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Dhak dhak dhak dhak kare dil

Posted on: September 9, 2020

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Today’s song is from the film Baraati-54. This is a comedy song sung by Chitalkar and the MD is Roshan. The director was J.K.Nanda and the cast was Chand Usmani, Peace Kanwal,Agha, Omprakash, Shyam Kumar, Leela Mishra, Johnny Walker, Rajan Haksar, Kathana and many others.

The director J.K. Nanda aka Jai Kishen Nanda was born in 1904, in Bham, Punjab. He was a director, story writer and screenwriter. In spite of all these qualities and having got good films to direct, Nanda could not have a crowded career and directed only 12 films in his career. He wrote screenplay and story of films like Jailor-1938, Singaar-49, Baraat-54 and Mirza Ghalib-54. Films of his direction were Pavitra Ganga-32, Inteqaam-33, Bahen ka Pyar-35, Kudmai-41, Ishara-43, Jhumke-46, Parwana-47, Singaar-49, Chamkee-52, Baraati-54, Dhake ki Malmal-56 and Chaalaak-66.

Out of the total 8 songs of this film, 6 songs are already posted here. Today’s song is the 7th song and the 8th song is also available freely on YT. If one of us discusses that, this film too can be Yippeed.

Though this films’ songs are not composed by C Ramchandra, he has sung this song for Roshan. This is because Chitalkar was very fond of singing. From his childhood his interest was in music and singing. He had actually been trained by qualified singers. He had done singing roles in stage dramas also in his younger age. Even in his first ever film ” Naganand-35″ he had sung 2 songs. Though the actual number of his songs-sung by him- is not available, according to one estimate ,he sang about 150 duets or trios with various singers and about 50 odd solo songs in his career, in 77 films. This number is as good as any second line singer in the industry. Of course Chitalkar sang essentially for his own films. However there were occasions when he was invited by other composers for singing songs.
In those days there was a friendly atmosphere and cordial relations existed among the musical fraternity. All composers, singers, their assistants, lyricists, musicians used to have a lot of fun, get-to-gethers and even outings. One can find many such photographs on the Internet. Though there was keen competition, it was very healthy and not a Cut-Throat type – yet. This clean atmosphere started getting spoiled when some conniving composers (read Shankar Jaikishan, Laxmikant Pyarelal and others of their ilk) started unethical means to grab undeserving awards and films. Honest and True to music composers like S D Burman, C Ramchandra, Madan Mohan, Khayyam etc were thrown aside as they proved to be misfits in this new ” Dog Eat Dog ” culture that crept stealthily, in the film industry !

Anyway, Chitalkar sang in films composed by other Music Directors very selectively and for the sake of specific reasons. He seems to have sung for Mir Sahib (his first Guru), Anil Biswas(his idol),S D Burman, Roshan(his close friend), P.Ramakant, Chic Chocolate(his assistant of many years), Hemant Kumar, Laxmikant Pyarelal,Usha Khanna and Kishore Kumar. He sang for the last three in his last few years.

His songs with other Music Directors may not exceed 15 at the most. Lata sang hardly 2-3 songs as duets with him, for other music directors. Remaining of his duets for other music directors were with other singers.

I feel that he sang only ONE duet with Asha Bhonsle for other Music Directors and that song is from today’s film Baraati-54.

Anyway, today’s song is from Baraati, a film from 1954 and the Music Director was Roshan. At this juncture, Roshan was fighting for survival. After Bawre Nain and Malhar he had not given any Hit film. Few songs from his films had become popular. In 1954, he was summarily removed from the film MEHBOOBA and O P Nayyar took over . There was a huge hue and cry and the matter was taken up by the Association too. One good thing that happened was that during this period Lata stood behind Roshan like a Rock. Their relations were extremely sweet, so much so that when Lata decided to produce a Film “Bhairavi”, she appointed Roshan as its Music Director, much to the amazement of the industry ! The film did not materialise, is another matter. Though Roshan was never a Front row composer in the industry, Lata had recognised his Talent in the musical arena. The sweet relations between Lata and Roshan remained so for a long time-only to become bitter when Roshan gave opportunities to Hemlata in his films.

Chitalkar and Roshan were very good friends. After Chitalkar had retired from films, Roshan used to frequently go to his house in the evenings for drinks. Though Roshan hardly drank anything, Chitalkar more than compensated the deficit!. They used to exchange their sorrows. Roshan’s family life was not a happy one, which added to his nervous nature and took its toll finally.

Initially BARAATI-1954 was given to Chitalkar, who was already doing Yasmeen for Kardar Studios. Since Chitalkar knew that Roshan was without work, he persuaded A R Kardar to give the film to Roshan, thus Roshan became the Music Director for this movie.

When this song of Baraati-54 was to be recorded, Roshan purposely opted for Asha, since he knew that in future Chitalkar would try to bank upon her as a replacement for Lata. However it was not to be, though Chitalkar tried his best in this direction. In the film Amardeep-58, out of 12 songs,Asha was given 7 songs while Lata sang only two. In this connection there is an interesting incident….

