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Maa ko pukaar kar poochha bachche ne

Posted on: March 20, 2020

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2010-2020) – Song No. 13

In olden days (even today for that matter) Indians were expected to behave in a particular manner. For instance, when it came to their day to day live, most of them were “gareeb” and they were told that they had the sole right on the resources of the nation in the form of doles aka subsidies. All political parties claimed to be pro poor parties and promised to “hataao” gareebi if voted to power. After repeatedly getting voted to power on the plank of hataaoing gareebi, the same politicians now claim to be for the “gareeb”. These “gareeb” are supposed to be gullible possessing of short memory so the politicians can get away despite failing to fulfill their past promises.

Movie makers were no different. They too made movies for the same segment of society that were treated as “gareeb” by the political classes. This section of society was supposed to like movies with escapist stories that bore little resemblance to real life. Depicting real life was considered no no. Movies depicting real life were considered boring. Why would a “gareeb” audience come to the movie hall to watch movies depicting his real dull life ? This was what the movie makers believed in.

Sometimes, some movie makers would make movies with realistic movies. Ordinary movie goers and even press would describe these movies as boring. Most movies like this flopped.

Top stars acted in such movies for creative satisfaction, but the ordinary fans felt betrayed when they would go to the movie hall and find their star sans his usual mannerisms.

Rajesh Khanna is “Aavishkaar” (1973), and Amitabh Bachchan in “Man Aazaad Hoon” (1990) are two such movies that readily comes to my mind.

“Aavishkaar” (1973) was directed by Basu Bhattacharya Aarohi Film Makers Bombay. This movie had Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore, Dina Gandhi, Denis Clement, Satyen Kappu, Monika Jasnan (child artist), Devendra Khandelwal, Margaret, new discoveries Mahesh Sharma and Minna Johar etc in it.

The movie dealt with a real life “boring” tale, viz the marital life of a couple, played by Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore. Fans of superstar Rajesh Khanna, who went to the movie hass expecting a movie like “Aaraadhana”(1969) were disappointed. There was no way juvenile fans (including yours truly) of Rajesh Khanna, who were brought up on stuff like “Haathi Mere Saathi”(1971) and “Apna Desh” (1972) were going to like this movie.

This movie was only for “mature” movie goers. Just like “rich” people were looked down upon by “gareeb” people, “mature” people, with their occasional boring movies were looked down upon by people loving “mainstream” movies.

Please do not believe the review of “Aavishkaar”(1973) that is carried by wikipedia etc. These reviews are written with the benefit of hindsight by people who were not even born when this movie was released. I remember the reviews carried out in mainstream Hindi media during 1973 which bore no resemblance whatsoever with its review that we now find online.

Coming to the songs of the movie, “Aavishkaar” (1973) had five songs in it. Four of these songs are covered in the past as described hereunder:-

Song Posted On
Hansne ki chaah ne kitna mujhe 19.09.2008
Naina hain pyaase mere 20.03.2010
Mahaa shoonya ke mahaan vistaar mein 18.07.2016
Baabul mora, naihar chhuto hi jaaye 27.05.2019

From the table above, we can see that one song from the movie was covered on this day, ten years ago. So, this movie provides us an opportunity to have a blog ten year challenge. At the same time, all the songs of the movie get covered as well.

Ten years ago on this day, two songs were covered in the blog

Song Movie title-Year Remarks
Naina hain pyaase mere Aavishkaar-1973 04 of 05 songs posted
Kaali badariya maare najariya Do Roti-1957 All Songs posted on the blog

Here is the fifth and final song from “Aavishkaar”(1973) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Manna Dey. Gyandev Agnihotri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Kanu Roy.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.

With this song, “Aavishkaar”(1973) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.



Song-Maa ko pukaar kar poochha bachche ne (Aavishkaar)(1973) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Gyandev Agnihotri, MD-Kanu Roy

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

maa ko pukaar kar poochha bachche ne
aaya kahaan se hoon maa
bolo to
padaa kahaan paaya
bolo to
sun kar sawaal ye
maa ke stanon se ufan padaa doodh
aur bah aaya aankhon se

mere laal
tum to hamesha thhe
mere man ki abhilaasha mein
tan ki paribhaasha mein
bachpan ke gudiyaaghar mein ae
kitni baar tujhe
khelte khelte
toda aa
todte todte ae
jodaa aa

paakar khoya aur
kho kar payaa aa hai
kahaan se bataaun tu aaya hai
padaa tujhe maine kahaan paaya hai
mere ae laal

haan tu hi to hai
meri amar aasha
subah ka sapna
maa aur daadi ki
sunehri khwaahish
prem ki paramparaa aa
aag ki khwaahish
aur prem ki aasha se
bani teri kaaya hai
kahaan se bataaun tu aaya hai
padaa tujhe maine kahaan paaya hai
mere laal

Devnagri Script lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
माँ को पुकार कर पूछा बच्चे ने
आया कहाँ से हूँ माँ
बोलो तो
पडा कहाँ पाया
बोलो तो
सुन कर सवाल ये
माँ के स्तनों से उफन पडा दूध
और बह आया आँखों से

मेरे लाल
तुम तो हमेशा थे
मेरे मन की अभिलाषा में
तन की परिभाषा में
बचपन के गुड़ियाघर में ए
कितनी बार तुझे
खेलते खेलते तोड़ा आ
तोड़ते तोड़ते ए
जोड़ा आ

पाकर खोया और
खो कर पाया आ है
कहाँ से बताऊँ तू आया है
पडा तुझे मैंने कहाँ पाया है
मेरे ए लाल

हां तू ही तो है
मेरी अमर आशा
सुबह का सपना
माँ और दादी कि
सुनहरी ख्वाईश
प्रेम की परंपरा आ
आग की ख्वाईश
और प्रेम की आशा से
बनी तेरी काया है
कहाँ से बताऊँ तू आया है
पडा तुझे मैंने कहाँ पाया है
मेरे लाल

1 Response to "Maa ko pukaar kar poochha bachche ne"

Thanks for the post Atul ji. I watched this movie on TV when I was still in ‘teens’ and on the peak of ‘Rajesh Khanna’ fan period, so I liked the movie very much. ( may be if I would have been a juvenile 🙂 I would not have liked it 🙂
Congratulations on covering all songs of ‘Aavishkaar-1973’ and it’s joining to the ‘list of movies – all songs covered’ 🙂
Thanks again for the post !!!

Liked by 1 person

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