang raha hai Hindustan Roti Kapda aur Makaan (Baazaar)(1949) Singer- Mohd. Rafi, Lyricist- Qamar Jalalabadi, MD- Shyamsunder


watan ki raah mein jo moti lutaaye jaate hain aen
to motiyon se jawaahar banaaye jaate hain aen
tu dekh Dilli mein jaa kar samaadh Baapu ki
ke is pe phool nahin
dil chadhaaye jaate hain

maang raha hai Hindustan
Roti kapda aur makaan
Roti kapda
Roti kapda aur makaan
maang raha hai

millon mein jaao aur dekho
millon mein jaao aur dekho
kya hai Hindustan
dekh ke bangle mein raunaq
dekh ke bangle mein raunaq
mazdoor ka ghar veeraan aan
maang raha hai Hindustan
Roti kapda aur makaan
Roti kapda
Roti kapda aur makaan
maang raha hai

kheton mein jaao aur dekho
kya hai Hindustan
kheton mein jaao aur dekho
kya hai Hindustan
zameendaar ke bhare hain kothe
zameendaar ke bhare hain kothe
bhookhha mare kisaan
maang raha hai Hindustan
Roti kapda aur makaan
Roti kapda
Roti kapda aur makaan
maang raha hai

mehlon mein jaao aur dekho
mehlon mein jaao aur dekho
daawat ka saamaan
neeche raste par soya hai
neeche raste par soya hai
ik bhookha insaan aan
maang raha hai Hindustan
Roti kapda aur makaan
Roti kapda
Roti kapda aur makaan
maang raha hai

Hindustan ko aaj banaa den
aisa Hindustan
sab ko mile roti kapda
sab ko mile makaan

3 Responses to "Maang raha hai Hindustan roti kapda aur makaan"

Dear Guruji,

You say this song was not made into a disc, yet the uploader mentions that he is playing the song from a 78 rpm disc in his possession.

And the Film MAHAL, should it be counted in 1949 or in 1950?

But you hit the nail on the head when you say that 1949 was the best of the Golden Age of HFM. We had a plethora of melodious songs, composed by the Best while performing at their best. As they say, “ek se badhkar ek”.

With warm regards



Partha ji,
Thanks for your comment.
The reference of ” may be record was not made” was about the song ‘ nazar se mil jayegi nazar’. Have you heard this song ? From your comment it looks as if you have heard it and some one has uploaded it. Please give us the link.
HFGK mentions only the year in which the film is censored and not released year. We follow HFGK if it is mentioned.


My apologies dear Guruji,

I mixed up the two songs. Although there is a song with the same opening lines in another Film “GHAZAB” (1951), but that is a different type of song and written by someone else.

So, it is settled, that henceforth we shall count “MAHAL” in 1949, even though it was released in 1950.

With warm regards



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