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Ye galiyaaan ye chaubaara yahaan aana na dobaara

Posted on: August 25, 2020

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2010-2020) – Song No.58

25 August 2010 saw this musical wagon chugging along nicely, with its customary six songs in a day getting posted. The first post of the day appeared at 7:40 while the sixth and final post appeared at at 8:14 AM. Six posts within 34 minutes !

Here are the details of the six songs, that appeared in the blog on 25 August 2010:-

Blog Post number Song Movie Year Remarks
2840 Aadhi tum khaa lo aadhi ham khaa len Fifty Fifty 1956 6 songs out of 8 covered
2841 Aaja ke intezaar mein Halaaku 1956 YIPPEED (all 8 songs covered)
2842 Ye jo muhabbat hai ye unka hai kaam Kati Patang 1970 YIPPEED (all 7 songs covered)
2843 Main jatt yamla paglaa deewaanaa (Pratigyaa) Pratigyaa 1975 Movie made its debut. 2 songs out of 4 covered
2844 Ankhiyon mein chhote chhote sapne sajaay ke (Naukar) Naukar 1979 Made its debutwith this . 2 songs out of 5 covered so far
2845 Meri qismat mein tu nahin shaayad Prem Rog 1982 Movie made its debut 3 sons covered out of 6

Only two of these six movies have been YIPPEED. So, today four movies are eligible to be covered under Blog ten year challenge.

Three out of these four movies made their debuts in the blog on this day ten years ago.

“Prem Rog”(1982), which made its debut on 25 august 2010 saw two more songs from the movie getting covered later.

Here are the details of these three songs from “Prem Rog”(1982):-

Song Date posted Remarks
Meri qismat mein tu nahin shaayad 2 August 2010 Debut of the movie in the blog
Ye pyaar thhaa ya kuchh aur thhaa 2 June 2012
Muhabbat hai kyaa cheez hamko bataao 20 May 2013

As blog ten year challenge today, I had some superb songs to chose from. I have gone with this Lata Mangeshkar solo. I have vaguely listened to this song, but when I went through the lyrics of the song, I realised what superb lyrics this song has. It must be one of the best lyrics that Santosh Anand has penned in his HFM career. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

The song is lip synced on screen by Padmini Kolhapure. One can also see Nanda, Sushma Seth, Kiran Vairale, Rishi Kapoor and Bindu in the picturisation.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

audio link:

video link:

Song-Ye galiyaan ye chaubaara yahaan aana na dobaara (Prem Rog)(1982) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Santosh Anand, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics ( audio link) (Provided by Prakashchandra)

ye galiyaan ye chaubaaraa
yahaan aanaa na dobaara
ye galiyaan ye chaubaaraa
yahaan aanaa na dobaara
ab hum to bhaye ae pardesi
ke tera yahaan koi nahin..een
ke tera yahaan koi nahin
le ja rang birangi yaadein
hansne rone ki buniyaadein
ab hum to bhaye ae pardesi
ke tera yahaan koi nahin..een
ke tera yahaan nahin

meri haathon mein bhari bhari choodiyaan..aaan
mujhe bhaa gayeen hari hari choodiyaan aan
dekh milti hain teri meri choodiyaaan..aaan
tere jaisi saheli meri choodiyaan
tooney peessee woh mehandi rang laayee
meri gori hatheli rachaa..aaayee
teri aankh kyun laadho bhar aayee
tere ghar bhi bajegi shehnaayi
saawan mein baadal se kehna
pardes mein hai meri behna
ab hum to bhaye pardesi
ke tera yahaan koi nahin..een
ke tera yahaan koi naheen

aa Maaye aen
mil lein galey ae
chaley hum
sasuraal chaley
tere aangan mein ae ae apnaa
bas bachpan chhod chale
kal bhi sooraj niklega
kal bhi panchhi gaayenge
sab tujhko dikhaayi denge
par hum na nazar aayenge
aanchal mein sanjo lena hamko
sapnon mein bulaa lena hamko
ab hum to bhaye ae pardesi
ke tera yahaan koi nahin..een
ke tera yahaan koi naheen

dekh tu na..aa hamein aen bhulaanaa
maanaa door hamein hai jaanaa
meri allhhad si athkheliyaan
sada palkon beech basaanaa
jab bajne lagey baajey gaajey
jag lagne lagey khaali khaali
uss dum tu itna samajhna
meri doli…ee
utthhi hai phoolon waali..eee..eee
thhodey din ke ye naate the
kabhi hanste the gaate the
ab hum to bhaye ae pardesi
ke tera yahaan koi naheen
ke tera yahaan
koi naheen
ye galiyaan ye chaubaaraa
yahaan aanaa na dobaara
ab hum to bhaye ae pardesi
ke tera yahaan koi naheen..een
ke tera yahaan ko..o oyi nahin

6 Responses to "Ye galiyaaan ye chaubaara yahaan aana na dobaara"

One of my favourite songs ❤️


A bidaai song that always moves me. Thank you for this song


Bidaai Song tag is missing.


Not bidaai song, but a wedding song. This came as a surprise, not yet posted song. Padmini Kolhapure in pink lehenga and her happy innocence were the lasting takeaways from this tragic story.

I have seen the song twice now, but cant see Kiran Virale. She is there in the film, but not in the song……


You are right, Madam ji
It`s me, wrongly infomed Atul ji, that Kiran Vairale featured in the song,
(but she does not feature in the song, without watching the video, I blindly written that name, Whenever I remember the movie Alongwith Padmini, I thought of Kiran Vairale, who is Padmini`s friend and marries an Rich aged guy Rajinder nath, and bina soche samjhe Kiran Vairale ka naam likh daalaa
It`s Not Atul ji`s fault, it`s my MISTAKE……

Yesterday, thought of writng about that mistake,
But Sochaa “koi nahin dekhega, mera mistake chal jaayegaa… ”
aapne meri galthi pakad liyaa……..

Sorry for that mistake maaf karo…Atul ji for misleading you,
and maaf karo,Madam ji for the wrong information……….
and Thanks for writing that mistake…I appreciate



It has been ages since i heard this song. I thought I had this song with me.. but I am not able to find it in my collection.. surprising :). Good to hear it after so long.


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