In January 1957,there was a singing competition called ” MURPHY-METRO SINGING CONTEST ” held on the open grounds of Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Bombay. The judges were Naushad, Anil Biswas, C Ramchandra, Vasat Desai and Madan Mohan (He was the youngest of them all, which was an honour for him). Aarti Mukherjee and Mahendra Kapoor were the winners in this contest.

At the end of the Contest,when the curtain opened after a break, C Ramchandra suddenly appeared at the Centre-stage, with his full orchestra. (This was NOT announced to the audience earlier, giving them a pleasant surprise.)

Within minutes Asha Bhonsle appeared on the stage and they started a live show under his baton, presenting the First ever ROCK N ROLL number in the annals of Hindi film Music. Asha brought down the whole Mahalaxmi house that evening with her ultra spirited singing of ‘ Mr. John, ya Baba khan ya Lala Roshan daan ” from film BAARISH-57 to be released only next month viz. February 1957.

Such was C Ramchandra’s clout in his heydays that he was considered the heralder of westernised music in Indian films. It is well known that once S D Burman told his son, Pancham “If you want to go western, do it by all means, but first study the songs of C Ramchandra,study the vistas explored by him as a composer !!”

In the film Baraati-54, there were two Heroines – Chand Usmani and Peace Kanwal. For both of them, this was their second movie in their career. Peace Kanwal had a very short career of only 10 films. Then she got married and quit films. Chand Usmani survived for a longer period. She did 109 films. Her last film was a record-delayed film. Started in 1987, the film Yaar meri zindagi finally released in 2008 !

Chand Usmani was one of those actresses, who were good in acting but poor in good luck ! Actresses like Farida Jalal, Tabassum, Shubha Khote, Nazima, Zahira,Zahida, Yashodhara katju and many more fell in this category. These actresses never made upto regular Heroine roles, more than a few films. They had some beginner’s luck but that was the end. They continued in side roles only.

Chand Bibi Khanam Usmani was born on 3-7-1933 in Agra, U.P.and came to limelight by participating in ‘Kardar-Kolynos-Teresa Contest’ in 1949.She felt surprised when she was selected for the contest and overjoyed when selected as the second in the finals.She acted as the female lead of ‘Jeevan Jyoti’ directed by Mahesh Kaul in 1953, opposite Shammi Kapoor.It was the debut film of Shammi Kapoor also.
Chand Usmani became an established actress later on, but she got only secondary roles which she performed always nicely.Gradually she accepted supporting roles,character roles,mother roles etc.She got Filmfare Best Supporting actress award for her portrayal of the character as ‘Champa’ in the 1970 film ‘Pehchan’.
Chand Usmani acted in films of all prominent actors of that period.
In 1957 in the film ‘Naya Daur’ directed by B.R.Chopra, and in which Dilip Kumar-Vyjayantimal were the main pair, Chand Usmani acted as sister of the hero Dilip Kumar’s character ‘Shankar’.
In the historical film ‘Samrat Pritviraj Chauhan’ she acted in the role of Rajkumari.
‘Prem Patra’ was a well noted film directed by Bimal Roy in 1962.A medical College student Arun Kumar Mathur(Shashi Kapoor) has a misunderstanding over a love letter and the consequences were the theme of the film.Sadhna was the heroine and Chand Usmani acted in the supporting role as ‘Sumitra’.

‘Biswajeet,Saira Banu,Jayant,Sajjan,Nazima,Chand Usmani’ etc were the cast of ‘April Fool’ directed by Subodh Mukherjee.This film pointed to the fact that sometimes even practical jokes done for just fun can also lead to unexpected serious problems.

In the super hit film ‘Khilona’ in which Sanjeev Kumar acted in leading role in 1970, Chand Usmani acted as the character Laxmi Singh.
In the film ‘Ujala Hi Ujala'(74), she portrayed mother’s role and acted as mother of Yogita Bali’s character Anuradha.
She presented excellent acting skills along with Shabana Azmi in the 1976 classic movie ‘Kadambari’.
In the 1977 super hit movie of Manmohan Desai ‘Parvarish’ in which Amitabh Bachchan,Shammi Kapoor,Neetu Singh,Shabana Azmi,Vinod Khanna,Amjad Khan,Kader Khan’ etc acted, Chand Usmani acted skilfully as the mother of Neetu and Shabu (Neetu Singh and Shabana Azmi).

She had a well noted character role in another super hit film of Amitabh Bachchan-Neetu Singh pair ‘Yaarana’ in 1981 and yet another film ‘Pukar'(83) in which Amitabh Bachchan and Zeenat Aman were the main pair.

She acted as mother of Suraj (Raj Babbar) in the film ‘Zakhmi Aurat'(88). In all, she acted in 109 films. Her first film was Jeewan Jyoti-53 and the last released film was a record delayed film, Yaar meri zindagi, which started in 1987 and was released in 2008 !

Chand Usmani died on 26-11- 1989 at Mumbai.

As far as Peace Kanwal is concerned, film Kismet-56 was her third and last film as a Heroine. When the film was released, she was pregnant and delivered in 1957. Later she did only side or character roles in films. As such, her tenure in films was not very long. she just did 10 films in all.

