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Gori kar le tu aaj singaar

Posted on: December 11, 2019

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Today is 97th birthday of the thespian Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar, real name Yusuf Khan is the most revered and copied star of this film Industry. The second most inspiring and copied star would be Mohammed Rafi’s voice. Because truly the voice was the star in Rafi Sahab’s case.

Dilip Kumar has had a fruitful and successful career of more than 50 years. This has again been equalled only by Amitabh Bachchan in recent years.

Dilip Kumar is like a lone man standing from the pre-independence era. Again he has only Lata Mangeshkar for company. Also yesteryears actress Nimmi(Born 1933) is giving him company, but she is more than a decade younger than Dilip Kumar. Nimmi was a co-star in significant films in Dilip Kumar’s career, namely Amar, Aan and Deedar. I feel she was type cast in this as the third angle in a triangle.

Dilip Kumar is the true ‘Gulfaam’ of the hindi film world. There was a Urdu Magazine by that name back in the 80’s which I had thought was dedicated to Dilip Kumar, as almost every issue had Dilip Kumar on its cover. I found a very interesting article on “The lost world of Urdu film magazines” in the net, link is here.

Dilip Kumar has often been described as an institution, by many of the later day film stalwarts, especially by the actors.
I have found the genesis of acting style of all the major superstars of hindi film industry can be found in Dilip Kumar’s style of acting.
As per the excel sheet of “Mohammed Rafi songs”, there are roughly 60 songs where Rafi Sahab gave playback for Dilip Kumar. This include one small ditty from Ganga Jamuna and the small snippet of a beautiful song from ‘Insaaniyat’ (1955). The list misses a song from “Kranti” (1981), “chana jor garam baabu” where Rafi Sahab sang just this line for Dilip Kumar :

Mera chana hai apni marzi ka
Ye dushman hai khudgarzi ka
Sar kafan baandh ke nikla hai
Deewana hai ye pagla hai
Mit jaane ko mit jaayega
Aazaad watan kar jaayegaa

I am presenting here the small snippet from the film ‘Insaaniyat”(1955) , which is composed by C. Ramchandra. Lyrics are by Rajendra Krishan and Dilip Kumar is singing this with obvious enjoyment while driving a bullock cart. I tried finding a whole song, which was not available. It may have been recorded as a full- fledged song, but I could not find it on youtube.
Some of my favourite songs by Rafi songs on Dilip Kumar are :

1. Dil mein chhupa ke pyaar ka toofaan le chale
2. maan mera ehsaan arre naadaan
3. Huye ham jinke liye barbaad
4. Meri kahaani bhoolne waale
5. Nain lad jainhe to manwa maa kasak
6. Ude jab jab zulfen teri
7. Ye desh hai veer jawaanon ka
8. Na tu zamaneen ke liye hai

So presenting a small but appealing ditty in Rafi Sahab voice to celebrate Dilip Kumar Sahab’s 97th birthday today.



Song-Gori kar le tu aaj singaar (Insaaniyat)(1955) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rjinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


Hoye ye ye
Ha haa aaa haa
Gori kar le tu aaj singaar
Rasiyaa dwaare khade
Gori kar le tu aaj singaar
Rasiyaa dwaare khade
Gori kar le tu
Ho Gori kar le tu aaj singaar
Rasiyaa dwaare khade
Gori kar le tu aaj singaar
Rasiyaa dwaare khade
Gori kar le tu aaj singaar
Rasiyaa dwaare khade
Ho oo ooo
Ah haa aaa haa

5 Responses to "Gori kar le tu aaj singaar"

that is a typical Rafi- Dilip Kumar song complete with
“Ho oo ooo
Ah haa aaa haa”
reminded me of the closing of “maang ke saath tumahara” which should also have been in the list you mentioned then it would be my list of “favourite songs by Rafi songs on Dilip Kumar”. the list will begin with “madhuban mein radhika naache re”
isn’t ‘Insaaniyat’ the only time Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand acted together


Yes. “Insaaniyat” is the only film where Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand were together, whereas ‘Andaz’ is the only one for Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor.

The ‘Kohinoor’ song should have been in the list, but didnt come to mind because, I have heard it more than seen it, like with ‘O Duniya ke rakhwaale”. “Maang ke saath’ was under contention, but well, with two songs from ‘Naya Daur” are already there, it would be one too many. I missed songs from “Ram aur shyam”, “Leader” (especially “apni azaadi ko ham”) etc.

My favourite list if it is in true order, than would be in this order (with added songs) :

1. Nain lad jaayihen
2. Maan mera ehsaan arey naadaan
3. Huey ham jin ke liye barbaad
4. sukh ke sab saathhi, dukh mein na koye
5 Dil mein chhupa ke pyar ka toofan
6. yehan badla wafa ka bewafaai (First song of Rafi-Dilip)
7. meri kahaani bhoolne waale
8. ude jab jab zulfen
9. apni aazaadi ko ham hargiz
10. madhuban mein radhika
11. ye desh hai veer jawaanon ka
12. aaj ki raat mere dil ki salaami
13. na aadmi ka koyi bharosa
14. maang ke saath tumhaara
15. watan ki raah mein watan ke naujawan
16. tere husn ki kya taarif karun
17. saare shehar mein aap sa koyi nahi
18. Mere pairon mein ghunghroo bandha de
19. na tu zameen ke liye
20. Three more solos from ‘Aan’
21. Naseeb dar pe tere aazmaane aaya hoon.

Songs 20 and 21 will be little higher up in the order.


my list will not have “meri kahaani bhoolne waale”; “na aadmi ka koyi bharosa”;
don’t remember having heard “Naseeb dar pe tere aazmaane aaya hoon.”


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