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Aaja re…dukhiyaa dharti tujhe pukaare

Posted on: August 20, 2020

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Today (20 August 2020) happens to be 36th remembrance day of Avinash Vyas (21 july 1912- 20 August 1984).

As a tribute to him, two songs composed by him have been covered in the blog. Incidentally, his tally of songs in the blog stands at 99. So today is an appropriate occasion to cover the 100th song of Avinash Vyas in the blog.

Avinash Vyas was active in Hindi movies from early 1940s till late 1970s. Overall, he composed music in 52 movies as far as my research goes. Here are the details:-

S No. Movie Name Year Songs in the blog Songs in the movie Remarks
1 Laheri Badmaash 1944 0 9
2 Gunsundari 1948 1 1
3 Bheemsen 1950 3 9
4 Har Har Mahadev 1950 6 10
5 Dashaavtaar 1951 2 12
6 Jai Mahalaxmi 1951 1 9
7 Ram Janm 1951 2 6
8 Shri Vishnu Bhagwan 1951 1 11
9 Rajrani Damyanti 1952 3 9
10 Shiv Shakti 1952 1 7
11 Veer Arjun 1952 3 7
12 Bhaagyawaan 1953 2 5
13 Adhikaar 1954 8 8 YIPPEED
14 Chakradhaari 1954 13 13 YIPPEED
15 Mahapooja 1954 2 4
16 Malka e Alam Noorjahaan 1954 1 8
17 Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja 1955 2 7
18 Ekaadashi 1955 2 8
19 Jagadguru Shankaracharya 1955 3 9
20 Riyaasat 1955 2 7
21 Waaman Avtaar 1955 5 9
22 Dwaarikadheesh 1956 0 9
23 Sudarshan Chakra 1956 1 8
24 Aadhi Roti 1957 4 8
25 Laxmi 1957 3 8
26 Naag Mani 1957 3 10
27 Neelophar 1957 3 5
28 Shesh Naag 1957 1 7
29 Raam Laxman 1957 2 8
30 Sant Raghu 1957 2 8
31 Gopichand 1958 1 8
32 Great Show of India 1958 1 7
33 Jang Bahadur 1958 0 8
34 Pati Parmeshwar 1958 1 10
35 Charnon Ki Daasi 1959 0 6
36 Grihlaxmi 1959 2 9
37 Bhakt Raj 1960 2 8
38 Bapu Ne Kaha Thha 1962 1 Not known
39 Hawa Mahal 1962 1 6
40 Kailashpati 1962 3 16
41 Royal Mail 1963 1 6
42 Bhakt Dhruv Kumar 1964 1 9
43 Mata Mahakali 1968 0 8
44 Badmaash 1969 1 4
45 Beti Tumhaare Jaisi 1969 0 Not known
46 Soorya Devta 1969 1 6
47 Takht Aur Talwaar 1970 1 5
48 Mahasati Savitri 1973 0 8
49 Daaku Aur Bhagwaan 1975 0 8
50 Chhoti Bahan 1977 0 6
51 Maa Baap 1979 0 Not known
52 Bhakt Gora Kumbhaar 1980 0 Not known
Total 52 movies 99 377* Number of songs unknown in some movies

As can be seen from the table, Avinash Vyas has composed a little under 400 songs in 52 Hindi movies. Most of these movies have been mythological movies. But “Adhikaar”(1954) is a glorious exception. In this movie, which was a “social” movie and which is already YIPPEED in the blog, Avinash Vyas created some evergreen classics, viz. BA MA PhD , Dil mein hamaare kaun samaaya khud hi samajh lo , Ek dharti hai ek hai gagan ,
Kamaata hoon bahut kuchh and
Maati kahe kumhaar se…maati mein mil jaanaa etc.

Majority of Hindi movies that Avinash Vyas got in Hindi were mythological movies of course. And in these movies, his songs would typically e penned by Bharat Vyas (no relation), Kavi Pradeep etc. “Chakrdhaari”(1954), an archtypically mythological movie had 13 songs in it. This movie too is YIPPEED in the blog. And what songs this movie has ! Baadal ki paalki pe hoke sawaar and Bolo he zameen bolo aasmaan are two of these songs.

As a tribute to Avinash Vyas, here is a song from “Charnon Ki Daasi”(1959). This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Bharat Vyas is the lyricist. Music is composed by Avinash Vyas, of course.

“Charnon Ki Daasi”(1959) was produced by Beni Talwar and directed by Ramesh Vyas for Chandra Prakash Pictures, Bombay. This movie had Nirupa Roy, Manhar Desai, Madan Puri, Jagdeesh Sethi, Leela Mishra, Jayshree Gadkar, Nand Kishore, Rooplaxmi, Amirbai Karnataki, Heera, Suryakant, Poonam, Narbada Shankar, Jagdeesh Kanwal etc in it.

This movie had six rare songs in it. It is in the fitness of things that the 100th song of Avinash Vyas in the blog as a music director should be a special song. Only the audio of this “remonstating with the Almighty” genre of song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the movie as well as on the picturisation of this song.

With this song, “Charnon Ki Daasi”(1959) makes its debut in the blog while Avinash Vyas joins the select band of artists who have 100 or more songs in the blog. He becomes the 38th music director and 92nd artist overall to achieve this distinction in the blog.

Knowledgeable readers are requested to point our errors and omissions etc if any in the filmography presented above.

Song-Aaja Re…Dukhiya dharti tujhe pukaare (Charnon Ki Daasi)(1959) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Avinash Vyas


Aajaa re ae ae
dukhiya dharti tujhe pukaare
o paataal ke waasi
sheshnaag ki shaiyya chhod ke
aaja re ae
aaja re Avinaashi

tum bin meri pooja adhoori
o o
o o o o o o
tum bin meri pooja adhoori
ankhiyaan neer bahaatin
tum bin phool mere murjhaaye
bujhi deep ki baati
rahi adhoori meri aarti
teri ban gayi daasi
aaja o Ghanshyaam tumhaare
pathh mein palak bichhaati
jee na sakegi darshan bin
tere charan kamal ki daasi
sheshnaag ki shaiyya chhod ke
aaja re ae
aaja re Avinaashi

ik din toone Drupad suta ki
laaj ka cheer badhaaya
ik din toone maiyya Ahilya ka
sab paap chhudaaya
jab bhakton ne tujhe bulaaya
nange paaon tu aayaa
aaj meri baari aayi to
kahaan wo roop chhupaaya
jal bin machhli si tadpoon main
log udaayen haansi
sheshnaag ki shaiyya chhod ke
aaja re ae
aaja re Avinaashi

aaj is pukaar pe
jo tu na aayegaa aa
mera kuchh nahin tera naam jaayegaa
aaj bigdi baat jo na tu banaayegaa aa
phir na koi bhakt tere geet gaayegaa aa
aaja re ae
aaja re ae
aaja re ae
aaja re ae
aaja re ae ae ae

2 Responses to "Aaja re…dukhiyaa dharti tujhe pukaare"

Many many thanks Atul ji for this post and detailed filmography of music director Avinash Vyas.
Congratulations on completing 100 songs of Avinash Vyas as a music director on the blog.

Our Tributes to this great music director of Hindi Cinema on his Remembrance Day today !!!
Thanks for introducing the movie ‘Charnon Ki Daasi-1959’ on the blog.


Atul ji,

Many Thanks for this compilation of movies under Avinash Vyas baton.

So we have covered only 25% of his songs. Just goes to prove the quantum of work done by so many artists.


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