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Ik ik pal mein badle zamaana

Posted on: September 23, 2020

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Recently,(12th of July’2020 to be precise) the blog saw the 5000th song from the decade 1951-1960 covered on the blog.

This ‘melodious decade’ has around ten thousand songs (as per HFGK) and if we look from that point of view we are just on the ‘half-way mark’ (or little above now as the songs are getting added frequently to this decade, thanks to the collaboration of our team members and also because of projects like Blog Ten Year Challenge.

All songs of this decade may not be available. Only time will tell us what will be the final tally for the songs of 1951-1960.

I noticed that there are a few movies of this decade which are represented in the blog by just one song. I will start from the movie where it began for me during the very first phase of the current ‘pandemic’ or the ‘first lock-down’ period.

It so happened that during the ‘first lock down’ when everything was becoming abnormal gradually and we were getting acquainted with the ‘new routine’, one evening we all family members were preparing for a ‘card game’ before finally retiring for the day. And there was some discussion that ‘kaise din aa gaye hain’ or ‘how the future days are going to be’ and it just knocked the ‘right’ cord in my brain … ‘din raat badalte hain, haalaat badalte hain’, and what more one wants if we have that soothing voice in such situations to calm our mind and give relaxation and the much needed motivation too.

(But today’s discussion is not about Hemant Kumar ji).
So, I played the song on my mobile (that has become new order of the day now since songs are available on YT and easy to play, as the cassette-recorder has taken a safe place in the shelves 🙂 ).

When I checked on the blog, I was surprised that only one song from this movie ‘Naya Sansaar-1959’ was posted on the blog. That piqued my interest and I searched for the other songs of this movie. I marked one song, another philosophical song from this movie for my presentation. I had then planned to present this song but could not make it some how as I had then started my job here and working at our place was resumed after first thirty days of the lock-down. Later I planned to present it on the birth anniversary of the lyricist of this song – Rajinder Krishan. But then it got delayed more and maybe it was waiting for the ‘right time’ for me as I experienced ‘how days things were changing for me after coming back from Kenya 🙂 and like the today’s song after ‘din raat badalte hain’ it was ‘ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa’. Very soon I lost the ‘shortest tenure job’ of my life. May be God wanted me to rest and spend ‘quality time with my family (which I missed due to my stay in Kenya) :).

After that we had a ‘relocation of the rented accommodation’ in the same city.

So, a little bit changing of ‘surroundings’ again, and though some ‘minor health issues’ bothering (our Doctor is aware 🙂 ) it’s almost two months now at the new place. And as they say ‘this shall also pass’, yes!!
But one thing is constant for me and continues … ‘blog, music, songs’ …

Thanks to God and our well-wishers all of us are safe and healthy so far …

Today on the ‘thirty-third’ ‘Remembrance anniversary’ (06.06.1919-23.09.1987) of lyricist Rajinder Krishan, as a tribute to him, we are going to listen to a song penned by him from the same movie ‘Naya Sansaar-1959’.

‘Naya Sansaar-1959’ was directed by Nanabhai Bhatt for ‘Shri Krishna Films, Bombay’. It was produced by Darshan. It had Jayshree, Pradeep Kumar, Kumari Nanda, Dhumal, Tun Tun, Sundar, Shammi, Majnu, Sheila Vaaz, Sai Subbulakshmi, Kamala Lakshman and others.

This movie had six songs, and all were written by Rajinder Krishan. Music for this movie was composed by Chitragupta.

Lata Mangeshkar, Hemant Kumar, and Usha Mangeshkar had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

Today’s song is sung by Lata Mangeshkar.

As mentioned above lyrics are Rajinder Krishan and music is composed by Chitragupta.

Song-Ik ik pal mein badle zamaana (Naya Zamaana)(1959) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Chitragupta


ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa aa
ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa
aaj nayaa
kal hogaa puraanaa aa
hoga puraanaa aa
ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa aa

kal ki naar nadi ke paar ki
baat takat thhi saajan ki ee
kal ki naar nadi ke paar ki
baat takat thhi saajan ki ee
aankh mein kajraa
haath mein gajraa
paaon mein jodi jhaanjhan ki
aaj lagey ye baat fasaanaa
ek fasaanaa aa
ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa aa
ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa

pyaar ke badle ab to thhikaane
naye tareeke
naye zamaane
kahin pe hotel
kahin pe picnic
kahin pe rock n roll ke gaane
bol naye aur nayaa taraanaa
nayaa taraanaa
ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa aa
ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa

kal naa jaane is dharti se
chaand pe jaake ae pyaar karen
kal naa jaane is dharti se
chaand pe jaake pyaar karen
saanjh ke jhoole mein dilwaale
ulfat ka iqraar karen
kaisaa hogaa samaa suhaanaa
samaa suhaanaa aa
ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa aa
ik ik pal mein badley zamaanaa

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