She was born on 16th December ( she never told the year of her birth). Her father was a doctor in a Mission Hospital in Agra. He had his private Hospital in Amritsar also.He was related to the Royal families of Jaipur and Jodhpur. He converted to Christianity and changed his old name Indriyas to Andrew Kanwal.

Peace studied in Amritsar, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Delhi. She got admission in Ludhiana Medical college.In the vacations after her first year MBBS, she visited Bombay. Due to persuasion from a newly acquired friend, Peace participated in the ” Kardar Kolynos Talent Contest”. She won the contest (Chand Usmani was second. Shubha khote and Anita Guha too competed in the contest).

A R Kardar signed a 2 year contract with Peace for Kardar Studios. Her debut film was ” Dil E Nadaan ”-53 in which Talat Mehmood also made a Debut as a singer Hero, opposite her. The film was a musical hit. her second film was ” Baraati”-54, opposite Agha. On the sets of this film, she got introduced to Susheel Ruia and soon they got married in 1955. Her name after marriage was Rajashri.

Her third film was Kismat-56, opposite Ranjan. In 1957, she gave birth to her first child and took a break from working. Later she started doing character roles. Her husband was against her working in films. They divorced in 1968. She engaged herself in a lot of social work and painting,her hobby. Her Paintings were in great demand and she held exhibitions of her paintings in India and the USA as well as in Australia.

In 1976, she was introduced to Mr. V.Ramesh, grandson of ex-president V.V.Giri. She married him in 1977. Presently, she stays in Juhu, Mumbai and is into social work and paintings upto her neck. She worked in Dil e Nadaan-53, Baraati-54, Kismat-56, Nai maa-60,Maa Baap-60, Barsaat ki raat-60, Aarti-62, Chambal ki kasam-80, Aasmaan-84, and Woh subah kabhi to aayegi-91 ( adapted from interview on, with thanks).

The story of the film Baraat was…..Lajo (Chand Usmani) is a homely girl. She has no father and stays with her widowed mother and brother Sunder (Agha). Her mama-Bishen Das(Omprakash) and Mami (Leela Mishra) also stay in the village. Lajo’s mother depends upon Sunder and Mama Bishen for finding a groom for Lajo. Sunder starts visiting prospective grooms, but at one place, falls in love with a girl and marries her. When he and the new Bride Pilu (Peace Kanwal) come home, they are not allowed to enter unless Sunder finds a suitable match for Lajo. Sunder and Bishen start the mission again and finalise a boy, Atmaram, son of a rich Zamindar, Girdharilal(Shyam Kumar),who is very stingy and money minded. He puts many conditions which are all accepted. The marriage takes place, but Girdharilal makes additional demands and refuses to take the bride into his house. Lajo is devastated and attempts suicide, but Bishen Das saves her. He suggests that Lajo win back her husband by her love. She succeeds in doing this and Atmaram rebels against his father,takes Lajo into his home and the father relents.

Song-Dhak Dhak kare dil…Jhatpat pat jhat aake mil (Baaraati)(1954) Singer-C Ramchandra, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Roshan


dhak dhak dhak dhak
dhak dhak kare dil
jhat phat pat jhat jhat phat aake mil aa ke mil
aake mil
dhak dhak dhak dhak
dhak dhak kare dil
jhat phat pat jhat jhat phat aake mil aa ke mil
aake mil

chanda un se jaakar kahna
mushkil un bin jeete rahna
roti hai majboor jawaani
haaye re dhadke hai dhadke hai
bechaara dil
jhat phat pat jhat
jhat pat aake mil
aa ke mil
dhak dhak dhak dhak
dhak dhak kare dil
jhat phat pat jhat jhat phat aake mil aa ke mil
aake mil

mere dil ko dil mein rakh le
dard piya ke aap parakh le
thhes lagi khud kah dogi tum
haaye re
toot gaya
toot gaya mera nannha sa dil
jhat pat pat jhat pat
aake mil
aa ke mil
dhak dhak dhak dhak
dhak dhak kare dil
jhat pat pat jhat
jhat pat aake mil
aake mil

mere pyaar ki alakh jaga de
haaye alakh jaga de
sharam haya ko aag laga de
haan aag laga de
aisi raaten aur tanhaayi
haaye re patther ka
patthar ka hai tera dil
jhat pat pat jhat
jhat pat aake mil
aa ke mil
dhak dhak dhak dhak
dhak dhak kare dil
jhat pat pat jhat jhat pat
aake mil
aa ke mil

2 Responses to "Dhak dhak dhak dhak kare dil"

Arun Ji,
I have well remembered both Chand Usmani and Peace Kanwal. The former for her acting skills ,the latter for looks . I remember both having won some contest. Your post provided more details.
The song of the post reminded me of ‘Amar Bhoopali ‘ song ‘Latpat latpat tujha chhaal na ga..” 🙂


Satish ji,
Thanks for your comments.
Yes, Mukhadas of both songs have similar sounding words.


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