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Chhoo gayi chhoo gayi koi mera man

Posted on: March 6, 2020

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Today’s song is from film Amanat-43. There were 4 films with the same title, made in 1943, 1955,1975 and 1994. The films of 1955 and 1975 have already been yippied on the Blog. Amanat-43 makes its Debut with today’s song. The song is sung by Tara Harish.

When I had heard this name first time, somewhere in the late 40s, I had thought that this was some lady’s name. Later I thought that it was a joint name of two persons – one female and one male. However, after I read about ‘him’, his name mystery was solved. Harish, also known as Tara Harish, was born on 23-10-1916 at Delhi. His real full name was Tarachand Anand Biharilal Mathur. He was distantly related to Motilal and Mukesh. His father died when he was just 3 year old. He was brought up by his brothers and uncle. He graduated in 1937. After trying and failing in a second hand car business, he decided to enter film world and joined Sagar Movietone, where Motilal was getting established.

His first foray into films was in film ‘ 300 days and after ‘-38. In this film, however, he was uncredited. He got roles in other films like Postman, Ladies only, Service Ltd, Hum,Tum aur Voh, Ek hi Rasta, Civil marriage, Aurat, Nai Roshni, Vijay, Haqdar etc etc. He used to sing also in the films. As a Hero his last film was Amanat-43.

Harish took up Direction with film Beda Paar-44, a stunt C grade film, but soon he directed many social films also. In his career he directed 21 films. Some of his films are Toote tare-48, Ustad Pedro-51, Malhar-51 ( originally Harish was to be the hero, but he gave chance to Arjun), Daku ki ladki-54, Lalten-56, kali Topi laal rumaal-59, Do Ustad-59, Burmah Road-62. His last film, as a Director, was Awara Abdulla-63.

Harish acted in 21 films. He sang 39 songs in 16 films ( stats by MuVyz). He established his own production company- Omar Khayyam Films. When he was directing film Ustad Pedro-51, he changed the name of actress Nargis Rabadi to Shammi, since another more famous actress of same name- Nasrgis- was existing already in films.

Tara Harish died sometime in 1970.

Film Amanat-43 was made by N R Desai Productions and it was directed by Lalit Chandra Mehta. Earlier, Mehta had directed 2 films, namely, Nai Roshni and Lalaji, both in 1941. After Amanat-43, he directed one more film- Azadi ki raah par-48, before disappearing from films, as I did not find his name in any film later on.

The film had music by Ninu Mujumdar. There were 8 songs, written by Neelkanth Tiwari, MA. This Sahitya Academy award winner hailed from Madhya Pradesh. He was a very well known poet and a writer and was highly respected in film industry. He was a friend of Dilip kumar and Kishore kumar. He even acted in films like Nirdosh and Apna paraya in 1941. Both films were made by National studios. Tiwari also tried his hand at singing a song in film Nirdosh-41.

As a lyricist, he wrote 140 songs in 36 films. His last film as a lyricist was Hameer Hath-64. First song of Mukesh-“Dil hi bujha hua ho” from film Nirdosh-41 as well as the first yodelling song of Kishore kumar from film Adhikar-54 were written by him.

In addition to film songs, he also wrote many Jingles for advertising companies, for various products. After films he returned to M.P. and continued writing. He died on 11-2-1976, leaving behind wife Rama Devi, 2 daughters and one son.

The cast of film Amanat-43 was Harish, Husn Bano, Sankata Prasad, Bhudo Advani, Jyoti, Dulari, Nawab, Master Badri and many more. Actress Jyoti, besides acting in the film had also sung 2 duets in the film, one with the composer Ninu Mujumdar and the other with Dulari. This Dulari does not seem to be the one who acted in film Shehnai-47 and on whom the famous song “aana meri jaan Sunday ke Sunday” was filmed. She also became a popular character artiste in later films. She could neither sing nor dance, according to her interview published in Blog Beete hue din run by Shishir krishna Sharma ji. This singer Dulari may be Shama Dulari who later on had a 3 year contract with Shalimar Pictures, Poona and acted/sang in 3 of the films under this banner. Before Amanat, she seems to have sung songs in film Jhankar-42 also.

JYOTI ( real name Sitara Begum) was born in 1921 in a professional singer’s house in Agra-UP. Waheedan Bai was her elder sister. She was Nimmi’s aunt also.
She grew up in a musical atmosphere. She learnt the classical music of Agra Gharana.
Her entry into films was easy due to elder sister already being in films. Anil Biswas gave her first opportunity in Comrades-39 to act and sing 2 solo songs.
Then came Ek hi Rasta and Sadhana. She had done also Uski tamanna and Bhole Bhale in 1939.
Actually, she became famous after Aurat-40,in which she had 5 songs. Same year Pooja and Sanskar also added to her fame. In Sanskar,she sang with sister Waheedan Bai and also with Harish. Thus 1940 was a very lucky year for Jyoti.
In 1941,Darshan and Radhika, Jawani-42, Amanat-43. During 1942, there were rumours of bombing in Bombay. Jyoti got scared and stopped working for about 3 years. After much cajoling by Mehboob and Kardar she started working in 1945. Thus films Devar and Saathi in 46 saw her in films.

Her voice had some resemblance to Parul Ghosh. She was not a great singer, but Anil Biswas supported her very much.
Jyoti was married earlier, but her husband had left her. In Bombay she fell in love with G M Durani.
She married G.M.Durani-MD,Singer and Actor. Their married life was happy and long.
Jyoti acted in 19 films. Her last film was Sati Vaishalini-59. She sang 38 songs in 12 films. Her last songs were in film Devar-46.

Today’s song is sung by Harish. I have listened to other few songs of this film, but the music was very disappointing. This must be Ninu Mujumdar’s poorest film music easily. I selected this song as I felt, this was the best among other songs. After listening to this song, you can imagine about other songs.

(Audio video not available on Youtube – This is another site audio mp3 song)
Audio – Mp3 Link
Click Here – Chhoo gayi Chhoo gayi koi mera.mp3
Song-Chhoo gayi Chhoo gayi koi mera mann (Amaanat)(1943) Singer-Harish, Lyricist- Neelkanth Tiwari, MD- Ninu Mujumdar


Chhoo gayi Chhoo gayi koi mera mann
chhoo gayi
Chhoo gayi Chhoo gayi koi mera mann
murli bana gayi koi mera mann

mere hi honthhon se murli banaay ke
mere hi honthhon se murli banaay ke
koi baja gayi mera bhola mann
murli bana gayi koi mera mann
chhoo gayi

praanon mein bhar gayi koi nayi dhun
praanon mein bhar gayi koi nayi dhun
kaanon mein bhar gayi nayi run jhun
kaanon mein bhar gayi nayi run jhun
sapnon se
sapnon se
sapnon se bhar gayi mere nayan
murli bana gayi koi mera mann
chhoo gayi

soyi thhi mere aangan mein raat
soyi thhi
soyi thhi mere aangan mein raat
aayi wo kirnon ki le kar baaraat
aayi wo
aayi wo kirnon ki le kar baaraat
kamal sa khil gaya
kamal sa khil gaya angna ??
murli bana gayi koi mera mann
Chhoo gayi Chhoo gayi koi mera mann
murli bana gayi koi mera man
Chhoo gayi Chhoo gayi koi mera mann
chhoo gayi

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